The Day of the Penetrating Gaze: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Oct. 9
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A particular project has now reached a point where the goal is in sight. You may be feeling some impatience to get there and move on, though it will help you to make sure all of the ground is covered. Rushing may cause you to retrace some steps, and in fact you have plenty of time — enough to take the scenic route and enjoy each stage of the journey. It might even be argued that having something to delight in, at regular intervals, is as important and useful for you as completing your mission.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

Is anything about yesterday or this morning feeling like someone’s confronting you with some facet of your sexuality that you tend not to show or express? Do you feel able to have the conversation? Or are you responding with defensiveness, or trying to glide over things without getting your hands dirty? With Mars in Libra opposing the minor planet Salacia (and Chiron) in Aries today, something along these lines could crop up.

Once the Moon enters Pisces just after noon EDT (16:05:04 UTC) you may find it’s easier to be introspective about things. Mercury’s making planetary contacts that suggest some complicated emotions could emerge into your awareness. Yet there also appears to be an opportunity to cross a threshold of some kind, in relation to these feelings and thoughts, if you’re willing to be present with them. That opportunity could come in the form of another person mirroring them back to you. The Pisces Moon suggests that art and music could be particularly useful in moving some of this energy in gentle, creative, and maybe even beautiful or soul-expanding ways — especially if you’re very specific about your intentions.
— by Amanda Painter

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