The Odd Couple

One of playwright Neil Simon’s most popular works has been The Odd Couple. First it was a hit play on Broadway, then it was a successful motion picture. Later it was a long-running television series. There was clearly something about how fastidious Felix and disorderly Oscar shared living space that provoked both laughs and a sympathetic response from many.


Astrology has its own long-running version of The Odd Couple in Saturn and Uranus. Tomorrow, when the Sun enters Aquarius just after 10:27 am EST (15:27:02 UTC), that relationship will be spotlighted once again.

That’s because both the actual Sun in the sky and the symbolic Sun of astrology bring light, facilitating conscious awareness wherever they go. In Aquarius, the Sun will once again illuminate a long-running controversy regarding that sign’s mismatched roommates.

Up until 1781, Saturn was the undisputed ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Then, Uranus was discovered. What followed was a long, odd, unruly, yet also astute process that ultimately resulted in a widely shared perception of Uranus and Saturn as co-rulers of Aquarius. Not everybody was (or is) happy with that somewhat arbitrary pairing, however. The controversy continues up to this day, with some highly respected astrologers (such as the unimpeachable Robert Hand) casting a decidedly jaundiced eye at any suggestion that Uranus should shack up with Saturn in Aquarius. Even so, the idea still flourishes, and by its paradoxical persistence resonates with Aquarius’ oxymoron of a fixed air sign.

Perhaps there is something of the same appeal of Uranus and Saturn sharing the rule of Aquarius that made Felix and Oscar sharing an apartment such an enduring tale. After all, it was a story that climaxed in a heated conflict, which served as the cauldron in which the two of them realized the mutual benefits they conferred to each other. Emblematically, such a realization appears about to take place for Saturn and Uranus (possibly showing up in your own life, or even in the world as a whole), because of how those two planets are relating to each other on the zodiac right now.

Interestingly, Saturn and Uranus are even now moving into a a fire trine, which seems to have gone under the radar for a lot of astrologers. In other words, Saturn in the fire sign Sagittarius is slowly but surely sneaking up on 120 degrees of separation from Uranus, which is in the fire sign Aries. While the aspect will not be exact until the end of this year, on the night before Christmas, it’s within orb (close enough to be considered functional) now.

Based on how long since a fire trine from Saturn to Uranus last happened, it’s a big deal. Nearly 60 years have passed since Uranus was in Leo while Saturn was on a previous tour of Sagittarius; that’s when the Aquarian odd couple were last in a fire trine aspect with each other.

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One thing we know about trines is that the shared elemental component of the signs involved (in this case, fire) serves to mitigate the wide degree of separation on the zodiac, like how a conducting combination of cables and wires mitigates the distance between where electricity is generated and your home. In other words, trines function to connect almost like a conjunction (when two planets share the same sign).

You might say it’s the next best thing to being there. And if the Sun brings light, fire must certainly bring a little heat.

On top of it all, the Sun is entering Aquarius, where it will transit the mid-point in the Saturn-Uranus trine in addition to illuminating their unlikely loft. For that reason, you may want to watch carefully the days between Feb. 3 (when the Aquarius Sun sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius) and Feb. 6 (when the Aquarius Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries).

Look especially for any conflict between yourself and somebody with whom you may have a strange yet potentially beautiful relationship. It’s very possible that some conscious awareness brought to such a conflict could result in the same touching resolution that brought Felix and Oscar to appreciate each other as sympathetic human beings in spite of their differences.

Just as Felix and Oscar were thrown together to share an apartment, you have come by some situational means to share space and time in this world. If not in your actual living space, then in some other arrangement you have to find ways to get along.

Whether it be for a few minutes on a crowded public transit vehicle or hours in the workplace, or for years (even up to a lifetime) in a committed relationship or community, odd couplings are unavoidable — and potentially precious beyond price. For that reason, while the Sun is in Aquarius (until Feb. 19), it just might return more than your effort to shine a little light of your own, so that we all might better appreciate what we can do for each other if we can only get along.

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16 thoughts on “The Odd Couple

  1. P. Sophia

    Thanks again Len. Yeah and I am wondering if Mercury may be testing and aiding in evolving our thinking in this process, now. He retro and tomorrow square Uranus. Then Mercury direct is conjunct Pluto on his stationing, and forward movement at the end of the month. Some kind of initiation may be possible?! Then will surely come Mars bringing the necessary action into new form. I just bet there is an aspect of Mars come the end of the year that will influence or certainly platform this Saturn Uranus Trine. 😉

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      P. Sophia: Thank you. You have a point about Mercury and Mars. Holistically, one would have to include Mercury’s retrograde (and aspects) with any other astrology going on at this time. The fact that this retrograde is predominantly in Capricorn supports your idea regarding “some kind of initiation”, but in an even wider (and also holistic) point of view I would suggest that the theme probably has more to do with the earthen element of Capricorn than its cardinal quality. As for Mars, it will be in the fifth degree of Pisces when the Saturn-Uranus trine is finally exact (just off a conjunction with Nessus on December 22, 2016).

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Oh it DOES Len! Uranus and Saturn ARE like Felix and Oscar sharing a single apartment! Even as we are torn between the conservative view and the revolutionary view in our own USA, eventually there will be a way to reconcile those differences in some manner. In a way it is perfect, you know? I mean, where else but Aquarius could Practicality meet the spirit of Joan-of-Arc and come up with solutions for polarized viewpoints?

    At the time Uranus was discovered he was opposite Mars (who was only four degrees from Saturn) and they both squared the Sun. Where Uranus was then, in Gemini at 24+ degrees, is where Mercury is in the U.S Solar Return chart. That in itself explains a lot. In both charts there is a potent T-square in mutable signs (what else?) to that Gemini degree. In his discovery chart Uranus is trine Pallas in Aquarius, which suggest there will be a strategy and it will involve the thinking process (air signs).

    How very empathetic you are to we who all must get along with un-likeminded folks at times. Must be that midpoint thing you have going with transiting Saturn and Uranus; the plight of the Aquarian, eh? Thanks Len, this was a great piece to help understand what we are going through, the metamorphosing from caterpillar to butterfly.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara: Thank you. Glad the comparison to Felix Unger and Oscar Madison works for you. Special thanks for bringing up bringing up the comparison between the Uranus discovery chart and the U.S. solar return chart – in a way resonating with P. Sophia and the attention she has brought to transiting Mercury and Mars in the comment immediately preceding yours. Seems as though the two of you separately you are on to something in combination (and even, as you inferred, in metamorphosis).

  3. Bette

    Oh my! Len, your post today so resonates for me/my life at present. I find myself having to deal with my fellow villagers, always a long-faced lot for the most part, now (at mid-winter, & having had to endure a national election in which their Conservatives lost) even more so. Resignation & resentment abound, the former expressed with a sigh & “What’re ya gonna do?”, no response desired.

    Okay, that’s the social context, & I work very hard at not “catching” it – & at speaking up to suggest we might see things in a brighter, broader light. I guess there’s enough Saturn to go around, huh?

    I loved the Felix/Oscar metaphor. I suppose I’m Oscar to the local Felix, & yes, be, we “must get along with un-likeminded folks at times.” Nobody has said it would be easy to do, & it surely can test me.

    As for the rulership of Aquarius issue, although I’ve encountered the fixed-ness of more than one Aquarian – & it CAN be immovable – I’m inclined to consign them to Uranus rulership. The ones I’ve known, or done charts for, seemed to have that quicksilver quality somewhere in them, as well as the capacity to be idealistic such that they could “love the whole world”, but be detached enough emotionally from the personal as to neglect (or worse) those closest to them.

    The upcoming full moon will occur conjunct my Leo Mars. I may need to work extra hard not to be cranky. It will be in my 2nd house, so maybe I can focus that energy on my ongoing get-rid-off-stuff project. Maybe try to respond helpfully the next time I hear “What’re ya gonna do?”.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Bette: Thank you. It’s good to know that my metaphor resonated for you as well. Know what you mean about “catching it.” Special thanks for your observations regarding Aquarius (and Aquarians). In view of the fact that my cross-quarter (Imbolc) birthday is coming up, i will do my very best not to neglect those closest to me (or anybody else for that matter) and ask those who feel neglected to forgive me, for it is not my intent to be that way while i run as fast as i can to stay in the same place. Best of luck with the upcoming Full Moon (and there again, Mars comes up yet another time – go figure).

  4. Barbara Koehler

    I’m with you Bette on all your points. I found something to look forward to that happens next fall that you might appreciate. A new cycle will begin between Mercury and Jupiter; the first and 2nd conjunctions take place in Virgo (Mercury retrogrades in Virgo) and the 3rd one takes place in Libra in October, 2016. In that chart the asteroid Pallas (justice) in Aquarius will trine the Sun (consciousness) in Libra. During the year this cycle between Jupiter and Mercury is effective we will see the first and second trine between Saturn and Uranus (the 3rd one comes one month after the following Mercury-Jupiter conjunction takes place in October, 2017). This should bode well for the Pallas in Aquarius-trine-Sun in Libra in Mercury-Jupiter’s cycle as well as the U.S. Sibly chart’s Moon, symbol of the People.

    By that I mean that Uranus and Saturn as rulers of Aquarius will likely find some accord in how Aquarius energy is experienced and expressed, meaning (I hope) less divisiveness (polarization) within the Aquarian psyche and for the U.S. Aquarius Moon who symbolizes all of us, and within the Jupiter-Mercury cycle, more consciousness (Sun in Libra) regarding the dispensing of justice (Pallas in Aquarius). I’m thinking SCOTUS decisions primarily, but more on that later.

  5. P. Sophia

    Finally (after 2.5 yrs at guessing at astrology here, and relying Probably too much upon all the other advanced brains here) I figured out where to find and input alternate dates for navigation in astro extended chart settings..

    I wanted to see about Mar’s passage and position during Saturn Trine Uranus date you referenced, 24 Dec, 2016. And a couple points i wanted to share are very interesting I see..

    Uranus will be conjunct Ceres retrograde, at 20+ degrees Aries. 

    Pluto will be exact Square Uranus residing 20+ Capricorn.

    Venus will be (trailing by one degree) in the middle Sextile both to Saturn and  Uranus in Aquarius, 19:+ degrees.  (There is probably some astrological term for this aspect that I am unaware).

    Chiron’s in the mix as well semi- sextile Uranus in Pisces, 20+ degrees.

    Not to mention Jupiter now direct (in my 1st yeah!) On Libra 20+ degrees.  Ok, now I have lost track with so many aspects activated..

    Finally, (and i can not believe it, because I mentioned guessing Mars influence in the Trine in my post earlier today) Mars IS aspected.. illuminated by the Sun in fact on this date.  Sun 2+Cap, is Sextile Mars in his position, Pisces 3+ degrees. And now I see that makes the closing arch  Moon (transforming) at Scorpio, 4+ degrees Trine Mars, (sextile Sun). And adding devotion and fire to the Sun and Moon to Mars, is Vesta , Leo 3+ degrees.

    Wow!! It is easy to see the beauty, and something very special going here on Dec 24. Len (this was so fun) But did I read this correctly?!  I would love (need) your professional, additional thoughts on all this. 

    On a personal note, Mars will be conjunct Natal Saturn, Pisces 4+ by one degree. And North Node will be conjunct Natal Uranus. 

    What a time this could (WILL) be..

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      P. Sophia: i would love to answer your question, but i need some clarification. Please are you referring to transiting Mars in relation to your nativity?

  6. Mary

    Len, et al … I have this very uncomfortable relationship with the word RULE or RULERS, as in certain planets RULING signs. Seems very … European, or old school (Saturn?). Cannot we do better?? Must be my typical Uranian-Aquarian ways flaring up.

    As for Oscar and Felix, love the metaphor but as a Felix I’m not feeling the reference inwardly 🙂

    1. Mary

      Len: domicile is not quite the word. But I love your attempt. Seems there is such an affinity between the “ruling planets” and the signs, such that the energy REEKS of same. And, though I’ve not been reading astrology for long, I just cannot imagine an Aquarius without a Uranus to throw some curve-ball into the staid — or, to use your metaphor, imagine Felix living alone or without Oscar. I keep my eyes and ears open for the right word to convey the existing RULERSHIP without all the royal baggage in my head.


  7. P. Sophia

    Thanks Len. Yes Transiting Mars’ position in relation to the day of the exact Saturn Uranus Trine, Dec. 24 as you said. Trans Mars is in aspect to trans Sun and Moon, and Trans Vesta on that date. As I started discovering I could not believe all of the connecting aspects as I noted above. I find it an amazing chart ..

    And yes, as to my natal on the same day, trans Mars will be conjunct Natal Saturn.

    Thanks again. I hope all’s well. 🙂

  8. Bette

    Len, how lovely to have one’s birthday coincident with one of the Celtic festivals. You are clearly NOT among the Aquarians I would describe as impersonal & detached. Your heart-full, always kind words, & your deep empathy make that clear.

    May we all get through this Mercury retrograde with our thoughts & communication devices intact, & manage the Saturn/Uranus energy constructively. My own inner Felix & Oscar seem to be bickering about what “stuff” to keep & what needs to go. I think I’ll take a break & go out for coffee, & leave them to it.

  9. Barbara

    Hey Len……….I should have known….you have the Celtic Fest going on………..I am in great company……many more……traveler……………………..

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