The Day of Ironic Insight: Birthdays and Planet News

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Can you take some initiative today with tasks that require discipline and a lot of mental energy? Also note that we’re in Beltane territory […]

If Your Birthday is May 1
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Reconsider your ideas as to what is and is not possible, and make room for approaches other than the solely pragmatic. That is to say: do not dismiss a hoped-for or intended outcome on the basis of what seems achievable in this moment. Take confidence from what you have accomplished in the past, and from your sense of devotion to what is truly important. You have both the passion and the capability you need to make it happen.
– By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Can you take some initiative today with tasks that require discipline and a lot of mental energy? Mercury is making aspects to Mars and Saturn today that suggest this course of action could prove effective. The more you can own the project and your efforts, the more likely you are to enjoy the benefits. This may mean focusing on a personal goal or project first, to generate a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. After that, moving on to the obligations you have to others could feel a little easier.

Also note that we’re in Beltane territory — the ancient Pagan holiday associated with honoring the fertility of the Earth, which occurs when the Sun reaches the middle of Taurus. Plus, May is Masturbation Month. So how do you want to get your freak on? Venus conjunct Vesta in Aries today may be signaling an ‘unorthodox’ sexual relationship or encounter, but could also be prime energy for ‘tending your hearth’ solo, if you know what I mean. The Moon entering Aries is a reminder to watch impulsiveness — especially with your temper or libido, if either one is feeling the heat. There are plenty of ways to express both energies that take their impact and potential consequences into account, without bottling them up.
– By Amanda Painter

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