The Day of Physical Substance: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is April 25
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Stay in touch with your emotional world. In the course of heading for your goal, be sure to leave some time for yourself to rest and renew. Think of it as similar to needing regular intervals of sleep; occasional winding down and taking it easy is a vital component of life. This is part of acknowledging that you are human, rather than a robot; and that you have intrinsic worth.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

With the Capricorn Moon moving through the Saturn-Pluto-Eris configuration, there could be an unconscious sense of pressure. By ‘unconscious’, I mean that the feeling is less likely to come to you as a clear thought, and probably won’t have an obvious, external cause. If you notice it, and give the sensation some conscious attention, it may be easier to own it and move with it over the course of the day (and it will move). Think in terms of taking responsibility for your emotions and reactions; and get the tasks that answer to an outside authority done first, if at all possible.

Bear in mind that the Mars-Neptune square is almost at full strength (it’s exact on Saturday). If you’re trying to hold seemingly contradictory positions on a matter, it might be getting a little frustrating — especially if you think you’re not able to just go for one or the other (or both) for some reason. Neptune’s presence in ever-slippery Pisces, however, is a reminder to be cautious and keep giving yourself reality-checks at every turn. This does not mean you cannot move forward; in fact, this square energy needs to be expressed one way or another, via actual action (which could be the act of communicating what you want). The idea is not to move or speak faster than your mind can keep up. Moving slowly and deliberately is still moving.
— By Amanda Painter

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