Taurus 2013

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, #980 | By Eric Francis

Imagine that you visit an older relative you have not seen in years, and while you’re there you wander up to the attic. You see a trunk that seems to be for you, illuminated by the light from a small window, and you open it up. It’s full of artifacts from a century ago, stuff belonging to people to whom you’re related but who came through the planet decades before you. Old diaries, letters, newspaper cuttings, photographs, physical objects from life in the past, are all neatly, lovingly preserved in this trunk, and as you go gently through them, you figure out that they were indeed intentionally left for you. But who left it there? And how did they know you would find it? This is all a metaphor, and from a psychological point of view, you’re the one who has left a gift, an inheritance or a trousseau for yourself. There’s a lot in there, as will slowly become obvious over the next month or so.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 13, 2013, #979 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be making up your mind about something, trying to sort out your original impulses from what your past conditioning is telling you. This could be a longterm career or life-path question, though it’s connected to a deeper spiritual issue. I think it’s a good idea to consider the possibilities, especially what you would do if you could do anything at all. Then you can refine and narrow down the possibilities. While you’re doing this, be aware of the sometimes subtle shades of what you’re saying to yourself and what is being said to you from people in the past who lacked your sense of potential and, moreover, your devotion to self-esteem. Those who came here before you may have been snagged in the trap that the only thing possible today is what was possible yesterday. You have other ideas.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 6, 2013, #978 | By Eric Francis

Ideas, revelations, solutions and numerous projects are flying circles around your head like jetliners around LAX. I suggest you let them land one at a time. No matter what you feel, you can’t actually do more than one thing at once. But you can do one thing at a time extremely effectively, and you can do it with a level of mastery quite beyond your years or experience. In fact the current moment is an opportunity to do some of the best work of your life. So keep burning the midnight oil.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes — December 2013, #977 | By Eric Francis

You are right in that zone where self-respect and respect for authority merge into the same thing. You have wanted and indeed needed to level the playing field of life for a long time; to experience some sense of your own presence with other talented people on a peer-to-peer level. What you are learning is that the human property that facilitates that experience comes from you. It’s your recognition of your own gifts and your own potential that allows you to recognize the talent and leadership of others as something inherently human rather than mythical or supernatural. If you perceive authority as a leadership quality, as aptitude and as a hard-won achievement, you will be more inclined to be its student and to crave cultivating those same qualities in yourself. What you’re about to experience is an opportunity to dismantle and understand the familial experiences that led you in the other direction — to mystify those who seemed powerful; to distance yourself from them; to feel anything but equal. As you identify and discard various internalized structures, especially the authority structures of your family, you will free up energy, time and space. That will come in handy as you discover not only talents but also a profound desire to make your contribution to society.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 #976 | By Eric Francis

Try not to be frustrated by what seem to be insurmountable obstacles. Your chart suggests that speaking honestly, listening with an open mind and moreover feeling where people you care about are coming from will melt those blocks or loft you over them. I don’t want to make this sound easier than it is, but I also know that just about everyone turns what could be easily resolved into some sour shade of impossible by refusing to speak, listen and feel. Many elements of human nature get in the way, the main one being a stubborn lack of flexibility that no longer serves you or your relationships. What you are really doing as you patiently move to a new place of sincere, actual communication with the people closest to you is to open up another realm of sharing with them. There is potential that you may have only considered and deemed impossible or too scary; in truth it is neither.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 #975 | By Eric Francis

You might feel like you’re balanced on an emotional brink where a sensitive personal relationship is concerned. Take in the view and observe what you can, though I don’t think you’re in as precarious a spot as it may seem. One thing for certain is that you’re being changed by your experiences. This is rare enough for most of humanity and can feel especially deep for one born under your sign. Yet the depth that certain emotional encounters are taking you to can raise your psyche to a hot enough temperature to shape your entire being. At the same time, you seem to be keenly aware of wanting your independence from what ‘other people’ say you should do or feel. You’ve never been one to go along with the crowd, even though you’ve been persuaded to at certain points. Now is the time to declare your independence from public opinion.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 #974 | By Eric Francis

The ongoing revelation known as your life is about to teach you something about yourself. This is likely to fall into the ‘what you’ve known all along’ category but somehow missed or failed to take conscious note of. With Saturn making its way across your relationship angle, it’s essential to keep your eye on the bottom line, whatever that is for you. You know that stability and commitment are your basic foundations. What the stars are now saying is that in any structured relationship, there must be room to change, grow and exchange ideas that can actually influence the situation. You have a safe container. Now, the question is how far you will go to use it in a creative and evolutionary way. In other words: you have selected your relationship style for a purpose. Now is the time to put that purpose to use.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for November 2013,
standing in for weekly #973 | By Eric Francis

A potent solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new era in your relationships, based on deep inner changes. Two factors tend to cloud our connections with others. One is that many people are dragging around a load of past material, from their parents and other ancestors — stuff that simply is not their own, but which feels like it is. Second is that projection plays a much larger part in relating to others than communication. Projection is assuming that someone else is thinking something, or has a certain intent, based entirely on your point of view — or vice versa. You can go a long way this month calling in your projections, returning those of others and (in a similar vein) recognizing what material that arises in your contact with others has nothing to do with you. This will take some discernment and some practice — and it’ll be worth doing.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2013,
standing in for weekly #972 | By Eric Francis

Driving is a metaphor for life. Notice the road conditions at all times, make sure you’re in good shape to be behind the wheel, and most important, stay in your lane. You might also want to keep track of whether you’re coming or going. I know that’s a funny old expression that few people think about, but I do mean knowing whether you’re going toward something or away from it; whether you’re approaching or avoiding, and why. The approach/avoid thing seems to involve something you’re simultaneously trying to remember and to forget. The astrological syntax translates to, “Question your mother’s logic about sex.” I think when questioning the teaching of our parents or of anyone, it helps to extend their logic and see where it would take you if you went the whole distance with it. You are likely to find that it’s not even vaguely suited to guide you through where you are in your most intimate relationships. That logic, such as it is, was shattered a long time ago, though you may still be maintaining some loyalty to it. In truth you’re at an absolutely unique crossroads in your life, and you may feel you have to make a huge decision right now. I don’t think that is true. Where there is a commitment, it has already been made. Where one is lacking, that much will be obvious.

Weekly horoscope for Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 #971 | By Eric Francis

You are being called to address certain details of your erotic or romantic life in a new way, with greater focus and determination. But do you have all the information you need to be working with? Various factors suggest that many details will be emerging over the next few days. You don’t need to go digging, though you do need to pay attention for subtle changes in the story, shifts in where the people involved are coming from, and secrets that have yet to be revealed, including what you may be withholding from others. You are in a situation where honesty is the best policy for all concerned, though you only have control over yourself. You have influence over others, though, and one way you can exert that influence is not to settle for partial information. This is a moment of reckoning, when it’s time to get to the roots of the situation. Remember, there is no such thing as a half-truth.

The Oracle Horoscope, standing in for Weekly Horoscope #970, Oct. 11, 2013

Not everyone has to agree with you. Not even you have to agree with yourself all the time, but, sooner or later, you eventually work it out. What you may soon discover is just how prophetic you’ve been at predicting your own life, despite the mental and emotional challenges you’ve been through lately. On one level it may seem like you’ve been getting accurate images of your future. Looked at another way, you’ve been taking your visions and, by some mysterious process you may not understand, you’ve been making those images real. There’s a word for it: imagination.

Weekly horoscope for Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 #969 | By Eric Francis

On the outside you appear to be in a “get serious” moment, yet what you’re doing internally is trying to resolve a paradox. Taking things earnestly will help resolve the part about exterior boundaries and mutually agreed-upon rules of conduct. To work out the inner level will call for some subtlety of self-observation. You’re likely to see various unconscious patterns show up in your relationships — even things you thought you addressed years ago. The fact that they are showing up now does not mean that you’re back where you started. It means you get a new opportunity to look at them and make a decision about what they mean and whether you want to let them go. The theme once again is who has adult power in your life — and whether you’ve taken this authority in a meaningful way. As you do all of this, Friday’s New Moon in Libra is a reminder to keep things on the practical level. Look for real things you can do that are designed to get a noticeable, useful result.

Monthly Horoscope for October 2013 #968 | By Eric Francis

You could set free an enormous amount of passion, of creativity, of karma — perhaps all three. This is less likely to happen following a conscious plan on your part, but is more likely to follow the path of one thing leads to another. Taurus is often described as a reserved sign, and on the surface it may seem to be that way. Yet right below your exterior is an ocean of energy; you know it and so does everyone around you. In some ways it’s amazing that you manage to keep yourself contained — though for the next few weeks, I don’t suggest you try too hard. Rather, do what you can to sense where you’re experiencing a buildup of energy. Vital force is vital force, though it takes a number of forms, and can be directed many different ways. You might think you’re experiencing anger when you’re really feeling the drive to connect. You might think you’re experiencing fear when you’re experiencing desire. If you can pay attention to the content of your feelings below the form they seem to be taking, it’ll be easier for you to use your energy productively and avoid a mishap — such as directing your emotions in a direction that might not be appropriate. You still have the power of choice, and with it the ability to access wisdom — which will become stronger the more you use it.

Inner Space Horoscope for October 2013 #967 | By Eric Francis

Life is an ongoing conversation, and it always seems to morph into something new. For the next couple of months, however, you may not be able to agree with anyone about too much, particularly about how they feel. Yet in one key situation it’s necessary to have a minimal mutual understanding. Take those words one at a time: minimal, mutual and understanding. To you that might feel like you have to submit to someone else’s will, which you seem to both crave and resist the most. I suggest skipping that procedure and instead understand why it’s necessary to have basic ground rules, and that once those are established you follow them to the letter. Let that be like the bannister that guides you through the dark. Let that agreement be the place where you are certain you’re not compromising your own values, but rather giving and receiving something of value.

Pisces Full Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

Recently, you may have felt like you had less control than usual over who was in your network. In fact just the opposite is true — you can’t control people’s actions and their choices, but you do get to decide with whom you invest your time. At the moment, you are being called to take steps to invest your energy in those groups and individuals who nourish you emotionally. Remember, you can’t force people to do what you want, but you can lay out the rules of engagement. You are working with quite a few options regarding who you allow into your network. As you meet new people, begin this selection process by checking in with your values, then seeing if the other person’s values and priorities match yours.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 #966 | By Eric Francis

Pause and reconsider your point of view. There’s an urgent need for a mature approach to a relationship question, and that approach involves getting clear about how not to make everyone or anyone into your parent figure. Our society is rife with parent-child dynamics, from how we interact with cops and politicians, to how we relate with intimate partners, colleagues and bosses. It’s up to each individual person to grow up and be an adult. Often the excuse for not doing so is not wanting to lose one’s child-like nature. Yet that nature is vulnerable without an adult to protect it, and that adult must be you, not someone else — despite what is currently a tremendous temptation to project that responsibility onto another person. This may be for the sake of companionship, or of seeking approval, or because you need protection. Yet is any of that true? I suggest you ask yourself whether how you’re handling things is more or less likely to offer you the sense of belonging and safety that you need.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 #965 | By Eric Francis

Be conscious of a tendency to divide your personality to deal with feelings that are too intense to be comfortable. This is sometimes described as compartmentalization; sometimes it’s known as denial. The polar opposite tendency might be some form of confrontation, whether with yourself or someone else. Between these two extremes is plenty of room to maneuver. What will make it easier to do so is the idea that you can compromise on anything except how you feel. You can adapt your life patterns, your actions and to some extent, what you say. Yet how you feel is how you feel. That alone may be the issue, and if it is, if your emotional response or reaction to anyone or anything is what you’re grappling with, then start there. If you are direct with yourself about your anger, passion, rage or restlessness, you will be less likely to project the cause onto someone else and more likely to use your ability to choose.

Virgo New Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, Sep. 3, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

As a Taurus Moon, your creativity has a strong service component. By service, I mean that which you create genuinely benefits others. This incorporates both what you need and what others need. In your projects, there must be some positive influence reaching beyond you and affecting other people for you to feel a deep sense of passion and meaning in what you do. This week’s New Moon is highlighting this service angle, providing a new opportunity to help others in a way that may not have seemed possible before. I suggest approaching this new possibility as a blank slate — leaving behind past ideas and situations that did not work. Focus instead on creating what the situation and people call for rather than any preconceived idea of what that might be.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscopes for September 2013, #964 | By Eric Francis

A relationship seems to go through a series of tests, and many of them may be centered on what a close partner or someone who’s an erotic interest is going through. Yet these are not tests — they are the experiences of life that are normal for the territory that we’re in. One of the central questions for you is how you handle your own insecurities. There may be a seeming conflict between your boldness and another person’s hesitancy, or between your desire to be spontaneous and your need for stability in the relationship. I think that the key to your situation is recognizing the impact that your feelings have on others, even when you don’t say anything. Your emotions move you and the world around you. They are especially likely to have that influence now. So pay attention and participate consciously.

Monthly Horoscopes for September 2013, #963 | By Eric Francis

You’ve been through a lot recently — and I am sure you’d be grateful if things would cool off. Take any opportunity to slow down, remove commitments from your schedule and give yourself a chance to focus inwardly. Consider each of the past five or so episodes in your life and notice how many would have benefitted from extra introspection beforehand. Events in the early part of the month will repeat that reminder, serving as encouragement to understand yourself before you engage too deeply with others. This is the best way to keep your center and also to prevent yourself from getting into situations that are so deep you cannot see a way out or a way through. At the same time, you’re being invited to go deeper with others, or with someone in particular, and it may seem like you have to make a decisive move before too long. I would remind you of a fact often overlooked in our romance-obsessed world: your first relationship is to yourself. That statement may be the ultimate blasphemy against the prevailing relationship mythology, though it’s based on the notion that you cannot relate to anyone unless you have a self to do that relating with. Once you do that habitually, it will be clearer what to do with others.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, #962 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be leaning on a mountain, hoping it will move. You are the one who needs to move or allow yourself to be moved, though it may seem as if everything will come unraveled if you do. Actually, this is an excellent time for you to address certain emotional subject matter you’ve avoided or forgotten about. The current conditions of the sky make this an ideal time to take some bold initiative on your healing process, particularly involving two vital subject areas: one is relationships. You seem ready to confront some dark idea you have in the approximate area of ‘need’ — being needy, others being needy, or so on (that one word being one of the worst contemporary insults). Second is work. It’s time for you to confront one particular fear associated with your talent in any form, and demonstrate that the fear or insecurity you experience points directly to a source of energy that you must take over and make your own.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Aug. 9, 2013, #961| By Eric Francis

You seem to be coming apart and putting yourself back together on a daily basis. I would offer a hint that there is one piece to the puzzle that you’re missing, and you might want to focus on finding that before you do another disassemble/reassemble. Or said another way, stop and consider what the missing piece might be. I can offer you a couple of clues. It seems to involve a love affair, described by your ruling planet Venus transiting your solar 5th house. That in turn describes a situation where you long for a sense of purity and may be taking out your frustrations on yourself in the form of perfectionism. You may have the sense of being on your own; where there was so recently a sense of contact and movement, there may be the sensation of nothing left to reach for. I am sure you’ll be glad to hear that this is a temporary experience. You’re working out the results of a stage of growth, and within a week or so, a whole new field of reality opens up. Till then, take it easy on yourself.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for August 2013 | By Eric Francis

When a house is designed with the kitchen at the center, it has a point of focus and feels more like home. This is an old tradition from when the hearth had to be at the center of a structure. The hearth provided warmth, energy for cooking, a gathering point and was a kind of utilitarian spiritual center of the home (a lot more interesting than most stoves). There is some experience that may benefit from using this as a metaphor. Something, someone or some experience needs to be kept at the center of your life, and everything else organized around it. This is likely to involve your physical home, who is welcome there and whether they feel comfortable — beginning with you. The message of the stars this month is to fully occupy your space and keep your home fires burning bright.

Monthly Horoscope for August 2013 | By Eric Francis

You’ll have more fun when you can take a risk without obsessing over everything from trivial concerns to your worst fears. This may come in the form of thinking through every single possible contingency, which is good for some things in life and not so helpful for others. It’s good for things like marketing campaigns and investigative reporting. Love, friendship, art and music require far less cerebral strategizing. The problem is that once your particular mind gets hold of something, it doesn’t like to let go — and this is especially true when there is some chance to be taken, or even some relatively minor unpredictable factor. You could tidy up this situation by considering the theme of emotional boundaries. Whatever the source of your anxiety or concern, you’ll feel better and be stronger if you define some space and time wherein you’re free to be yourself. That’s the space where anything can happen, and it’s okay — you can go with the flow of your creativity. Then I suggest you do the same thing with selected friends. Choose the people around whom you can ‘risk’ being yourself, which means fully present with your ideas, your passion, your creativity and your sexuality. You may not find many people you can experiment with, though you’ll find a few, the most significant one being yourself. With dropping inhibitions, practice goes a long way.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 19, 2013, #959 | By Eric Francis

Always remember: It’s not really lovemaking if you fold your clothes first. As a Taurus, you have your own ways of taking risks. One involves thinking through every detail of your plan until there is absolutely no chance for spontaneity. Another involves not thinking at all. There are many spaces to explore that are far less frustrating and more fulfilling than these two polarities. At this point, it’s enough to know that you want to do something, and to be aware that there’s a risk involved in everything — especially matters of the heart. Make peace with the risk factor as a conscious choice. Then it’ll be easier to make contact with the creative factor: your ability to think on your feet in any situation. Trust that and you’ll worry less and have considerably more fun.

Aquarius Full Moon Moonshine Horoscopes, Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You are working through a career choice that may seem to be at odds with a close relationship. I suggest holding off on making any quick decisions, instead proceeding with patience as you work the fine edge of a creative solution. You are taking the long view that this is more a matter of finding an innovative solution rather than seeing your options as mutually exclusive. A partner may be applying pressure for you to speed up resolution on the current situation, though this stems more from a need to understand the changing dynamics. Open communication will go a long way in bringing everyone along as you work and rework the career opportunity and the point where it meets or influences your relationships. The time and energy you invest in these conversations will bring a greater sense of intimacy.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 12, 2013, #958 | By Eric Francis

One interesting thing about jealousy is that it’s laid on us like a law. Through social conditioning, fear and lack of understanding, it can seem like a gag reflex that’s not subject to any conscious control. You know that’s not true, despite what some people around you may be telling you. It remains your choice to give jealousy its own meaning, which is another way of saying deciding for yourself what power it will have over you. To do that, it would help to understand the nature of jealousy. There is one theory that it’s a veiled confrontation with death, through the potential loss of a relationship. I have another theory: beneath the veil of jealousy is the hottest passion that we’re capable of experiencing — not a flirtation with surrender but a direct encounter with it. You might find it strange at first that the thing you feared the most becomes a way to what you crave the most. In a word, that is healing.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 5, 2013, #957 | By Eric Francis

There are two new influences working in your chart, and both relate to what is sometimes called sexual healing. In reality sexual healing is related to every other form of healing, though it’s a special focus. And it’s made all the more special for the denial that surrounds it. Both of these planets (a slow-mover that I refer to as Radha, and a beautiful asteroid called Vesta) call on you to be a vessel of service. In assisting others, you must be self-aware, present for the other, and allow the healing energy to move through you. The key ideas are awareness and allowing — rather than something like doing, deciding, acting, fixing, etc. This can take discipline, because kind people are usually intent on helping by way of solving something. In all matters external or internal, I suggest being observant and as present as possible. Your presence alone is reassuring. Your holding open safe space is reassuring. The power that heals is not you, though it can most certainly come through you.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 5, 2013, #957 | By Eric Francis

There comes a time when life decisions must be based on something other than taking the safest path or the thing that seems to offer the most security. You might, in the alternate, make your choices based on what offers you the potential for deep healing, for resolving the past and for making emotional contact. This usually does not work out to be the thing that seems to solve all your problems; indeed, you might benefit most from exploring what makes you conscious of them. What I suggest you do is study both the past and your relationship to it. Our culture offers woefully few ways to be honest about personal history, even with oneself. We love to put a happy face on our feelings and call that moving on. Yet your history is speaking to you, it wants your attention and it has something precious to offer you. Take your time and listen to yourself.

Cancer New Moon for Tuesday, July 2, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You are trying to communicate an idea that may seem a little too far out of reach to fully articulate it. Think of it as similar to the sensation you get when something is ‘on the tip of your tongue’. The idea is there, but just out of your grasp. What you are working to express verbally is something that you know innately, but may not be clear for a few close partners. I suggest you proceed with patience; over the next week enough pieces of information will become clear that you will have the words and concepts to convey what you’ve been wishing to convey. Think of it as reverse engineering — you are taking the pieces and working backwards to the whole concept. It may take a few conversations, but you will be able to innately convey your idea to close partners.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for July 2013, #956 | By Eric Francis

It’s time to set boundaries with your family, which really means organizing your life the way you want. I suggest you identify the center of your life: the element about which you’re the most passionate, or the place where you most dependably tend the fires. Then ask yourself how you feel when you imagine your family — be it parents, spouse, partner or children — knowing that’s the thing you care about so deeply. Do you perceive support or reticence? Do you feel better about yourself, or do questions come up? How you think that others feel about you is a good picture of how you feel about yourself. It’s more complex than you may think, though you do seem determined to get to the heart of the matter.

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | By Eric Francis

Don’t let jealousy define your goals for you. That would include your own jealousy and your fear that others will be envious or resentful if you succeed at what you want to do. The deeper matter is whether you have the courage to state clearly what you want and need, and not use anyone else’s feelings as an excuse.

Daily Horoscope for Monday, June 24, 2013 | By Eric Francis

You may have the feeling that it’s imperative that you work out your old insecurities. Yet at a certain point that’s no longer an abstract concept. It’s necessary to jump in the water with the full knowledge that you’ll get wet. It’s more fun than standing at the edge of the pool knowing how good it will feel to swim, yet wondering what to do.

Monthly Horoscope for July 2013, #955 | By Eric Francis

In much the same way that homes of many earlier eras were designed to be oriented on the hearth or the kitchen, the way to organize your life is from the center outward. To do this you’ll first need to determine what the center is. I will give you a clue: it’s the place where the heat is coming from. It’s also related to the theme, activity or mission you keep coming back to, even if you’ve made other plans. Said yet another way, it’s where you reach for the sensation of home on our wild, unpredictable World Earth. This is a powerful spot in your consciousness. There’s a chance that your commitment and passion may be veiled by layers of emotional material — denial, guilt, shame or some form of uneasiness. None of those can stop you, and it would be helpful if you make peace with that and therefore take away some or all of the power that those feelings seem to have. You have a right to devote yourself to what matters, and I suggest being vigilant toward anyone who would try to deny you that, or who has done so in the past. This may be a complicated scenario, involving the influence of one or both parents, their relationship and certain factors in the family environment. Then there is the sex connection. How do you really feel about the sex that you offer to others as a gesture of service, of your own free will? You now have a bold invitation to claim that as your birthright.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 14, 2013, #954 | By Eric Francis

Any troubles or challenges that a partner is going through will be responsive to a spiritual approach. That starts with being open to healing, and you may be the one who guides the discussion out of the dark and into that direction. Yet I suggest you notice what you can about what anyone else’s situation says about you. Some say that ‘relationships are mirrors’, though I’ve never been fond of that — it seems too accusatory. I would say that relationships can be reflective, they are the basis of a dialog, and that people can compliment one another in unusual ways. At the moment, you have resources that can be helpful to those around you. You have a perspective, both intellectual and emotional, that can improve your situation and those of close partners or associates. Whether you agree with that notion or not is one form that the ‘reflection’ aspect of the relationship will take.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 7, 2013, #953 | By Eric Francis

You’ve come through many situations where you could have given in to others’ insistence that you not trust yourself, but stood your ground. You may be in a similar situation now, where friends or associates are trying to convince you of something; it could be anything. The thing to be alert for is pressure of any kind that has the effect of negatively influencing your self-confidence. You might want to be cautious about taking praise too seriously as well. You don’t need the opinions of others, and you don’t need to judge your own performance, either. What matters is that you bring sincerity and integrity into what you’re doing, and that you be accountable for any errors you make. That means consciously engaging your learning and self-correcting process. The opinions of others matter far less than we’re led to believe, and life is not a popularity contest. Impeccability matters a lot more than popularity.

Gemini New Moon for Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

Your sense of feeling good about who you are is shifting in a new direction. A new viewpoint is helping you peel back a layer on an aspect of your self-esteem that at times may have felt too slippery to grasp. Like shedding skins, you are working through the layers to reach the core of what it means for you to have an expansive sense of self-worth. Hint: it’s independent from external situations, including how much money is in your bank account or stashed under your mattress. This process may come with the feeling of being exposed. While potentially uncomfortable, this has pushed you to re-assess something you’ve been told in the past. Ask yourself whether you should believe it anymore. Remember, your truth has a distinctly different theme from what anyone around you holds true for you. As you settle into this viewpoint, you are building a strong foundation of self-confidence.

Inner Space Horoscope for June 2013, #952 | By Eric Francis

You may think you know what you’re saying, but do others understand what’s on your mind? I ask not for their sake but your own. You need to feel understood. You also need to feel like you understand yourself, though over the next couple of months that’s likely to come in layers rather than to burst out of the ground like a gusher. I suggest you be patient with yourself, and express your uncertainty gently. If you do, what you may notice is the presence of a rare kind of confidence that has roots going deeper than any questions your mind could come up with. Therefore, if you ask a question, assume that it has an answer. If you see a problem, assume there is a solution. It may not manifest overnight, though it will help move things along if you keep adjusting your point of view. You will see different things from different perspectives.

Monthly Horoscope for June 2013, #951 | By Eric Francis

Seen one way, the focus of your life is on communicating your feelings, and slipping into a way of being where that comes more easily than you might expect. By ‘feelings’ I mean your point of view, your desires and the sensation of what it’s like to be alive. By ‘communicate’ I mean with others, though more significantly, with yourself. While I would not want to deny anyone consciousness, it often seems like we live in a world where many people have no idea what they feel, and I would say that most humans would be a lot better off if they did. You may, at first, experience the transits this month as magnification or exaggeration. If so, that’s an invitation to pay closer attention to the nuances and the cycles that seem to run your emotional experience. You still seem to have a disagreement with yourself over something, a potential grudge, judgment or inner dilemma where there may indeed be two sides of the story. If so, I suggest you get those two sides into a discussion, perhaps even a negotiation. Do your best to understand both points of view. Neither is strictly true; neither is incorrect; the two added together don’t tally up to the truth. Yet a new depth of understanding can emerge from an extended inner dialog, particularly if it’s gentle and emotionally grounded. This is as much about what is true as it is how you feel about it. Listen to your mind and your body.

Sagittarius Full Moon for Tuesday, May 21, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

As you’ve moved through this series of eclipses, your astrology has been highlighting an emphasis on your desire nature. This has been firing up a lot of passionate emotions for you. It may have felt like something intense was pushing up from within you, needing to be expressed in the physical world. This was accompanied by a sense of urgency, like you had arrived and it was time to act. What you have been working through has reconnected you with one of your deepest desires; you may have dismissed it in the past as unrealistic or not valid. You are connecting the dots between that and what it means for you to live daily from a place of inherent self-worth. As you act consciously, take note of the internal sense of strength that comes with these actions. That strength can also be thought of another way — as a more permanent sense of self-esteem.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 17, 2013 #950 | By Liam Carey

There’s no doubt that your solar year is off to a fast and meaningful start. Since your birthday, life has offered you quite a bit of action and depending on how you’ve approached it, life has been exhilarating, frustrating or maybe just plain odd. It’s not over yet by any means (it never really ends, right?) as you still have plenty of adventure ahead, and plenty of ground to cover. I suspect that this week you will start thinking about how important it is to communicate what’s most important, what you value most — not just to ‘be aware’ of it but to speak about it. Change and growth are necessary even when they go against the grain of comfort and security. In that process things that used to be highly regarded may lose priority. While you know this to be true and integral, others may not understand and may challenge you on this new ground. Trust yourself. Know yourself, and be your own authority in this matter. It will pay off in spades for your self-worth.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 10, 2013 #949 | By Eric Francis

This may be a time in your life unlike any other, and I do mean in some profound ways. I am also speaking in the longterm — you’ve just experienced the first solar eclipse in your birth sign since 1995, suggesting that you can move long-stuck energy, and bring desires to fruition that have potentially been brewing all that time. Yet to take advantage of the moment and its opportunities for growth and celebrating life, it’s necessary to go beneath the image you wish to portray to the world and offer the substance you’re made of. This can be challenging if past experiences of revealing yourself have ended badly — and who hasn’t had some of those? One thing to keep in mind is that people in your environment are making contact with some of their deepest insecurities. They may or may not be revealing that; they may be more or less aware of what’s happening. Pay special attention to sexual situations that seem to provoke the fear of intimacy, or some form of jealousy. There’s more potential for healing in those situations than you may imagine.

Taurus New Moon for Tuesday, May 7, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You are moving through a period of time where your life may seem to accelerate, almost too quickly for you to comprehend. It’s like you are moving through a series of doors, quickly going from point A to point D, at a speed so quick you may not even register doors B or C. For you, who likes to take your time before making any changes or decisions, this could be disconcerting or frustrating. I propose a question: what additional benefit does examining the intermediate steps along the way bring? Doors B and C are just means to reach your final destination. I suggest going with the flow of the quickly-moving events. Let go of expectations of where you will end up, instead flowing with where the changes take you. What is on offer is a rapid re-alignment of your core values, bringing you into contact with a deeper and richer sense of who you are and what you desire.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 3, 2013 #948 | By Eric Francis

You’re standing within one of those momentous transition points in your life, though you may not be feeling the full beauty of that now. Sometimes they’re difficult to see when you’re right in the midst of things. That said, momentous is not what it’s cracked up to be; this is also a time when the seemingly smaller or subtler decisions you make, and the things you learn about yourself, will be tools that you can use for the rest of your life. I suggest you investigate the ways in which you seek to protect yourself. What are you protecting yourself from, and who exactly was it that informed you of some potential danger? A defensive streak in your solar chart may be masking an aggressive aspect of yourself that gets veiled by your compelling exterior. Since you probably don’t want to take any aggression out on others, you may take it out on yourself. If you can see this cycle in motion, and pause it even for one moment, you can make a discovery that enhances your life profoundly. For clues, study your relationship with your father.

Inner Space Horoscopes for May 2013 | By Eric Francis

This month’s unusual solar eclipse in your birth sign marks a special point of progress in your relationship to yourself. Taurus is famous for its black-and-white vision — that is, a struggle in seeing the gray areas in focus, and also some challenges in holding two different possibilities open at the same time. That would include two potential versions of yourself, two sets of priorities and two different sets of responses to your life. This is not about having a split personality — it’s about having a dynamic personality, which can juggle your options and engage in a productive dialog with yourself. As part of that dialog, I suggest you think in terms of methods. When you think of a goal or something you want, sketch — in pencil, and in just a few steps — a potential plan to get there.

Monthly Horoscopes for May 2013 #947 | By Eric Francis

You are surrounded on all sides by potential, and by people who believe in you. Yet you may have an ominous feeling, as if something is brewing that you don’t understand and cannot discern clearly. Yet consider all that you’ve learned about yourself the past few weeks — how many things you would not necessarily have considered, and were probably not expecting. These have worked out well, and many situations are still developing. The ominous feeling is an eclipse of the Sun in your sign on May 9. This is profoundly meaningful astrology that will deliver a clear message to you. You may not be certain if it’s a sign from the distant past or something entirely new; in a way, both are true. What this eclipse signals is a kind of growth checkpoint. There are two questions that I see. One is: what do you ‘take on’ when you engage with someone in an intimate relationship? There’s something suggesting that you become like that person, at least a little, and I suggest that you decide consciously the extent you want to do this. Another image in the chart involves your father, and your tendency to want to live up to what you perceived as his expectations of you, or his image of you. It’s more likely that your highest vision of yourself would take you in another direction entirely. It will help if you notice this negotiation process with full awareness rather than having it run in the background.

Scorpio Full Moon for Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | By Genevieve Hathaway

A perceived difficulty with a close partner has more to do with material you are working through than an actual problem with the relationship. Relationships are often mirrors that provide us the perspective to look back on ourselves. You are entering a fertile moment that will let you form a deeper connection with yourself and a partner. This current partnership is providing you with a reflection of your own desires and whether you are meeting those needs. I’m not talking about wanting to eat chocolate every day or change the color of your drapes, rather those core needs and desires that support the very essence of who you are. As you work through this material I suggest being careful of projections onto partners; instead, involve the person in an open dialogue about what you are working through. Holding space open for yourself to heal and another person to walk this journey with you will help strengthen your relationship.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 19, 2013 #946 | By Eric Francis

As planets and the Sun move from Aries to Taurus, you may repeatedly have the sensation of seeing what you were missing. Venus made its move first, which will be followed by the Sun and Mars. It’s likely that there’s a theme of making discoveries about your sexuality and your sexual identity. The big surprise may be that there are variables you hadn’t considered, or overlooked. Looking deeper, there’s an inquiry about your relationship to your father and how that shaped your identity. Look for the ways that the relationship was set up for you to please him and you may notice what you left behind in the process of doing so. Those are things you can reclaim, and when you take a bold step toward doing that, you will want to take another and another. You’re poised to discover something I cannot describe, but I can see one clear effect: the sensation of being set free. Notice what got you there.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 12, 2013 #945 | By Eric Francis

Venus returns to your sign in a few days, though before it gets there, it’s completing a trip through your sensitive 12th solar house, Aries (along with many other planets in that house). This is likely to be coming with various experiences of being lost and then found again; debates over whether and to what degree you exist in the world. You certainly exist, though when there is so much pressure to change, to evolve and to become, you might have those moments of deep questioning. I suggest that you stop, look and listen — rather than question or judge. You will feel calmer and more grounded if you tune into your senses. You may even find it easier to experience the sensation of being carried over a limit or a threshold, into a new space of self-awareness. The feeling may be something akin to releasing yourself from the prison of a certain kind of self-concept, which may currently be limiting your ability to know and feel who you actually are.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 5, 2013 #944 | By Genevieve Hathaway

You are working through a question regarding desire. More specifically, what do you want and what desires bring a sense of deeper meaning for you? This may come with the feeling of an expansiveness that makes the answer hard to pinpoint, like trying to determine where a voice came from as the sound echoes through a large cavern. The discernment you are looking for is available to make some decisions regarding what you want. It involves a slight stretch in belief: that you can create in your life what it is that you want. I suggest trusting your intuition as you follow a feeling that is pointing you toward some important answers. You will make contact both with a greater sense of focus regarding what you want, and the large amount of resources at your disposal to bring what you want into your life.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2013 | By Eric Francis

You may want to put on a logical face and take a reasonable approach, though it seems to be passion that’s driving you and direct physical experience that you’re seeking. It’s as if there is a storm blowing inside of you, and the wind, thunder and rain want to escape from you any way they can. You don’t have to let this out all at once; it would be helpful if you could actually tune into what you’re feeling, and consider what some of its possible sources are. Astrologically, here is how it looks: It’s as if you’ve been living a fictional version of your identity, and the real thing is starting to rise up in rebellion against the facade. This involves the roles you’ve been given, or assigned to yourself, such as with your family and in your relationships. By one reading of the chart, there’s a lot to say about the ways in which you’ve tried to impress your father with what a good person you are. The real you has no such political motives. Your relationships don’t need to be based on any kind of a purity standard, but rather on what is mutually good for those involved. If you find yourself seeking someone’s approval, that’s the time to go to a new level of maturity. You would be wise to consider the influence and impact of your relationships on the community that surrounds you. If you’re inclined to say, “what relationships?” or “what community?” then please look more closely.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 15, 2013 #942 | By Genevieve Hathaway

Much has been shifting behind the scenes regarding your network of colleagues and important relationships. Something involving who you allow into this circle of important people was previously in your blind spot or hard to see — it is now visible to you. You are getting clear on your previous patterns of selecting your network: where those habits came from and whether that process of selection is serving you now. Your astrology at the moment indicates your network is more than just a collection of people who have been in your life for a long time. Rather, it’s a support system of your choosing. When weighing who to keep in your network, who to let go of, and who to add, I propose considering the influence each person has on how you feel about who you are. Do they support your sense of self-esteem? Ultimately, it’s not the number of people in your network that bring the greatest support; rather, it’s the quality of those relationships.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 8, 2013 #941 | By Eric Francis

It’s time to loosen up your perspective and your perception. You know all the times you were seeing the world in black and white, and then it turned out that you could see in many colors? That’s where you are at right now. Yes, the spectrum of possibilities, of personalities, of what is simply interesting rather than being a moral issue, is more than most people think they can handle. However, your own sense of potential is directly linked to what you’re able to perceive and be at peace with in the world around you. The more you embrace what is so, without any need to judge it, the more you will expand into who you are and what you’re becoming. Most notions of right vs. wrong make no sense at all, and to some extent, we’re all carrying around the residue of moralism. If you take even one step toward freedom, you’re likely to feel like an anarchist. That’s not really true; that sensation is just an indication of how wound up you were in the past, and how much you’re letting go of today.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 1, 2013 #940 | By Eric Francis

One way to let go of old or stuck patterns is to meet new people, experience them and learn from them. Think of it as a kind of creative and emotional cross-pollination. There seem to be plenty of people and scenes available right now — your social universe really is a universe, though to find it you’ll need to get out of your house. This one isn’t on the Internet; it’s the one you can meet with all of your senses. One element of the astrological pattern is the ability to experiment with who you are, to shape-shift and test out different self-portrayals. You might do that with clothing, makeup or character, but really this is about psychic posture: how it feels to be you, which is unusually flexible right now. One other thing — notice the role that people you already know have in your life, including those you’ve lost contact with and also those you’ve been in contact with all along. You can have a whole new conversation.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2013 | By Eric Francis

You have more friends than you imagine, and ‘friend’ is not a word I like to use casually. I mean that many people are available to you, they are looking out for your interests, and they like and respect you. I suggest you tune into that ocean of goodwill and give yourself permission to participate in a more direct way. You also have more dreams and desires than you may imagine, though considering them may have the effect of escorting you out of what you have previously thought of as your comfort zone. The current astrology is an invitation to come out of just that zone, and to find not a fixed point of stability. You’re being invited to move, to dance, to encounter something different every time you tune into your senses. The idea ‘psychic mobility’ comes to mind. Yet you could easily be overwhelmed by the kaleidoscopic possibilities. In the midst of them all is one particularly interesting undercurrent that is drawing you into your deepest desires. All the other stuff still exists — then there is your awareness of the one idea, experience or person that you want the most. It might manifest as an attraction, a curiosity or some kind of introspective journey that does not involve an activity or another person. Yet ultimately, your life is not about ‘the world’ or your friends or your potentials — it’s about how you experience them, and choose from among them. Now that you have options, you can set priorities and have a lot of fun.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 #938 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be in a lean moment, described more accurately by fulfilling your responsibilities than by pleasure seeking, though that’s likely to shift as the Sun ingresses Pisces Monday. The responsibility piece is still there; you’re in a kind of leadership training program now. Whether we’re talking business or pleasure, you need a social emphasis on what you’re doing — working with groups, finding social experiences that are driven by a purpose in which you can participate, and other spontaneous forms of collaboration. The thing to remember is that whatever you’re doing, you’re not doing it alone. You will have strength in the power of groups, as long as you remember who you are. You don’t need to rebel or assert yourself in any unusual way, just remember who you are (and what you want) as you take part in experiences with others. This is not always easy and for some people that remembering is persistently difficult. What you’re experiencing now is part of the learning process — that is, learning about yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 #937 | By Eric Francis

You may be wondering how you’re going to handle all this responsibility; your astrology answers that in two words: organization and cooperation. The first word implies the second — an organization is a cooperative enterprise. If you feel like you’re pushing against something immovable, it will help if you invoke the collective mind and develop new ideas. This may not be straightforward, and you will need to be in a coordinating role. What you need to be doing is keeping track of all of the ideas and variables surrounding a particular seemingly intractable situation, and see the whole picture in composite rather than fixating on any small piece of it. From there, it will become clear that certain ideas are more useful than others. Make sure you evaluate the impact of every option. The law of unintended consequences is in full force and effect. Therefore, you need to think in multiple dimensions and anticipate the problems that any potential solution might create — and change course sooner rather than later.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for February 2013 | By Eric Francis

In all decisions, make sure you spread out the accountability for your actions. Get the advice of others, which implies telling them what you’re figuring out. Build consensus if you can. You are in a position of leadership and this is calling for an open leadership style. It is possible for you to just take over, initiate changes and set things in your own direction. However, even the seemingly small decisions you make will have greater implications than you realize, extending into the future. This is why you need the insight, and the foresight, of others. Pay particular attention to how they feel as well as what they think. Sometimes people will say something is a good idea but say it in a way that insinuates that it’s not. Therefore, listen carefully and follow up.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 #936 | By Eric Francis

Your professional life continues to be the focus. If you’re experiencing some form of success, this is just a hint of what is possible. But you might consider how you got here: by taking chances, by challenging your own boundaries, by deciding to have the confidence to bring up supposedly taboo subject matter, and by embracing what you think of as your opposite. There’s a finesse to all of this, and for you that has a lot to do with logic. It’s also associated with being able to express yourself. If you’re articulate and you have some respect for the reasoning process, you can cover a lot of ground in territory that seemed impassable just the day before. There’s something else here as well, which is your willingness to face your challenges directly. That willingness builds confidence in you and it’s evidence of your confidence to others. What you may be discovering is that you are more cut out for leadership than you ever thought, and much of that involves being something of a pioneer on the level of ideas.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2013 | By Eric Francis

Your charts indicate some unusual progress in your career, though if you’re part of an organization, remember that you’re not in this alone. I suggest that your real success is about being a positive, professional influence on the people around you as well as on the creative flow. There’s something about understanding the nature of how choices and actions turn to consequences, and the ways that process can be intervened in early on to create better outcomes. That’s another way of saying be proactive and what, to you, may feel like vigilant. If you’re working with others in their leadership capacity, remember that you have extra influence because of that contact; use it judiciously. The theme of this moment is that it’s not all about you, and in connecting with that, you may discover a realm of personal satisfaction that you’ve never felt before. Many people fear that they will have to ‘give themselves up’ to be part of something larger than they are, though if that’s true, then there is some other problem. Your current astrology is about discovering, encountering and fully engaging who you are, within a context. If you use your sense of perspective and maturity to see that context, you may notice that you have the sensation of being a visitor, not just to this particular situation but to the world itself. The nice thing about being a visitor is that you can exchange a sense of ownership for a sense of stewardship. I think you will like it.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 #934 | By Eric Francis

You have been through some kind of ‘test of faith’, which has changed you in some way. It may have changed your point of view on a relationship or on relationships in general. The thing about faith is, we don’t usually know we have it until it’s tested in some way. There’s another way to look at it, which is as an experience designed to bring you into the present moment. You have your share of old, quaint ideas that don’t work for you. And that not working is no longer working. You need, and you are searching for, something new. I suggest you begin your search with an understanding of the purpose you want to serve. Discovering your purpose will suggest specific goals, philosophies and an approach to life. Much of this will involve the purpose of your relationships, which are an extension of the purpose of your life. So, the most basic question is: are these two things in harmony?

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 11, 2013 #933 | By Eric Francis

What we think of as marriage is a religious concept. Then by some miracle it ended up a civil instrument, influencing taxes and under the jurisdiction of the state courts. I am aware that there are ways of thinking of partnership and even marriage unrelated to any of these venerated institutions. I would ask what role any have in the exchange of human emotions or organizing a household. You’re in a phase of questioning many other values that have percolated through to you via religion, though you may never have recognized them as such. It is time. They all have one thing in common: controlling behavior and concentrating wealth in the hands of the church, in both cases using guilt as the lever. The matter can be reduced to one short inquiry: what would you do in a world where guilt held no value? Would you need in some way to be reined in? Or would you conduct yourself ethically anyway, and still have a good time?

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for January 2013 | By Eric Francis

There is no suppressing passion, though many have tried to harness its energy for purposes other than enjoyment and creativity. Have you noticed that there’s not one religion that suggests that the love of humans for one another is more important than God? Given that the existence of other humans is a proven part of daily life, we have reason to question this kind of philosophical dictate — but only if we notice it. Speaking of the relationship between love, passion and religion, you seem to be ready to ignite the karma of very old patterns that have held you down for so long. You’ve certainly done plenty of questioning what you’ve been told, though now you’re in a position to directly challenge these instructions and patterns with your actual feelings, your body and your soul. Forget the theory; go into the experience directly.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2013 | By Eric Francis

Over the coming seasons, I suggest you go light on ambition and put your energy into the quality of the work that you do. You may feel a temptation to climb, compete or socially orchestrate your way to the top. It would be better to keep your focus on the integrity of what you’re doing, as well as an actual emphasis on ethics, even if you have to overdo that a little. You don’t need ambition because you’re already visible; you have a viable role. Your current astrology describes a question of what you’re known for, and you have a lot of influence over that, though this process works from the inside out. This is why I’m suggesting you keep your emphasis behind the scenes, with a focus on content and conduct, rather than appearances. It’s your direct impression on your closest collaboration partners that matters. Whatever ability you have to exert leadership or bring a message to an audience will be better effected by setting an example for others. It may seem that they have undue control over you at the moment, but the truth is, you are depending on their guidance, and they are intimately involved with your learning process. That’s a journey that never ends, and anyone who decides they don’t have any more to learn would be someone wise to avoid — but if you ever catch yourself thinking that, I suggest you pause and reflect. Your ability to learn is now intimately linked with your success and your contentment with that success.

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