The Day of Initiative: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is April 4
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Cultivate your sense of compassion and of commonality with other living beings, as a stage of your personal journey. An active, conscious effort for unity is needed at present to counteract the divisiveness of the age, and you have an opportunity to be in the vanguard of that work, setting an example for those around you. Flexibility of opinions and a willingness to learn will help you a good deal.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Be on the lookout for possible conflation between how you’re feeling (and what you’re sensing from others) now, and the echoes of any past hurts or boundary issues. There may be a bit of a blind spot there, described by a conjunction of Venus with the centaur planet Nessus. (Also, the continuing Mercury-Neptune conjunction could be adding a layer of “is this insight or is this delusion?” confusion.) If you’re concerned about making the same transgressions others have made against you, stay in touch with your empathy toward the other person to help you make a different choice.

That said, with so much Pisces energy still in the sky, it could be easy to lose sight of the fact that true empathy means feeling the actual emotions of another, not assuming that what you’re picking up on through indirect channels is correct. In other words, you have to ask the other person what’s going on for them to know for sure how they feel. A current Sun-Ceres contact suggests harmony between self-expression and what feeds you spiritually, including via travel or mentorship. Even so, particularly for situations where you’re in a position to offer guidance, keep reality-checking your boundary awareness.

You may be feeling an impulse to initiate a new step in your healing process — or some form of learning or teaching. Start putting pieces in place, and then see what insights come through about how to begin in earnest as tomorrow’s Aries New Moon approaches.
— By Amanda Painter

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