The Day of the Dangerous Quest: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Aug. 3
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If you want to make more of a positive difference in the world, this year’s astrology suggests you have the resources — whether it’s money, time, energy or ideas. You might need to use some discernment prior to making a firm decision, though do be sure to consider the opportunities offered you. Part of this exercise seems to be about finding your present vocation, and building on your self-confidence. Few things can do that like knowing you’re in a position to help someone, or several someones.
— by Amy Elliott

Do you have a Leo Sun, rising sign or Moon? Your last couple years may have left you reeling trying to figure out which path forward is best. Hear Eric’s thoughts on expediting your post-eclipse process in your 2019-2020 Leo Astrology Studio reading.

Written in the Planets

Mars and Juno make an exact conjunction in Leo today, though they’ve been moving in tandem for a while now. Primarily this constitutes a reminder to keep tabs on scorekeeping, one-upmanship, boasting and selfishness — especially with people of the opposite sex, and particularly in intimate relationships, though this could crop up anywhere things get a little competitive or ego-driven.

Ego is not a bad thing, inherently; a healthy ego is necessary to getting almost anything done, and to having a sense of oneself in the world. Yet when the ego feels threatened, it tends to get over-defensive. You may need to be the one to offer gentle reminders that help to keep things functional if a situation gets heated, and that could take extra effort.

On the other hand, there’s something about Juno and Mars in Leo that suggests the kind of assertion in love and sex that could fire things up in an enjoyable way. If you can throw some flames and your partner or prospect can serve it right back in the spirit of saucy competition, the playful rather than prideful side of Leo might come out.

Mars and Juno conjunct in Leo also speaks to me of something else: a very creative type of partnership, where the activeness of one person fires up the courage of the other. Or, perhaps, the type of inner frisson (caused by some metaphorical fission?) that accomplishes the same thing — with Neptune nudging things along in imaginative (if sometimes awkward) ways. Mercury being in the position it is suggests the continued need to ‘be real’, and to keep treading carefully with communication. Watch your assumptions, and notice the emotions behind them.
— by Amanda Painter


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