Thinking Ahead

One of the proficiencies that allows human beings first to envision (one thing Neptune represents) and then to manifest (which is one of many corollaries with Saturn), is an ability to look ahead in time. It’s easy to take this ability for granted.


Nonetheless, it is something to be appreciated.

Indeed, we human beings often seem to be better at dwelling in the past (too often with anger), or dwelling on the future (too often with fear) than being present in the here and now.

Just as astrology has representations for envisioning and manifesting, the art of interpreting the sky also includes emblems for looking forward and back.

One particular indication of whether it is somehow timely or appropriate either to anticipate or to reminisce is symbolized by two objects and their orientation to each other on the zodiac circle of signs. Those two objects are Mercury and the Sun.

Just a few days ago, on Nov. 17, the Sun and Mercury came together in Scorpio for what astrologers call an exterior (or ‘superior’) conjunction. That event, recounted earlier this week in this space, can plausibly be interpreted to represent a rebooting of the relationship between Mercury and the Sun.

Among the many things the Sun can characterize, perhaps the most prominent is consciousness in the sense that most people understand it: awake, aware, interactive and shining its light to illuminate the world. Among versatile Mercury’s many correspondences is the mind and its means of expression.

There is, so to speak, very little distance between mind and consciousness. Yet, as anybody who has tried meditation can testify, the busy mind and a centered consciousness are two very different things.

The metaphorically spatial relationship between mind and consciousness carries over to the reality of the Sun and Mercury. Because Mercury is the innermost planet in our solar system, it is never very far away from the Sun, either on the the zodiac or in the sky. In between its rebooting conjunctions with the Sun, Mercury appears on alternate horizons for us on Earth. When Mercury is on the Western horizon after sunset (where it is heading now) it is moving ahead of the Sun on the zodiac circle, where all direct motion is counter-clockwise.

So it is that Mercury leaves Scorpio behind and makes ingress to Sagittarius today, ahead of the Sun entering Sagittarius on Sunday. As such Mercury is demonstrating a time when it might well be appropriate to be thinking ahead.

One of the advantages of being able to think ahead is that it helps you to contribute to or participate in creating the future. This proficiency, however, must be exercised consciously, lest you drag unpleasant things with you and compromise your future. Foremost among those unpleasant things is fear.

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Ahhhhhh…Planet Waves recently added a super-affordable Reader Level membership, so you can relax and read all our articles without a click-limit. For even more ease (plus benefits like real-time astro SMS service), get your horoscopes emailed to you through a Core Community membership.

Nothing spoils tomorrow more surely than fear of it. This is true even when it is reasonable to exercise caution when looking ahead.

For example, it is entirely proper and prudent to slow down and be observant when your automobile approaches a controlled intersection of roads. Yet it does you no good whatsoever to fear an accident at the intersection. The same holds true with intersections in life.

One of the big-picture, long-term intersections indicated by the astrology right now is a series of three specific separations from Saturn (also in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces) beginning next week. Those separations will measure 90 degrees on the zodiac and in the sky to constitute what astrologers call a square aspect.

Because the square aspect from Saturn to Neptune will repeat three times (and because they will never be far from 90 degrees apart in between those three occasions), you can think of yourself and the rest of the world as moving through one very long intersection. That represents months and months of your life, and it would be a shame to spoil such a length of time before you even get there.

Which is where first Mercury entering Sagittarius, and then the Sun, and you moving through your life, all come in. Think ahead, yes; there is nothing wrong with that. Indeed, there is empowering potential. But think ahead consciously so as to actually, literally make your experience of the oncoming intersection something pleasant and productive, unspoiled by fearful (and probably unfounded) anticipations.

Drive safely. Enjoy the ride. There will be much to see. You have far to go.

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12 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead

  1. P. Sophia

    Whew!! Tons, tons of more clearing the Sun brushed through Scorpio. Just this morning was a final hug release. Feeling very lite heading into what will pas the close of this Fall in it’s close and new potential in Sagittarius. It’s an open road and heart. I am presently embrassing that intersection with enthusiasm, trust and all that and abundance and joy in me. Why not?! Thank you Len for your Mediation here as always, so affirming our potential in the light.

  2. Bette

    “Nothing spoils tomorrow more surely than fear of it.” That is SO true! So many – from political leaders to purveyors of various religions to overbearing (& fearful) parents – teach us to fear tomorrow. Sometimes, when things go bump in the mind’s night, it can be hard to reject fear – but I’m getting better at doing so!

    One of the best antidotes for me is gratitude – for everything from life, breath, safety, warmth, home, food, love – to the beauty that surrounds in every season, despite whatever else may be happening.

    Thinking ahead does indeed contain empowering potential. I have repented at leisure many times over the years because I had neglected to think ahead. It can be tricky to balance the thinking ahead with the present moment focus.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on Neptune as it transits within orb of square my natal Sun. It trines my 5th house moon, which feels positive for my creative work. Saturn, I hope, will help ground that – without taking the fun & wonder out of it.

    Thank-you for another helpful look at the current sky, Len.

  3. Barbara Koehler

    I like your idea of the 3 squares between Saturn and Neptune as driving through one very long intersection Len. That increases my confidence that – because Saturn is not impulsive – patience during these nebulous times will get us through “it” and perhaps save our hides too.

    Until you used that metaphor I’d not looked at this repeat square as the In-Your-Face process of metamorphosis that it is. On your previous blog I noted the power that Neptune imposed on the pantheon of gods and goddesses this month, especially around Thanksgiving; how he “influenced” every major planet through a major or minor aspect. The one aspect, a rather occult-ish aspect called a Quindecile he has (I’ll link you to some info) with Jupiter, although not exact until next month but within a 2 degree orb, will be repeating as well. Going through this process, the Neptune Effect, in the 4 to 5 years before Jupiter and Saturn make their conjunctions with Pluto and their next cycle start, will be felt by us all.

    This long intersection could also serve as a thorough car wash with Neptune dissolving the grease and grime and sludge that Jupiter and Saturn have encountered in recent times. Societies, and those who belong to them would do well to take deep breaths and accept that it will take a while to get through this morphing period. Thinking ahead could indeed provide some pleasant and productive experiences. We all need to relax a little don’t we? With Mercury appearing on alternate horizons between conjunctions with the Sun I like to think he provides us with alternative perspectives if we only take the time to ponder them.

    Thanks Len , and thanks too to Bette who reminds us to be thankful as an antidote to fear, and way to be in the Present.

    1. Geoff Marsh

      I’m always amazed by the serendipitous synchronicity of astrology here at PW, be. Only yesterday I was contemplating the 15-degree separation of Saturn from my Uranus-Mars conjunction in Gemini. I wondered what a 15-degree aspect would be called – a hemi-semi-sextile seemed logical but there was no confirmation of it in googleland’s astrosphere.

      Now I discover the great astrologer Noel Tyl, whose name I have not seen mentioned for many a moon, has already visited this ground. He does state in the link you so kindly supplied that the 15-degree separation is already covered, but he doesn’t say by what name – the quindecile refers only to the 11th and 13th harmonic. Does anyone know what half of half a sextile is in astrological terminology?

  4. P. Sophia

    Wow, I am reading the energy of this time and the placement squares of Saturn as much more. I also was so insired by Len’s meaning of thinking ahead as bearing so much potential, not as caution and calming down. Yes, it is good to be centered, but why do aspects to Saturn primarily have to read or seem to be interpreted as fear, caution, long intersection, watch out, and the safety connotations that have been associated with that especially here, now…?

    I think it really depends on our perspective, shared globally, or the position in your natal chart, and most importantly frame of mind in recieving Saturn’s energy is key. Having just come from over three years Saturn in my first and then second, and finally square natal Saturn at 4+ Pisces quite a while trans Saturn hovered in his retrograde period in and out of Scorpio and the Sagittarius cusp for a good part of this year. Now having finally moved on from this sensitive territory, he fully installed in my 3 rd. I am finding such a relief and feeling and power of new beginning. Saturn is also currently exactly square Natal Uranus in Virgo. Another one that feels quite charged with potential and change.

    Overall from what i have read, Saturn seems to get a bad rap. I mentioned late last week when Mars hits Libra 5+, and/or 6+ degrees in his sextile with Saturn there I felt he may really begin to light up, or initiate quite a bit if open to it. Also if you notice we have quite a few Strong and influential chapters currently also in aspect on the 6+ degrees. Foremost of course is Neptune at 7 Pisces. This can really move us beyond our previous ideas of limitation. Opening new untapped desires. Well maybe even cementing our hearts content?!

    Then there’s Pallas is at 7+ Capricorn. Not to forget, Saturn rules Capricorn. In Rudhyer’s interpretation to this Symbol degree, “Saturn was the ruler of the Golden Age before he became a symbol of binding limitations. He who accepts willingly or β€” even better β€” takes for granted the value of these limitations can lead a serene and happy existence, whatever his social status.”

    Finally Ceres in 6+ Aquarius degree accenting this aspect theme, the Sabian Symbol announce the EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL MAN for the New Age.

    Emerging into that intersection can be a very bright, new beginning, especially if you are observant to the opportunities to receive there. If you find road blocks, or barriers, go around don’t be lead astray. It may mean go in a different direction, for good reason. There are many open roadways, see the unlimited possibilities. If you learn how to read the signs, and work with Saturn ….so much new form and potential, a bounty personally and collectively, really is at hand. It just depends on how brightly, or in which direction you what to shine. By THE Winter Solstice Our Diamond light will surely shine. πŸ˜‰

    1. Pisces Sun

      P. Sophia, beautiful interpretation, thank you! I agree. I oft wonder why Saturn is given such a bad ‘rap, but figured it was just us who don’t like our wings clipped? πŸ™‚
      But then again, I always seem to consider Saturn differently due to her having been conjunction to my natal Jupiter only a second away from each other, I figured somehow when I expand, I am contained too, I just expand and contain rather largesse due to all my Neptunian influence. πŸ™‚ Again, as mentioned last week, transiting Neptune has been lingering on my natal Mercury and South Node and will be for a while (both are 6+ Pisces) and with Neptune one of the rulers of Pisces, I figure it all balances whatever negative or positive Saturn influence is thrusting my way. Who knows its all interpretative and conscience placement anyway. I liken the thought process very much to the power of intentions and Shrodingers cat…
      Bottom line is: yesterdays thoughts becomes tomorrow’s reality. Think well- practice loving gratitude.

      Len, Be, Geoff, always grateful for your writings too.

  5. P. Sophia

    Pisces Sun: Thank you. It is very true what you comment and in keeping with Len’s theme and in taking a broader view, “the clipping of wing, or the parable /anology of the Prunng of, “The True Vine”, we are given such aspects and angles to produce a more highly concentrated fruit.

    I feel i can somewhat relate to your aspect (at times with my questioning and frustration) of your Natal Saturn conjunct Jupiter, and the current aspect alignment of “transiting Neptune lingering on natal Mercury and South Node”. My Natal Saturn sits in opposition to Natal Uranus and in close proximity, is Natal Pluto both in Mutable Virgo. Opportunities and transformation, i am learning but does not come first with greater responsibility and foremost core trust.

    I do think it helps to remember Saturn was originally seen as
    God of Capitol, wealth, agriculture, liberation, and time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of plenty and peace. The Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum housed the state treasury.

    I just found this passage, i’d like to offer (to paraphrase), which for me brings a greater understanding to the great potential and responsibilities of our angles, and the current approaching Saturn, Neptune Squares (symbolically of 3) to keep in perspective this week and continuing on in the coming year.

    “Those who are bearing fruits, he makes them bear even greater fruits by pruning them. Pruning is done by snipping of the tip of a branch in a certain angle or degree. This tactic causes the branch to grow greater in various directions. This means more branches, therefore more opportunities for fruits of the highest quality to be produced.”

    1. Pisces Sun

      Wow, the metaphor of “pruned fruit” really gives me something to ponder. Being a gardener, I understand and welcome the wisdom of pruning and adore the fact that clipping herbs for culinary use (or other uses like soaps, aromatheraphy, etc.) enhances the plant’s bounty potential! When we are pruned, it seems, you are suggesting by angles or planetary aspects, then we, too, grow in bounty potential! Very interesting!

      The Saturn that you describe of the Golden Age sounds like a Saturn of “abundance,” I like thinking of Saturn that way. I believe that when you live in abundance, by being generous to others in all ways and resources, that you also receive in abundance, you are just more open to it. It all sounds good to me, now to read the gloom and doom of the Saturn-Neptune squares–hopefully, there is a positive spin on it all! πŸ™‚

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