Taking Their Time — Jupiter and Saturn

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Len Wallick considers the progress of Jupiter and Saturn in the context of our present moment and one of its inflammatory signifiers: the grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Missouri. “Each in our own way we are determining more than just our individual fates — we are determining the fate of our kind.”

Jupiter and Saturn are taking their time, each in their own way. So, it may seem, is humanity taking its time to decide what we will be. It’s a process in which every one of us is involved, like it or not. Each in our own way we are determining more than just our individual fates — we are determining the fate of our kind.


It’s not a simple thing to be living now. Nonetheless, it is a great privilege, and a great responsibility you have accrued simply by being alive.

From the cold streets of Ferguson, Missouri, to hot, parched desert battlefields there is both a great raising and a great lowering going on. For as many as are rising above their fear all over the world, there are also many lowered by fear. The net result is taking its time — but like Jupiter and Saturn, not taking forever.

Closer to the Sun than Jupiter and Saturn are the personal planets — Mercury, Venus and Mars — making their appointed rounds swiftly to mark our years. Farther from the Sun, from Uranus outward, are planets of history, distinguishing centuries and even millennial cycles by their own circulations.

In between are Jupiter and Saturn, the inter-personal planets by which decades are determined and generations are judged.

Right now, Jupiter and Saturn are taking their time coming to some astrologically implicit conclusions, giving each and all of us some extra time in the bargain. And a bargain it is, the nature of which each and all of us will determine in the months to come.

In four short months, Jupiter has traversed more than two-thirds of the way through tropical Leo. In recent weeks, however, Jupiter’s progress has slowed practically to a stop as a prelude to a five-month-long retrograde (beginning on Dec. 8), which will enforce a review of nearly half of Jupiter’s advancement so far.

Saturn, for its part, is about to conclude more than two years of slogging through the waters of Scorpio to refresh its spirit in the fires of Sagittarius on Dec. 23. Nevertheless, it is in Scorpio for nearly seven more weeks, and a retrograde next year will compel Saturn’s return — allowing Scorpio to collect what it is justly owed before Saturn is finally free.

So it is that in the immediate future of the inter-personal planets time will be taken, and given. The question is what you will do with the time being given to you.

Will you apply the awareness astrology offers to raise your own and that of others? Or will you lower yourself to indifference as if that will change anything?

The late, great astrologer Rachelle (“Rockie”) Gardiner often preached that, “patience is the key to heaven.” By that pithy observation she did not invoke a mythic key to pearl-encrusted gates.

Rather, she meant that none of us can make the planets, nor their apparently synchronized earthy cycles move any faster. She implied that each and all of us are best served by taking the time given by the heavens gratefully and using it wisely to access what of heaven Earth does indeed offer.

So how will you take your time during the season to come? That’s your question to answer, along with the rest of us, every one, as the heavens patiently watch.

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Len Wallick

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8 thoughts on “Taking Their Time — Jupiter and Saturn

  1. Bette

    Ah, yes. To use our time wisely, which carries a greater urgency these days, it seems. Sometimes it’s a challenging balancing act to apply patience, as you counsel here, amidst the feeling of accelerating time & change. Some things seem to change at breakneck speed, while others go oh, so slowly, & discerning which we can affect (or should try to affect) & which are best left – well, I guess that’s part of the balancing act.

    With present & imminent transits into my 6th, yes, I continue to ponder that long obscure (to me) house. Rudhyar has been helpful, & I certainly get that my lifelong pattern of insisting on mastering skills/tasks undertaken – no half measures – is appropriate to my 6th house sun/Mercury/South node. But I need to do more reading on the 6th, & that’s a project for the long evenings of this season.

    How will I “take your time”? Not by languishing in indifference, which I consider deadly.

    Thank-you, Len. As you say, “the heavens patiently watch.”

  2. Laura

    Without patience, intimacy with what is cannot gain traction. No running away will yield embodied presence. For me now, showing up, steeping in the stew of “is”ness, I meet the an apparent seam of separation between what might be called internal and external. There is strong longing for union, but it cannot be forced if to be received organically, authentically. So I keep showing up for this life and wait with trust and a good deal of prayer.

  3. Barbara Koehler

    Thank you Len for noting the societal fluctuations symbolized by Saturn and Jupiter. Their cycle with it’s ups and downs are reflected in their separate and mutual aspects during each of their 20 year cycles, with the imprint of each cycle’s challenge seen in the chart for their conjunctions with one another. The chart for the present cycle we are in had Uranus in Aquarius square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus. It also had Chiron at 14+ Sagittarius conjunct the distant and perplexing Great Attractor opposite Mars at 17+ Gemini.

    The Chiron of this Saturn-Jupiter cycle’s chart was also quincunx the U.S. Sibly Sun in Cancer and sextile the U.S. Sibly Saturn in Libra. Since Saturn rules authority, including all the police departments in U.S. towns and cities, and since transiting Chiron just stationed direct in a trine with the U.S. Sun and a quincunx to the U.S. Saturn we might follow these connections in hope of some Jupiterian understanding. Follow me. . .

    I read an article about police training (Joe Klein, Time, Nov. 14, 2014) and learned that there was a school started after the Detroit riots in 1967 called the Police Corps and a man named Lew Hicks was one of the trainers. Hicks spent 2 decades studying the do’s and do-not’s of being a police person and Klein tells us this study was then incorporated into the police training so that “there was required reading about urban poverty, police work and leadership. Recruits were required to mentor troubled boys and girls. And Hicks taught them how to BE: how to use their hands, how to present themselves, how to protect themselves.”

    It appears that transiting Chiron comes to us now in his role of teacher and trainer of “sacred warriors”. It is part of a universal directive (Great Attractor draws attention to itself via it’s conjunction with Chiron in the Jupiter-Saturn chart) for the whole world as was symbolized when Chiron opposed Mars for this cycle of Jupiter-Saturn. For the U.S. this message specifically points to the government through it’s aspects to the U.S. Saturn and Sun, and now, although transiting Chiron reverses those aspects (instead of a sextile to U.S. Saturn, transiting Chiron is now quincunx U.S. Saturn, and instead of a quincunx to U.S. Sun transiting Chiron is now trine U.S. Sun), the timing is clear and quite obvious. Our police need to learn to be sacred warriors.

    The Police Corps program didn’t last, although it “produced more than 1,000 of the best-trained police officers in the country, and many are still on the job.” Klein says the money dried up for the school because “conservatives liked the idea but preferred that the money not be spent at all.” On the other hand “Liberals preferred that the money be spent on anti-poverty programs.” Although it produced “superfit” graduates, and “the mental conditioning was rigorous as well”, neither the government nor the public was prepared to fund this program. Transiting Chiron in a quincunx, meaning a necessary adjustment, to U.S. Saturn puts a bit of arm-twisting on U.S. law makers (as a whole) to supplement it’s trine to the U.S. Sun (consciousness of the country).

    As far as timing, transiting Uranus (who was square Jupiter-Saturn when they made their conjunction) will be conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron this coming July and will even station retrograde in that same degree. Being one of several things hitting the fan during that same time, if it’s painful enough (one of Chiron’s methods) police training might become a priority in the U.S. As you and Rockie say Len, “patience is the key to heaven”.

  4. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Bette: Thank you so very much for bringing your discerning sensibility in application to the implied correlations with transiting Jupiter and Saturn. Perceiving the “balancing act” is a useful way of looking at it., and the approach you share is undoubtedly efficacious. Please keep us posted as regards to your further explorations of Rudhyar’s 6th house explications.

    Laura: So very well (even poetically) put, thank you. You cover so many of the requisite fundamentals so well. Showing up – that’s a big one. Getting involved as a prelude to “gain traction” – even bigger. The finally, your call to dispense with compartmentalization and be whole – so pervasively powerful. We all owe you big time for your comments today.

    Barbara: Thank you once again for taking us deeper and simultaneously demonstrating wider connections and broader implications as big as Jupiter and Saturn in fact are. In particular the cycle of aspects between Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions is important to keep in mind right now. Finally (as you consistently do to our thanks) by making the connection to real-world events (in this case, a program for police training) to convincingly demonstrate just how (and how deeply) astrology does in fact matter. We are so thankful for you as one of our greatest blessings here!

  5. aWord

    Your lyrical self, Len — so grateful for your reminders of the movements in the sky. Even if those are sometimes slow and seem backward to us–patience is indeed a good key. Thank you.

  6. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    aWord: Giving thanks for you in turn, and for all other Planet Waves readers kind enough to accept and note what is offered here in service to all of you.

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Today, the day before Thanksgiving, transiting Venus conjuncts the U.S. Sibly chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius. By next Thursday, the transiting Sun and then transiting Mercury will follow suit. As they do so, they trine transiting Uranus at 12+ Aries and semi-sextile Pluto at 12+ Capricorn. This happens somewhere in everyone’s chart of course, but in the U.S., people should find a release from the extraordinary tension brought about by hostile reactions to the Ferguson decision on Monday night. Just in time for a peaceful family get together. Blessings to all.

  8. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Food for thought is among the best of Thanksgiving treats. Please accept my thanks for the generous helping of stimulating astrological correlations you brought to our Planet Waves feast today. Also, may you and everybody reading these words have a Thanksgiving Day tomorrow which is worthy of its name.

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