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The Day of Perseverance: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Sept. 17
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Something fundamental would seem to be shifting within you, relating to the way you think about yourself, and about what is possible. You may be opening up to potential within you, of which you were unaware before. If pursuing this takes you outside your comfort zone, that could well be helpful. Dare to trust yourself; and if you have an aspiration you want to follow, especially one that feels unlikely, you might begin with the assumption that you can achieve it.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

The Moon moving through early Taurus today brings it into contact with Uranus — The Great Awakener. Something new or unexpected could emerge into your awareness today; for example, something that calls for a change to a routine. Your physical body, emotional body, and sense of what you value are all prime areas of focus for this, with the insight coming through subtle channels.

Yet, it’s hard to be receptive to new ideas and feelings if you hold a great deal of fear. The fear might not itself be related specifically to certain thoughts or emotions, but could be more generalized — such as fear about ‘change’ or ‘safety and security’ or about the state of the world. Many people harbor fears about sex in general and their own sexuality specifically — which can make it that much harder to allow and accept even the types of sexual energy you actually say you want. If you tend to fear change of all kinds, it’s going to be challenging to accept new insights about yourself — regardless whether those insights come through your own introspection, or through some kind of confrontation/mirroring with another person.

Thankfully, many ways to examine fear, specific or generalized, exist; usually this kind of process is great for work with a therapist or someone in a similar role who can hold a safe space for your exploration and reflections. Tools such as Byron Katie’s “Four Questions” can be useful for solo work or in dialogue with someone to examine thoughts and beliefs.

Today, perhaps just notice if anything provokes you, intrigues you, or seems to arrive in answer to a question you’ve had about yourself. Then trace whether any particular emotions come flooding in around it, clouding your ability to sit with it. Venus in Libra opposes Salacia and Chiron in Aries today. Stay alert for inconvenient teachers — either in the form of someone else, or your own responses. It would seem that something is being brought into focus for you this week.
— by Amanda Painter

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