The Day of the Dream Weavers

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Venus comes ‘home’ today to Taurus, the first sign it rules (the other being Libra). But guess what? Uranus is right inside the door, rearranging the furniture. Mars enters Cancer later in the day […]

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Prepare to shift your perspective. A series of revelations may be of assistance in opening your mind to your true capabilities, or helping you consider a path you might not otherwise have thought to take. You can sweep away certain self-imposed limitations; what might once have felt like a stabilizing force may now be merely holding you back, as a child’s walker would hinder them once they’d learned how to run. Allow yourself the room to take off at full speed.
– by Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Venus comes ‘home’ today to Taurus, the first sign it rules (the other being Libra). But guess what? Uranus is right inside the door, rearranging the furniture. Since Venus in Taurus tends to like its comfortable routines, environments that rarely change, and replicable sensory pleasures, this situation presents an interesting dynamic. And since Venus represents the ‘female principle’ — no matter your sex, gender, or orientation — along with love, receptivity, relationship style and some level of emotional and aesthetic sense, you may wish to tune in to these facets of your life especially carefully the next several days.

Where do you feel ready to change things up, or notice that changes are happening and you’re enjoying them (even if unexpectedly)? Where are you encountering resistance to a gnawing sense that something’s gotta give, or feel tempted to cling to how things have always been? Efforts to repress the need for new stimulation could manifest in some chaotic disruption. But a willingness to experiment may help to mitigate unwanted surprises.

Mars also moves to a new sign today (Cancer), but won’t get there until just after 11 pm EDT. So if you’re feeling an especially acute or hard-to-parse case of split desires, conflicting motivations or multiple frustrations until then, this may be why. Once Mars makes its move, track your emotional reactions. Some of what is feeding into that could be very old material (as in, relating to past generations — read Eric’s in-depth coverage of Mars entering the cardinal cross here). How you act on it, or assert it to someone else, could start a surprisingly far-reaching ripple effect. Luckily, Mercury and Neptune are conspiring to offer some intuitive help and — if needed — a brief, imaginative escape.
– by Amanda Painter

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