The Day of Airborne Dreamers: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is June 29
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Hold out your full respect for the power of desire. That is what drives you, on whatever level you may need to be motivated. The words, “I shall not want” represent the surrender of your personal volition, the most potent force in your psyche. The challenge, though, is knowing what you want, which is also about knowing what’s true for you. This is your quest. As you embark on it sincerely, you will notice there are a lot of things you have no use for, and should not be part of your life. And you will notice what really turns you on. Mark the difference.
— by Eric Francis

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Written in the Planets

How many different stories do you tell yourself about who you are in your friendships and love relationships? If you hold any conflicting beliefs or emotions about yourself in this regard, do you tend to favor one side and try to ignore the other? Venus in Gemini is making a square to Borasisi, and could raise these issues. Venus is also conjunct the asteroid Chaos. Is there a place in your heart that predates your relationship narratives? If so, does it feel like a place of origin or homecoming, or does it just feel confusing?

With Venus also moving into an opposition with the Galactic Core, stepping back to see the bigger picture — such as in spiritual terms, rather than ‘personal’ emotion — could help you to get oriented. In other words, how do concepts like agape or the Golden Rule intersect with how you think about and offer love? Notice if anyone this weekend offers that view to you, and maybe write a love note to yourself about what you learn, for future reference. The Moon entering Gemini later today could accelerate the speed of thoughts and moods, making them trickier to pin down as sociability increases.
— by Amanda Painter

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