The Day of Dutiful Overload: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is April 30
The Day of Dutiful Overload | Order Your 2019-20 Taurus Reading | All Other Signs

Watch for insights regarding your vocation or mission in the most profound and spiritual sense of those terms. You may experience a flash of intuition, which reveals a pattern underlying various events and features of your life. This is likely to be drawing you in a specific direction in terms of what to do next. Verifying whatever information you receive will be useful; meanwhile, keep your mind open, and leave room for more details to emerge gradually.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

With Venus and Vesta in Aries making a trine to Ceres in Sagittarius, there’s some serious goddess fire on tap. Your inner flame — be it creative, sexual or simply your joie de vivre — may feel like a warm, nourishing undercurrent to the day. Perhaps try tending to it directly (such as with some kind of solo activity, though sharing the love — or lust — might feel similarly enriching; just bear in mind that Venus in Aries can come on a bit strong).

If you want to take things to the proverbial next level, you might consider how this energy connects to your overall healing journey. The centaur Chiron is conjunct the asteroid Salacia today, focusing the issue one way or another. How is your awareness being drawn to some facet of your sexual experience, or your sense of identity as a sexual-yet-spiritual being? Notice your feelings about it, and take some notes or make some art in response. Chiron tends to reward documentation, and Aries is the sign of ‘get started’. So what are you waiting for?
— By Amanda Painter

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