One thought on “Un-American Invasion

  1. Glen Young

    Financial Greed / Political Corruption; Trumps seems to be Unstoppable. Uranus transiting his ninth house in a wide conjunction with a centaur planet there; Nessus? Identifying and healing of abuse patterns:
    Trump’s abusiveness is at the instinctual and gut level: Moon in it’s natural house, the 4th; in Sagittarius, the natural sign of the ninth house. Mars retrograde in Aquarius stop short of opposing his Pluto exactly in the Twelfth House in Leo, and won’t return to this degree until Oct. 8th, before the election, and the Russian invasion. Hopefully, he won’t be successful this time, as the awareness of this has reached the red alert levels, and the people won’t succumb to the incredible abuse of this President, and his GOP invasion; now at the Supreme Court level.

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