Weighing In, Moving On — Mercury Returns to Scorpio

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Len Wallick writes: Mercury returns to Scorpio at 6:09 pm EST (22:09 UT) Saturday to weigh in and move on — a good example for you to follow. The character of Scorpio can be a lot of things, but it is seldom a lightweight. Given versatile Mercury’s correlations with (among other things) mind, words and how you think, this particular return to Scorpio is no time to speak as a child, understand as a child, or think as a child.

Mercury returns to Scorpio at 6:09 pm EST (23:09 UT) Saturday to weigh in and move on — a good example for you to follow. Mercury first entered that realm of fixed water on Sept. 27.


Then it stationed retrograde barely two degrees in on Oct. 4, ultimately rolling halfway back into Libra.

There will be no turning back for Mercury after its second ingress to Scorpio in six weeks’ time, but it will find a lot more company than the first time.

When Mercury re-enters Scorpio this weekend, it will join the Sun, Venus and Saturn expressing their unique archetypes through a common — and weighty — raiment.

That’s nearly half the sign rulers of the solar system — true heavyweights — harmonizing to play very much the character of a chorus in what the whole zodiac is doing right now.

The character of Scorpio can be a lot of things, but it is seldom a lightweight. The energetics conferred upon any point or object traversing fixed water address facts of life that distinguish adult from child.

Given versatile Mercury’s correlations with (among other things) mind, words and how you think, this particular return to Scorpio is no time to speak as a child, understand as a child, or think as a child.

So it is that you will best harmonize with the conscious solar undertone, as well as with the deepest phrasing of Venusian values and Saturn’s somber anchor when Mercury comes into Scorpio once again. Not necessarily darkly, but by facing up to what is, and not just in part.

Fortunately, Mercury is also coming into its own again even as it is coming back to Scorpio. Which is to say Mercury’s apparent motion is getting back up to its usual blazing speed. Already, the planet appropriately named after the speedster of the gods is covering about three degrees of the zodiac every two days — faster than any other sign ruler except the Moon.

Implicitly then, Mercury returns to Scorpio this weekend to accompany your moving on just as much as to accompany your taking on a serious tone.

Appropriately then, Mercury will blow past the point where it stationed retrograde on Monday, ending the final shadow phase of its final retrograde period of 2014, and getting your week off with a figurative foot on symbolically fresh ground.

Nevertheless, it will still pay to watch where you step. The Scorpio chorus has a lot left to say, both to you and through you. Best to say it (and hear it) all soberly and seriously, while also not dwelling overmuch in dark reflection. There is so much to do now that Mercury (and by implication, your mind) are finally getting free.

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4 thoughts on “Weighing In, Moving On — Mercury Returns to Scorpio

  1. Bette

    Ah, yes, Len: “…facing up tp what is, and not just in part.” T’is true that Scorpio does not do things by halves, a fact which has often left my Moon & Venus a tad bruised in the past. Experience helps, & the deep reflection so natural to both the sign & this season. Your point about “not dwelling overmuch in dark reflection” is well taken.

    Mercury will whiz past my Moon mid-month, & conjoin my Venus about the same time as Saturn does. At least they will trine natal Saturn – I’m thinking this may actually facilitate enacting some of the “lighten up, woman!” advice I’ve been giving my somber side of late.

    I am seeing progress in most matters that have felt stuck/moved slowly – together with trade-offs which merit careful weighing. But there is at last forward momentum, which hopefully will proceed as Mercury does its Scorpio run. Just going slow until the Mars/Pluto conjunction passes.

    Thank-you for your kind & measured guidance as we move through the current astrology. Sometimes living in “interesting times” does feel burdensome, but there’s a reason I/we are where we are at this particular time, right? My Sagittarius Sun says, hey, let’s make the best of it!

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Oh I so agree Len, yet, with Mercury’s association with children, or childhood education, perhaps part of his mission in returning to Scorpio is to lighten up the somber reflections so prevalent now. It’s a dreary day here and without sunshine, I depend on the Mercurial squirrels – jumping from tree trunk to tree limb to my balcony for a peanut – to remind me how it felt to smile. Even so, transiting asteroid Child is left behind in Libra, soon to conjunct the (true) north node which will be on the move to a new degree about that time. Whew, finally.

    I was looking at the chart patterns for the last two squares between Pluto and Uranus and noticed that Mercury provides nuances of optimism (or not, being that Mercury’s “way” is to run the gamut of polarity) midst the shattering clashing energy that those two outer planets will generate. In the first one, on December 15th, he’s just about to exact his conjunction with the Galactic Center shortly after Venus, then the Moon each sextile Neptune. In fact, the Sun will have just made a trine to Jupiter before that so one might feel full of optimism when that 6th milestone of transformation perfects on 12/15/14. Mercury will surely be relaying good advice midst all the havoc that day.

    In the 2nd and last Pluto-Uranus square of the series of 7, Mercury will be about to exact his conjunction with Neptune who is in the last minute of the degree where he stationed retrograde on June 9th. So this last Pluto-Uranus exact square catches Neptune about to step into a degree of Pisces he’s not been in for – what? A century or two? And he’s lock-step with Mercury when he does it. You really must write about the meaning of that Len. It gives me shivers to think about the implications; the end of a tumultuous period of friction just as Mind (Mercury) and Soul (Neptune) enter new territory together, wow. Okay, back to sober and serious thoughts. Later Len.

  3. beths

    Whatever may lie ahead, I am thrilled that this past Mercury retrograde is finally ending and new beginnings are emerging. Thank you Len for guiding us through these interesting times.

    Barbara – I love the thought of Mercury and Neptune entering new territory in unison. It will be perfect for Mid-March when we here in the north start seeing signs of hope of new life and rise from our winter hibernation. What immediately entered my mind was creativity and new ways of creating. Let’s look at everything and try and think of a new way to create a better outcome. We’ve finished re-assessing our situations, now lets get on with it… But it looks like there will be a lot more unexpected twists and turns between now and March. And 5 days prior to the exact Uranus / Pluto Square at 15-17 on 3/17, Mars is in the mix. On 3/12/15 it’s Mars 15-15 Aries, Uranus 15-1 Aries and Pluto at 15-12 Capricorn. As our minds and souls move forward, unexpected and explosive changes will be happening all around. Fireworks and carnival rides. Or with Aries involved, something a little more aggressive? We have to stay on this roller coaster for a little while longer, and work hard to make important progress between now and March.

  4. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Bette: Right you are. There is a reason each and all of us are here. Please accept my thanks in turn for sharing your wise approach to applied astrology. That conjunction of transiting Mercury and Saturn to your natal Venus is perhaps already expressing in your coherent and eloquent wisdom.

    Barbara: Thank you for your reminder of Mercury’s bivalence, which cannot help but serve to keep us at least light enough to be on our toes (at least as much as in our heads). Hence, our gratitude for your advice to keep an eye on Mercury’s positions for each of the seven Uranus-Pluto cardinal square aspects (of which two remain). Since Uranus and Pluto have never truly separated from orb in the midst of their unprecedented series of cardinal square aspects, may we not also consider Mercury’s motions in total during this time? It would seem especially appropriate to note the elements involved in the Mercury retrogrades of 2012 through 2015. Perhaps the messenger’s messages are not only delivered discretely but over a continuum. And yes, it’s been about a century and a half since Neptune has been where it is now giving us something that neither our parents nor grandparents experienced – perhaps so as to redefine the transcendental at long last above the din of shatter and clash (much as during the last time Neptune was in Pisces). Perhaps balancing Mercury’s two sides as you suggest will allow some of us to further build on some of the great work started back then, as well as get to the root of some of the pernicious things which had heir origin at the time.

    beths: You are most welcome. And right you are about what you envision for days and weeks leading up to the Vernal Equinox, perhaps beginning with the next Venus-Mars conjunction (on the Aries Point) in February. From what you have written here today, it appears as though you are among those who will be gifted to lead us. Therefore, please continue to gift us with your comments here through the rest of this season and the next.

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