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Happy New Year! We’re one week into 2014, and that means Eric is in the home stretch creating the written interpretations for The Mars Effect. Individual signs (which include an audio reading and a written interpretation, each covering different material) are available for pre-order at $29.95 per sign.

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Aquarius, the first Mars Effect glyph from a new set of astrological symbols by Aquarian Lizanne Webb. You can read a preview of Aquarius here — and an audio preview will manifest at that location later in the day.

You can also still take advantage of the members’ pre-order discount on all 12 signs of The Mars Effect readings for $79. Once you start listening to and reading the signs, you will want more of them, so we suggest you get the all-12 deal, which is basically 12 signs for the price of two and a half. Sign readings consist of two audio readings of 35 to 45 minutes each plus an extended written reading.

Eric is gradually posting samples and previews of the signs — audio previews here, and written samples on our primary blog and on Eric’s personal Facebook page. Keep your eyes peeled for a couple more audio samples a bit later today.

In tonight’s Planet Waves FM ¬†broadcast, Eric and co-host Daniel Sternstein (Eric’s guitar teacher) muse over New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, having his ‘Dewey Cox moment’ and allowing extremely limited medical marijuana use. Eric covers the Mercury-Venus conjunction, Juno conjunct Neptune and Mars square Jupiter. Musical guest for this broadcast is the collaboration of David Byrne and Brian Eno, playing two tracks they’ve released under Creative Commons language.

Today’s Daily Astrology looks at how a conjunction between the asteroid Juno and Neptune is working with a square between Mars and Jupiter to dissolve the more toxic aspects of jealousy and possessiveness in relationships. Are you ready to root out your motives in that realm?

Monday’s Daily Astrology column suggests using the refined consciousness offered by today’s Mercury-Venus conjunction to counteract the push of Mars and Jupiter, which making challenging squares to the Moon. In Capricorn, Mercury-Venus specifically alludes to the love lessons you’ve learned in the past; consider it a form of mindfulness.

Len Wallick’s column will post to the Planet Waves blog at noon. Today, he suggests you ‘get a handle’ on whatever situation has been developing in your life since Jan. 1, in the context of what was stirring for you on July 22, 2013. A square between Mars and Jupiter is mirroring the first quarter Moon today; when you look in that mirror, does what you see prompt you to act?

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