The Day of Lively Precision: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Aug. 23
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Finding a role that truly reflects you is almost always worth any effort, and may be of particular importance for you this year. There is a tremendous difference, in terms of wellbeing, between a job you consider merely a means of bringing home the dough, and something that is much more a labor of love. If it wouldn’t be so easy to do the latter in a paid capacity, make sure you have sufficient time to pursue your real interests. This will help you feel more fully alive and in touch with your essential self.
— by Amy Elliott

If your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Virgo, You are heading into a most unusual solar year, set up to do the thing Virgo is designed for: integrate the elements of your being, find your direction and purpose, and act on it. Eric will lay it all out in your 2019-2020 Virgo Astrology Studio.

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Today the Sun enters Virgo, at 6:02 am EDT (10:01:52 UTC), and begins the last sign of the current season. In one month, we arrive at the equinox. We’re entering a phase of harvest and the gathering in of the wisdom we’ve gained from recent experience. In so doing, we can begin the process of integrating it and — eventually — bringing the results out into the world. With a Venus-Mars conjunction brewing, that process of integration is likely to involve some of the most potent inner dualities we human beings encompass. Or, to put it more simply: what do you need to acknowledge and tend to in your relationship to yourself?

Late tonight into Saturday (depending on time zone), the asteroid Juno also leaves Leo and enters Virgo — describing a focus on the health of the people we’re most intimate with, and how it impacts the relationship as a whole. In between, we have the last quarter Moon today, after the Moon enters Gemini. This is the waning Moon phase leading to the next New Moon — suggesting that you put some energy toward moving a project toward the next stage, or toward completion. Whether that project is something external or some kind of inner process, sometimes even seemingly minor insights and small steps turn out to be the key to unfolding all the rest.

It is difficult to feel good these days; it’s challenging to focus on your growth and self-care, or even to relax. We are pulled out of ourselves constantly, and often distracted from our core purposes. IN THESE TIMES, the Planet Waves autumn reading, will help.


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