Turn Again

Despite Mercury’s recent station retrograde, there would seem to be a lot of energy flying about this week. Saturn’s change of signs has probably signaled the overflowing of a few emotional dams. Mars joins Saturn and Nessus in the early mutable degrees late Thursday (early Friday UT), and Sunday’s lunar eclipse is the icing on this particular astrological cake. As a result, toward the weekend you might be feeling more than a little edgy.


The Moon during a 2007 lunar eclipse. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis

There are several indicators that this tension could have something to do with early experiences — which happens more often than many will acknowledge — but in this case, you may find the task of locating the source unusually easy.

Consider it as being offered a strong, clarifying lens, which can skip right past the distracting details and align automatically with the core of the issue — if you decide to look.

Clarity is one of the best possible devices in your personal toolbox. Once you’ve reached an understanding with yourself, you may well find that the tension or frustration you’ve been grappling with changes. The resulting energy will be a purer, more neutral force — which you can then redirect into a deeply desired ambition or personal project.

This process is likely to take at least some effort of will, some quiet conversation with a part of yourself, or at least a moment of recognition. This is something more earnest than mere displacement. It is also a significant opportunity for healing — of the most cleansing, thorough and effective kind.

You’ll know this has worked out when you emerge with a fresh joy in your existence, and a vivid, beautiful, renewed connection to the living Earth and its inhabitants.

6 thoughts on “Turn Again

  1. Amy Elliott Post author

    Aspect patterns like this are very useful in providing creative inspiration, btw. The most powerful imaginative wellspring comes from the deepest part of the soul. Beautiful (and lasting) things can be made with this transit.

  2. Len Wallick

    Amy: Thank you for encouraging (or at least eliciting) us to look. Thank you also for helping us to identify what experiences and sensations would necessarily correlate with our “moment of recognition.”

  3. Geoff Marsh

    Spot on, Amy, you’re a success. I’ve been experiencing some of this in the last week, particularly clarity of re-membered events, and it has been refreshing.

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