The Day of the Outspoken Spokesperson: Birthdays and Planet News

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Mercury makes its exact conjunction to Uranus in Taurus today. You may find that your intuition and any artistic or original thinking and work could get a real boost […]

If Your Birthday is May 8
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Pay attention to your vision for your path ahead, which may be coming through with unusual clarity. You are becoming sensitive to deep emotions, which are giving voice to a pure impetus coming from within the roots of your soul. This is your will, and the basis of your personal journey. Use it to plant seeds for carrying out the next phase of your work; and keep a line open so that you feel its pull.
– by Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

What defines a ‘genius’ idea? Is it simply the fact that it’s revolutionary? Or does it need to serve the highest good of humanity (and not be allowed to run amok and cause destruction) to count? Even if you don’t come up with an insight today that begs such profound questions, it’s still not a bad idea to consider the implications of any ‘light-bulb moments’ you have. Mercury makes its exact conjunction to Uranus in Taurus today. And while Uranus is said to be the ‘higher octave’ of Mercury vibrationally, it’s not always easy under current worldly conditions to keep one’s spirit at that level.

So you’ll want to keep tabs on how this astrology is manifesting for you. The fact that it’s happening in Taurus could help to moderate and ground the potentially scattered or hyper nature of this conjunction. It’s also possible that it could overwhelm the usual Taurean deliberateness, particularly for anyone who’s already feeling a little high-strung or on edge. That said, you may find that your intuition and any artistic or original thinking and work could get a real boost.

Just remember that mental speed is not the same as actual intelligence; if your mind is racing or jumping to interconnected ideas, it could be difficult to get traction. Don’t worry — the sensation should not last long, since Mercury is moving quickly. But do test your insights before jumping full-speed ahead with them just because they’re new. If you’re feeling nervous, specifically body-based relaxation techniques (think massage, breath work, yoga — even gardening, cooking or touching pleasant textures) could be especially helpful. The Moon moving through Cancer today should assist in understanding how you’re feeling about all your new thoughts, which might be a little more emotional than you’d expect. It’s just part of being a multi-faceted human.
– by Amanda Painter

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