The Day of the Visionary: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is June 6
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You may feel like you’re being tested at every turn — though the only real question is whether you’re being honest with yourself. There are times when self-doubt is debilitating and even toxic. There are times when, if used with focus, it can be the best tool you’ve got. So keep asking yourself: am I being real with myself about this? Then go to, why or why not? Be open to ideas that contradict what you believe. If you have a defensive reaction to something, pause and ask yourself why. You will find this empowering.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino
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Written in the Planets

Today’s Cancer Moon could keep moods changeable, and domestic or caring-related activities at the top of your to-do list for the first part of the day. Mercury in Cancer continues to make contact with other cardinal-sign objects, emphasizing how you play out family patterns (especially in how you perceive certain things). You may feel a little more compelled today to investigate or speak about how you came to your current situation or worldview.

As the Moon enters Leo later in the day (3:16 pm EDT), notice if anyone around you seems compelled to dramatize whatever thoughts and feelings Mercury’s been stirring up. Remember that just because you’re in touch with your own inner child does not mean you need to let that little one act out for attention; you can use this same energy to get creative and playful, or to generously offer someone else whatever it is they seem to need.
— by Amanda Painter

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