The Fair Side of Fowl

At the risk of mixing metaphors, one particular astrological development earlier today indicates you should keep an eye peeled for jaywalking chickens. Based on the end of Chiron’s 2017 retrograde this morning, any hen or rooster you see crossing a road may just possibly be on its way home to roost for the greater good.


2060 Chiron is an interesting object for astrologers. It was the first of our solar system’s “centaur” objects (distinguished by, among other things, an elongated orbit crossing the path of sign-ruling planets) to be discovered.

Unlike many so-called minor planets, Chiron found its way into astrological canon with astonishing speed. Within just a few years after its identification by astronomer Charles Kowal in 1977, this strange little celestial “maverick” (as Kowal called it) got and kept the attention of nearly every contemporary astrologer like no object before or since.

Witness, for example, the famous Swiss Ephemeris, which conspicuously includes Chiron — to the exclusion of any number of other candidates — in the 13-column elite company of major planets, the ascending lunar node (indicating where eclipses take place) and Black Moon Lilith (the mean value for the point of our Moon’s orbit farthest from Earth).

Imagine a preternaturally talented child being competitive in a professional sport, and you get an idea of what an exceptional astrological phenomenon Chiron has proven itself to be.

Maybe it’s because Chiron was discovered in the single (Taurus) degree in all the zodiac where the Moon is exalted. Perhaps it’s because the late, great maverick astrologer Al Morrison wryly (and ironically, for him) referred to Chiron as the “inconvenient benefic.” Could even be how Chiron’s glyph (astrological symbol) looks like a key. Most likely, there are a yet uncounted number of reasons Chiron continuously punches, for better or worse, above its metaphorical weight.

For instance, consider how Chiron’s current tenure of Pisces started. With clockwork precision, Chiron’s first ingress into the deepest end of the zodiac pool took place on a day (April 20, 2010) which will live in ecological infamy. In case you don’t remember, that was the day when an oil rig named Deepwater Horizon blew up in the Gulf of Mexico to horrific effect.

Keeping Al Morrison’s designation of Chiron as a benefic (an astrological object more likely to produce good than evil), this particular station direct, coming near the end of Chiron’s traversal of Pisces, implies a proverbial balancing of its force in the making. That’s where you (astrology’s most important factor) come in.

Astrology is not destiny. It is either made to happen — or not. And guess who has the role of making that decision? You, and every other individual who has awareness of what’s going on in the sky, are the literal equivalent of Chiron’s emblematic key.

Already, we have a movement preceded by a hashtag (and followed by a “me too”) that is making big changes in how powerful people will henceforth be able to get away with abusing their status. Interestingly, that all started right about the time Chiron moved into the degree where it stationed direct today.

There is every reason to believe more such movements are in the offing. That there will be other ways to bring any number of metaphorical chickens across the road to the flip side of infamy, safely home to a more just roost, is likely. Start thinking. That’s what you’re good at. If there’s anything to Chiron and its proven place in astrology, it’s time for you to do your part and manifest the upside that has been so long overdue.

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5 thoughts on “The Fair Side of Fowl

  1. Linda May

    Ahhh Len!

    I just gasped. April 20 2010 my husband of 25 yrs kidnapped our 13 yr old pisces 19° boy (merc n venus 17°-13° Chiron scorp at 2°)

    My chiron is 1° pisces. My Pallas n Juno also pisces 8°-19°

    Never connected the dots.

  2. Linda May


    Deepwater Horizon and Caldera (my married name!) Eruption in Iceland (my dreamland)

    The Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in April 2010, prompting aviation authorities to close much of Europe’s airspace for five days out of fear that its volcanic ash could damage jet engines. Millions of travellers were stranded by the move.

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