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If Your Birthday is June 18
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Your life must become an exercise in claiming your power back rather than giving it away. Sadly, for most people, these are just words. You will, however, know that you have an opportunity to do either of these things when you feel yourself unable to speak or make a decision, and you’re wondering why that is. When you assess the situation honestly, you will notice that someone else has influence, control or authority where they should not, and that’s when it’s time to speak up — clearly, not loudly.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino
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Written in the Planets

Mercury makes its conjunction to Mars today in Cancer, opposite Pluto in Capricorn (exact tomorrow), and chances are you’ve been feeling it one way or another. Pluto can represent power and change; it can signify the need to let go of what’s not working — a kind of metaphorical death; and in combination with certain planets it can also come through as compelling, hormone-level lust. On a good day, Mercury and Mars in combination can describe a very energized mind that can accomplish much.

Yet Mercury-Mars can also get very competitive, defensive and irritable, and often represents an ego too closely identified with everything a person thinks, says and believes. That spells combativeness; and Mars opposite Pluto tends to be a blueprint for power struggles. If you feel like you’re experiencing any of these dynamics in projected form — that is, someone else is defensive and combative even if you are not — you’ll want to be especially careful to avoid potentially dangerous situations today.

Conflict may pop up internally as well as externally, with a square between Venus in Gemini and Nessus in Pisces speaking to that possibility. If you’ve been holding two different stories in mind regarding a relationship, love in general, or your overall emotional reality, it may be wise to watch your boundaries. Are you sure you know which story is running the show? Squares signify something needing to be expressed; this one in particular suggests that an awareness of past patterns and their consequences will be helpful in that. Meanwhile, a Saturn-Neptune aspect indicates that if you engage in serious thought, especially in support of your higher ideals, it’s best not to take yourself too seriously. Given the overall astrological picture right now, a hearty sense of humor and humility could go a long way no matter what your situation.
— by Amanda Painter

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