The Day of Established Presence: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is April 22
The Day of Established Presence | Pre-order Your 2019-20 Taurus Reading | All Other Signs

Prepare to go on some adventures, whether in the physical or mental realm. Your mind is likely to be working excellently, and you may find it unusually easy to come up with interesting ideas. You can help this process along by doing what you can to maintain your wellbeing at all levels, down to choosing clean and nutritious food as often as you can; and by stimulating your brain with new and interesting experiences.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Today the Sun makes its first annual conjunction to Uranus in Taurus for this era. Are you in any kind of conscious process of becoming right now? If not, or if you feel something like that got interrupted or suspended last year, it’s possible this aspect may act like jumper cables to get you up and running. That said, it might not come through in the most convenient way; Uranus is known for being ‘revolutionary’ — which for most people (who are not instigating the revolution), means disruptive.

Yet Taurus is not a sign known for its enjoyment of sudden changes to routine, or of change simply for the sake of something different. Here’s the thing, though: most Taureans I know have a very strong sense of their core values. And if they become aware of a need to adjust in order to better express and serve those values, they can get very determined about moving in that direction.

You don’t have to be a Taurus to tap into that, however; you just need to feel how the ground is shifting, and then respond in the way that feels truest — and yet new — for you. Today’s Moon in Sagittarius should help you to access some extra optimism and flexibility if needed. Venus square Pholus is a reminder that even modest acts can express your emotions, desire, or pursuit of someone — and generate an effect.
— By Amanda Painter

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