Your New Planet Waves Website — Frequently Asked Questions

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently made some changes to the Planet Waves website. What we’ve done is consolidate many areas into one. It’s now easier to find your articles, horoscopes and readings — though there are some things you need to know.

Why did you change the Planet Waves website? 

Upgrading our websites was long overdue, but for a long time was beyond our means. We finally got the talent and resources to develop the new website, which took two years. We made major improvements to the part of the site you see, and to the internal part of the site that you do not see but that you do experience in the background. Our upgraded options make it easier for you to access your astrology and the work of our writers. We’ve put all of our content and features onto one website. The new site also allows you to choose your own password and reset it anytime.

Has my current paid membership to Planet Waves changed?

Your paid membership has not changed. You will continue to get your twice-weekly mailings for the duration of your subscription. You will be able to renew for another year when that time comes. You’ll also have access to the Oracle and the archives — on the old site.

We’ve just created some new options for you. We will continue to email you the twice-weekly editions including your horoscopes, and you may access the Intelligent Archive & Oracle and archive of the horoscopes and full member editions on the old website.

I’m already registered to read the blog but my password doesn’t work on the new site.

We have moved the free content on the blog that used to be available to everyone over to our new paid membership site. Because it is a new website, your previous login information will not work on the new site and you will need to sign up for an Introductory Membership if you haven’t already. There is no cost to register for an Introductory Membership. Here is the link to register:

I’d like to comment on a blog post, but I don’t want my email address or full name to display publicly. How do I change the name that displays on my comments?

You may change your display name in your WordPress profile page here.  You’ll see an option with a drop-down menu that says “Display name publicly as” and you may choose from that list. If you prefer to use a “Nickname”, you’ll need to type in a new nickname in first, and then choose it from the “Display name publicly as” drop down menu. Here’s an example of what that looks like:
Planet Waves

How do I access The Intelligent Archive & Oracle and horoscope archive on the new website?

You’ll access both in the same place you always have, on the old website. If you would like to have access to the Astrology Diary, other writers, horoscopes, and Oracle all in one place with one password, you will need to upgrade your membership to Core Community or Backstage Pass.

What is included in the Introductory membership on the new site?

For now, the Introductory level includes access to the Inner Space monthly horoscopes, web comics and the Picture of the Day, along with five Core Community level articles each month. We are still working out the access levels on the site and may be shifting what is available on the Introductory level.

What extras do I get if I upgrade to Core Community membership on the new site?

If you upgrade your basic Planet Waves membership to Core Community, here’s what you’ll receive in addition to your twice-weekly emails:

— Tuesday/Thursday members-only email editions, the articles from our writers, Astrology Diary and The Intelligent Archive & Oracle, weekly Planet Waves FM podcasts, plus a bonus weekly horoscope written by Eric with easy access on our new website
— Your own password that you may change anytime for accessing your membership materials (this is something we have been working toward for years!)
— Eric’s Astrology SMS service (astrology text updates sent to mobile phones)
— Astrology Diary emailed directly to you
— Live community conference calls with Eric

What extras do I get if I upgrade to the Backstage Pass on the new site? 

The Backstage Pass includes everything listed in Core Community above, plus access to most of Eric’s extended readings for the duration of your membership. This includes birthday readings for all 12 signs, and the Spring and Midyear Readings. You will also receive a discount for the annual edition for the relevant year, astrology classes and other readings by Eric.

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