The Day of Measured Attack: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Nov. 30
The Day of Measured Attack | 2019-20 Sagittarius Astrology Studio | All Other Signs

You’ve discovered more about what you’re capable of, and this year that learning process will continue. Education and self-expression, perhaps in writing, can prove helpful to others while furthering your own self-development. Deep psychic exploration can lead to healing wounds you’ve carried from the past, and impact your self-worth considerably.
— by Victoria Emory

Please note: Written in the Planets is on a brief hiatus this holiday week, and will resume on Monday, Dec. 2. The “Birthday” reading portion of these posts will continue to publish this week. You’re invited to review your November Monthly Horoscopes by Eric Francis here (scroll down).

In 2020 we have not one but two conjunctions that mark the turn of a generation, and of an era in history. On Jan. 12, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn form their once per 33-year conjunction. Then on Dec. 21. 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, both now in Aquarius, form a conjunction in the first degree of that sign. Read more here…

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