The Day of Societal Awareness: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is April 12
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Follow the light of your enthusiasm and let it guide you to your vocation, or deeper into it. It’s likely you’ve already made significant and visible progress, such that it seems natural and necessary to continue; and just now you have a tailwind. Make use of that advantage as far as you can, as a champion cyclist might use a top-of-the-range set of wheels; hold your focus for as long as possible, and don’t look back.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Today is the first quarter Moon. We get this Moon phase — which is the Moon square the Sun one week after a New Moon — every month, and it’s a pretty dependable energy for leaning into a project that you need to move forward. All squares carry some tension that must be expressed through action.

This particular first quarter Moon, however, brings the Cancer Moon directly in line with a major aspect pattern: the Aries Sun conjunct Eris, square Pluto and Saturn. Speaking broadly, this makes a high-powered aspect that’s describing a lot of the chaos, pressure and overwhelming change of modern life personal. At the time of the exact Moon-Sun square, the Moon will be conjunct the lunar North Node.

You may feel yourself responding on some visceral, emotional or not-fully-conscious level to the astrology — which really means, to what’s going on around and within you — and to what you’re being called to do. So there’s a reminder here to listen to your needs to go with the flow and take care of yourself (physically, emotionally, energetically) while still maintaining contact with the reality of all that you’re dealing with. It is possible — and it might mean investing more into what’s energizing you, rather than less.

Offering some stability, opportunity and a soft place to express some energy is a sextile between Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. On one level, this aspect offers the potential to enjoy a sense of gratification from being of service to your loved ones. What do they need that you can fulfill generously and with empathy? Can you make this a tangible, in-body, in-person gesture (rather than delivering via the internet)? The combination of sensitivity/inspiration and discipline / attention to details inherent here also makes this a great aspect for making art — another beautiful outlet for any tension you’re feeling from other quarters.
— By Amanda Painter

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