This Lunation’s Final Leg

There is, we are often told, an appropriate time and place for everything. The problem with that aphorism is that you cannot always control or choose the right time or the proper place. The result is usually one sort of discomfort or another.


When events precipitate unexpectedly or more rapidly than anticipated, even the best laid plans can leave you unprepared. Then you are confronted by the uneasy feeling of being rushed, or even swept away.

In other cases, you are faced with having done all you can while still feeling compelled to wait. That’s usually when you need to hold the tension rather than force matters from discomfort into distress.

Going into and through this weekend, it may not always be comfortable, but it will be possible to make adjustments and exercise astute judgements to put yourself in the best time and place — for both yourself and everybody with whom you are involved. At least that’s the indication of astrology as we enter the final leg of our current lunation (the period of time from one New Moon until the next), with the last quarter phase of the Moon just before 10:28 pm EST Sunday (03:27:46 UTC Monday).

Since the subject is the Moon, the first order of business is to be aware of your feelings. Check in with yourself regularly. If you have the sensation of being on pins and needles, anticipate and plan for the earliest time and best place to constructively release any tension that has been pent up inside for a week or more. If, on the other hand, you are running, dancing or paddling as fast as you can just to keep up, remember to keep your head up. Look actively for every chance to rest and collect your thoughts.

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Remember also to consider the feelings of others. We are all human. We all live under the same Moon. Yet, not everybody is feeling the last furlong of our current lunar cycle the same way you are.

Some are exhausted. Others have been reined in and are champing at the bit. The one thing we all are likely to have in common over the next several days, however, is some degree of an emotional time.

Hence, endeavor to put yourself in the appropriate time and place with regards to others as well. Among other things, that would mean not forcing issues any more than absolutely necessary.

Rather, offer options as a roundabout way of also providing vital information. When you see anybody hanging their head, think about offering some encouragement. The results could repay your considerate gestures beyond calculation.

Even though one person’s stress is another person’s stimulus, it is possible to be together in the right time and place for everybody in your circle of life now. To make that happen is not likely to be any easier than bringing the optimum situations about for yourself. Nonetheless, the surest way assure your comfort and reduce your stress going into a new week and month will be to attend to that of others, so that we can all round the bend and finish the last stretch of this eventful lunation together.

Leave the rat race to the rats. It’s the human race that really counts.

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One thought on “This Lunation’s Final Leg

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Ever the thoughtful guide you are Len, and today especially, when nerves are maxed out from stress and stimulation, we each need to recognize that others are experiencing their own problems. I’m torn between recognizing and dealing with what is pushing all my own personal buttons and seeing (through the outer planet activity) how humanity must face energies which force recognition of powerful sources beyond understanding. It ain’t easy being human.

    In this country, the personal and political situations reflect the transits of outer planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto which together introduce unexpected, unseen and incomprehensible responses from ourselves and others, all of which demand new ways of thinking and reacting. Thank goodness we have Sun and Moon staying on course in their forever pattern, bringing us back to some semblance of order. The past New Moon in Capricorn followed by the recent Leo Full Moon leads us forward toward the Aquarius New Moon and reminds us of Saturn’s discipline of putting one foot in front of another, anchoring us in Time and Reality.

    All in all, life is demanding we grow in some ways while staying anchored in other ways. All around us we see those folks who disregard this balancing act; some go completely out into the blue, letting go of day to day reality, while others refuse to look up from the grindstone, fearing the opportunities to grow and seeing only tests beyond their perceived limits.

    Yet in their phases, the Sun and Moon give us the assurance that there is still order; order that adapts to changes in small(ish) doses, while increasingly, almost imperceptible growth is assimilated into the daily routines. Time is benevolent. One day you look up and you are all grown up and taking your place among the elders of your tribe.

    Oh, and happy upcoming birthday Len!!!

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