Virgo: The Season of Self-Forgiveness

The other night I tuned into a woman named Whitney Cummings doing standup on cable, and found a full video of her routine here (meaning on the internet), called “I Love You.” She is funny; she knows how to push it and can really put her slightly disturbing ideas in your face.

She is a master of parodying the female inner dialog. She seems to know it well, and has been listening and taking notes. My take is that she’s a caricature artists rather than someone unconsciously stereotyping. Good comedy says what hardly anyone else has the guts to say. That’s why I pay special attention to comedians and, speaking as a devoted and accomplished writer, tip my hat to all of them.

As an astrologer, I’m always eager to test the validity of astrological theories. One that has validity is the association with self-criticism with Virgo. I don’t know if Virgos are any more or less analytical of themselves, aggressively so, though I have heard and learned about this from a diversity of Virgos with whom I’ve shared space.

Photo by Eric Francis - Book of Blue.

Photo by Eric Francis – Book of Blue.

This is what Whitney Cummings is on about. She gets that special self-picking over in female style; it’s not surprising that she’s born with her Sun in Virgo and her Moon in Pisces. (They are aspects of the same idea.)

Men have their own way of doing this, and we don’t always just think about our dicks; she’s making fun of a distortion. That is, she’s poking fun at what women think men think about and how they are. That in turn connects to a kind of inferiority complex that drives the psyche along. Ever been there?

The whole problem with self-criticism is that it only breeds misery. It’s not really the thing that inspires true self reflection, assessment, reconciliation, forgiveness; rather, it’s a huge distraction from those things.

Sunday the Sun ingressed Virgo, lighting up this theme. Jupiter just arrived, too. Jupiter is like a year-long focus on a sign, which happens once every 12 years. This is an invitation to celebrate all things Virgo, which in German is jungfrau, young woman, which also has the double entendre of virgin.

Jupiter delivers the water of Pisces and the fire of Sagittarius to Virgo. There’s also the image of fertilization, of activation, of alchemy; of the earthy stuff of the mutable earth sign being quickened by the cosmic forces of these Jupiter themed signs. Think of this as a coming of age; for Gaia, for female, for mutual consciousness. As part of this, it would be wise, or wonderful, or necessary, to call a truce on the human tendency to self-critique.

Photo by Eric Francis - Book of Blue.

Photo by Eric Francis – Book of Blue.

Be aware this whole mental trip, this inner trip, is fed by television and other advertising. It’s a hypnotic state of mind, self defeating, and in a way driving the economy.

To forgive oneself is to go against the teachings of fundamentalist capitalism. It also feels good, frees energy and takes practice — a kind of neurological conditioning, replacing or making alternate routes called limbic pathways.

The most vital emotion to practice is trust. This is the life force of love, the thing that allows any compatibility at all among members of humanity, and which is possible. Trust is a form of confidence, which really means fidelity. We do a lot of trying to be faithful to others, or being concerned about their faithfulness toward us. I think this one goes to the mirror. Self-trust, self-love, self-forgiveness — everyone on the planet is involved, is thirsting, is craving some sanity.

Greetings to the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo, with Isis-Transpluto reminding us there is indeed psychology involved, and that what seems to be a wall is really a scrim.

13 thoughts on “Virgo: The Season of Self-Forgiveness

  1. abc123

    I found myself at a crossroads today, with the power to uphold standards.. or avoid conflict by easing up. The first felt punitive. The second felt like a hit to integrity. I gave myself a time out by going to yoga, then baking bread. Before doing so, I reached out to the other person involved to check my assumptions.

    By the time I was done, the other party had come through and we had a win/win outcome. As I was reading this: “Jupiter delivers the water of Pisces and the fire of Sagittarius to Virgo,” it occurred to me that baking bread is a blend of water, earth/Virgo/flour and fire. That said, I’m glad I didn’t blow up and vent my frustration earlier in the day. I was tempted. Somehow, by reflecting on the highest good and the best possible outcome, we ended up in a good spot. And the bread is delicious.

  2. Amy Elliott

    mmmm…homebaked bread… 🙂

    Anyway. I found Whitney rather difficult to listen to. I can no more identify with her evaluation of women than I can with her apparent criticisms of men. In my view, we are all unique, and generalisations are both puerile and inaccurate.

    Having said this, Eric’s point stands. The tendency to self-critique is a major barrier to personal development. I often wonder what I could achieve, were it not for the voice in my head that tells me I am no good, that I can never be good enough, that I will always fall down and fail. I do my utmost not to disseminate the ill-effects of this to others, but it would be much healthier if I learned to like myself a bit.

    It’s also true that the conditioning of women, to a certain extent, places them in a no-win situation. There is always some way in which we are transgressing, or we look wrong, or similar. Men have a similar problem when it comes to doing anything that might be considered “feminine”. It would sure be nice if these conventions were jut removed, and we all accepted ourselves, and one another, for who we are at the core.

    1. Mary

      Yeah. I really wanted to like Whitney, expected I would … but I gave up 3/4 of the way through. She is very pretty and there were a few moments of mild and knowing grins. The formula took over, she said the requisite bitch and fuck you in between tits and dick. Part of me is happy that it takes more to make me laugh … the other part is pissed I wasted 30 minutes on a sex lecture. Good news she is self- forgiving.


    2. Geoff Marsh

      Amy: Any chance of a 3D print-out of a slice of that home-made bread…? Yum.

      I, too, found Whitney Cummings a somewhat difficult watch. She looked absolutely stunning and I am in total agreement with Eric’s critique of her self-penned monologue, it was refined to Virgoan perfection and delivered with verve, wit and thespian acuity. The real problem for me was that I felt like I was watching a 1980s’ performance by Germaine Greer in top Hollywood drag. Surely we’d been through these skirmishes in the battle of the sexes a long time ago and knew the parameters of our discord? These problems were why I decided to be non-sexual. Who wants to go through all that shit just for ten seconds of orgasm?

      A second problem was the setting and the audience. Not the 1% we hear so much about, but more like the top 10%, living in the affluent 60s’ capital of groove and forward progress, California. The men in the audience seemed mesmerised and genuinely amused at the prospect of their imminent castration whereas the women were given hardly any screen-time, at least in the first half that I saw. Was this to avoid illustrating their complicity in the complications of sexual relationships being unravelled on stage? I have a female friend whose everyday persona is much like Ms Cummings’ on-stage character. In her company, it’s very amusing for the first 20 minutes or so until one starts to anticipate the face-pulls and inevitable put-downs, then yawn sets in.

      In many parts of the world, of course, this would be a very radical performance, empowering women to an awareness of their manipulation at the hands of men and consequent second-class citizenship. I would hope that many in the West have already taken these lessons on board with the result that this performance was an amusing look at social history rather than a radical appraisal of how to move forward from here.

      As for your self-forgiveness, Amy, I think you should accept that where you are is where you meant yourself to be at this time. It’s the perfect and inevitable result of your inner process with yourself to date. If you want to change, then the next time you finding yourself thinking that you’re not good enough or are bound to fail, go down under and turn those thoughts upside-down. You are good enough and you will succeed. Importantly, do it with a sense of humour and light relief rather than heavy determination. Life should be enjoyable, unless you’re a battery hen.

      You may benefit by learning the position of and aspects to TNO Altjira in your chart. He’s an Aboriginal sky god who, after making the world and all its contents, retired to the sky and basically said “Get on with it.” He has a lovely sense of humour and is always happy to come to the aid of humans having problems. Being an Aborigine, he works through dreamtime, so you can ask him respectfully for his help and then fall asleep knowing that your answer will be waiting in mind-mail on the morrow.

      Shall I put the kettle on?

  3. Eric Francis Post author

    Marketing culture has led to hyper polarizing of the sexes. This is the primary well you double sales — you make the product in pink for the ladies, in blue for the men and you claim they’re both the best deodorant in history. But this comes at a cost, and most people don’t see they’re paying it.

    1. Amanda Moreno

      That reminds me… several months ago I decided to pick up an exfoliating sponge at the drug store. I grabbed a light green one and looked at the price tag. It was $3.99. I thought that was ridiculous. I then picked up a grey one — $1.99. The “masculine” colors (you know, navy, black and grey) were cheaper than the “femminine” (light green, pink and peach).

      I got the grey.

    2. pam

      Eric if you didn’t see Wild (Cheryl Strayed) you might like it as a film. I did – saw it today.

      Maybe virgo represents or can find a way through into sacred consciousness. Maybe that is what Whitney was lacking in this clip – where is she going with her comedy… (today was possibly not the best day to look at her comedy – I saw Regarding Henry yesterday Wild today and The Matrix the day before. All films about soul and soul work in their way, or humanity – my feeling was that gal needs to reconnect with her inner goddess and concentrate on the work instead of turning it into distraction and hot air . Like I say I may not be doing her justice…)

      1. pam

        ps Eric – good job we’re all different – possibly you found she brought ‘purchase’ or ‘traction’ – and I am appreciating more ‘arrival’ orientated info?!

  4. Pisces Sun

    I have been thinking a lot about self-acceptance which forgiveness has a role, although not all actions are of the forgiving sort they just are, and to understand that they are just are, is a big step for me. But I spend a lot of time with my teenage son and daughter, but mostly daughter, telling them that they need to not be so hard on themselves. They often self-criticize, their friends, teachers and yes, parents criticize them so they too, get into the habit. I am trying so hard to observe and take action not to criticize so much. When you first start from that angle and realize how much you criticize others then you can even more easily see how much you criticize yourself! We are so conditioned by everyone around us. My parents judge to the nth degree, their parents did even more, and now they judge my children and when I observe this, I act. This whole society is a judging and criticizing society, we shouldn’t be surprised that our conditioning is so natural that we criticize ourselves, this is what we know. But when you become aware, you can correct the behavior, at least your own. And as far as the behavior of others, I focus my attention on making the behavior more transparent and discussing it with my children. I apologize for my judgments, explain my failings and human tendencies, and encourage them to remember to not judge themselves so harshly. Most of all, we are here to enjoy life and create. Creating without judging is far more satisfying and beautiful.

  5. Sara Victoria

    I’m a Pisces Sun/Moon w/ Asc & Pluto in Virgo, and I endorse this message.

    Years ago, friends of mine in non-physical form told me words that every 20 something female longs to hear: “This is a lifetime of healing, sister.”

    Bring it the fuck on, I say.
    Bring it on.

  6. pam


    What if I was never redeemed

    What if I already was:

    I found my own way out of the woods…

    I didn’t need to reach with my bare hands any more

    …to see the fish beneath the surface of the water was enough

    That it was everything

    My life

    Like all lives



    And sacred

    And so very close

    So very present

    So very belonging to me

    How wild it was

    To let it be

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