The Day of the Brilliant Path: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is June 5
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This year will bring tests of your true priorities. You already know what they are; the question is whether you will exercise them like options. It’s too easy for people to subvert their most cherished desires to what they think is the will of others. Yet when one takes the chance and dares to stand up for oneself, there can be considerable pain and confusion. This is a temporary stage in the growth process, and one that at a certain point we must learn to push through. If you want to call this experience your life, that’s the necessary project.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino
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Written in the Planets

Mercury in Cancer opposing the centaur Pholus (along with Quaoar) in Capricorn could be focusing your attention on a ‘runaway emotions’ situation. Is it yours, or one that you’re witnessing? It could also feel more like your mind is getting carried off, or has been catalyzed into an ever-developing chain reaction of thoughts. If this describes you, however, you’ll want to consider whether any of these thought patterns and emotional habits are hand-me-downs from a past generation. Do you really need to burn up all that energy? Same if someone you know is currently mirroring a dynamic like that to you.

With Juno in Cancer also opposing Pluto in Capricorn, the question of emotional security in relationships arises. As much as it can seem like ‘stability’ is the key to that (that is, things staying the same), you may discover that flowing with the changes both you and a partner are experiencing offers the most comfortable (and honest) way to stay present — and connected.
— by Amanda Painter

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