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If Your Birthday is June 1
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Today’s Moon-Venus meeting on your birthday is an invitation to let your light shine: to be seen for your beauty, without hesitation. Don’t hide yourself away; engage with the world on your own terms. The opportunities you have will be the ones that you take. You are the person who activates your own potential, by your choices and by your actions. Growth does not need to be fraught with resistance; there are, at times, easy openings to what you want, though you must be the one who consciously chooses to push the door open, or to set out in a new direction based on your own desire.
— by Eric Francis

Written in the Planets

Notice today if anything seems to point your thoughts toward the early origins of a particular belief. Beliefs tend to be emotion-based, and yet we generally articulate them in the language of fact and rationality. Mercury’s conjunction to the asteroid Chaos today in Gemini suggests multivalenced creative thought is possible, especially in a kind of primordial way: that state before things evolve into their full shape. Yet Mercury and Chaos are also square Borasisi in Pisces: a suggestion that your need to express these ideas (in speech, action or some form of creation) could be at odds with some long-held belief — one that may actually represent a fiction of some kind. What happens to your perspective on this belief in the process?

Meanwhile, Mars in Cancer is making a square to the asteroid Pallas in Libra. This could describe some kind of emotional reaction against a more ‘political’ or diplomatic way of relating to people that you think you’re supposed to use, especially to please them. In other words, pay attention to any need to push against someone or something in a way that indicates you’re not standing in your power as an adult. Can you express yourself directly, from a place of balance, without the full emotional charge? It’s not the same as being diplomatic, because you’d still be saying and doing what you really mean, but it’s less likely to scuttle out sideways like an angry young crab.
— by Amanda Painter

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