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If Your Birthday is Sept. 26
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Opportunities to bring healing to old relationship patterns is a signature theme this year. The more willing you are to recognize your role, the more you’ll actualize this potential. Clues can be found in power dynamics, and any obsessive need you may feel to impress your point of view on others. It’s not always easy to observe your thoughts, but doing so is a key to unlocking facets of past imprinting that you’re ready to resolve. Your perception is particularly intense right now, and the more you turn that light inward, the freer you’ll feel.
— by Victoria Emory

Do you have your Sun, Moon or rising sign in Libra? If so, your sign is directly aligned with the single most significant astrological event beginning 2020. Eric will walk you through the most effective ways to approach your year in the 2019-2020 Libra Astrology Studio, now available for pre-order.

Written in the Planets

Today’s opposition between the Sun in Libra and Chiron in Aries may offer you a mirror of some kind today. Notice who arrives in your immediate sphere to show you some of your unresolved issues, perceived weaknesses or insecurities. This stuff could relate to your sense of purpose, identity and ability to take action, and could further trace back to what your father did or did not teach you about such things.

Chiron’s conjunction to Salacia potentially brings in the element of sex — especially facets of sex you prefer to keep ‘secret’, but which still form part of your holistic identity. Even if nobody else knows all about your desires and activities, it’s still a part of who you are and how you perceive yourself.

Whether or not the sexual identity theme emerges, pay attention to how you’re responding to those you encounter, particularly if any of these issues crop up. Are you seeing yourself in another person’s behaviors or attitudes? Is someone triggering reactions in you that you’d rather blame on ‘their shit’, but which actually illuminate something you need to address within yourself?

This looks like an important moment to move strongly towards honest self-expression in healing something. Just be aware that a square today between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn could describe getting rather obsessive about a single thought; and that obsession — though fleeting — could manifest as trying to coerce someone to your point of view. Think inwardly instead. New depths of self-awareness are possible now, if you’re willing to look beneath your own surface.
— by Amanda Painter

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