The Day of Impulse: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Oct. 27
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A New Moon closely opposite Uranus is pretty much the astrological signature for a clean slate. If you’ve felt somewhat hemmed in or locked into a routine, this year will serve to remind you that you’re the one ultimately in control of your life. If you have major changes to make, the window of opportunity is imminent. Just be sure to tie up as many loose ends as you can. In particular, keep promises and atone generously for any errors. Then you’ll be ready when the moment comes.
— by Amy Elliott

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Tonight’s New Moon in Scorpio has quite a chart. This conjunction of the Sun and Moon is exact at 11:38 pm EDT (3:38:20 UTC Monday), and exactly opposes Uranus in Taurus. Surprises, upsets and anything out of the ordinary could provoke secrets coming out. Yet it’s also possible that behaving in secrecy could itself be the provocative, challenging or upsetting thing. The signs involved are known for strong emotions, and for fixed points of view that sometimes resist the need to flex. And while New Moons are usually lower-energy events, Uranus packs a lot of electrical current. Also, Mercury stationing retrograde in less than a week could be amping up mental static and the potential for misunderstandings.

Questions this event seems to ask include: Where’s the line between simply seeking new experiences/stimulation and behaving recklessly? What’s the difference between ‘getting real’ or ‘going deep’ with someone, and over-sharing in ways that cause someone to feel blindsided? When do you leave the zone of being ‘private’ and protecting your vulnerability and stray into masking your truth to get power over someone?

Nobody shares all of their innermost thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, shadow material or processing all of the time. Yet you can also open up about secrets and ‘taboo’ topics in ways that don’t feel like an ambush. Oppositions are about negotiation; negotiation is about give and take, and finding a common meeting point. An invitation to join someone in the deep end of the pool might feel risky; but is it really just reminding you of some hidden restlessness, or of some part of yourself that you’ve been longing to express but have not dared to yet?

This New Moon chart also hints that intuitive wisdom and other ‘internal’ ways of knowing are key to navigating whatever comes your way today. Especially if you feel knocked off balance, see if you can stay in contact with whatever your immediate first instinct was. If your initial, intuitive response shocks you, that may be all the more reason to heed it. What does it tell you about what you truly want?
— by Amanda Painter

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  1. Daniel

    A very interesting time for me personally. Trying to hold the still place in my centre and staying true to myself and my intentions. Always an opportunity for growth and working with some powerful energy.

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