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Leo 2015

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 17, 2015, #1080 | By Len Wallick

Unless your situation is a matter of having to fight for survival, it’s probably not a good idea to choose conflict for the time being. Rather, select from three other possible responses whenever you feel an urge to respond with aggression. The first option is cooperation. As the saying goes, if you can’t (or shouldn’t try to) beat them, join them. By working to create with those you might otherwise oppose, it’s very possible to achieve gratification while also contributing to influence the nature of what is created. Where cooperation is not possible or appropriate, consider negotiation. Give a little in order to get a little. In the process, gradually establish and learn to maintain relationships so that negotiation can be either continuous or resumed at any given time. Finally, where cooperation and negotiation are not available, try practicing tolerance and give time a chance.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 10, 2015, #1079 | By Len Wallick

Sometimes you don’t know when you have gone a bridge too far until somebody pushes back. While you are fully justified and even entitled to have strong and significant feelings at this time, it would be in your best interest to express your emotions with care and consideration. This does not mean you have to repress or inhibit yourself. It does mean picking both your spots and your words so that others will welcome what your heart wants to share. Thus, when you are feeling enthusiastic, shine a light of gratitude rather than blasting the heat of your zeal. That way, others are more likely to see themselves in your picture. On the other hand, if your emotions are more on the somber side, show your generous and gentle nature so as to receive the same in return. Be easy to take and you will be better received.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 3, 2015, #1078 | By Len Wallick

There are some who are fond of saying that “it’s later than you think.” Let them think that way. You don’t have to. If anything, your case is that’s it’s earlier than you think. Even if you are in the midst of a long haul of some sort, permit yourself to be refreshed by the distinct possibility that today really is the first day of the rest of your life. Allow yourself to at least imagine that you are only at the beginning of a great adventure, and consider what that would mean if it were true: that you have time on your side, perhaps in a way you never thought possible. It would also mean you have space to maneuver or even change direction altogether. Chances are if you give yourself the gift of positioning yourself at a starting line of some sort, it will allow you to make better decisions than if you see yourself approaching an end.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — December 2015, #1077 | By Eric Francis

Do your ears hear those who need your help? I suggest you monitor carefully how you respond to the struggles and plight of others. Most people base their response on what would be convenient for them. I suggest you base yours on what you perceive as authentic necessity. This will remind you about your quest for purpose. It’s easy to be self-serving, and just about every influence of our society rewards us for being so. It’s less intuitive, less obvious, to offer oneself in service. Yet that is where you will find your true strength. You connect to your purpose and your sense of belonging by consciously participating in constructive ways. You might try setting aside the question, ‘what’s in it for me?’ or at least noticing how long before you ask yourself that question. It’s been a long time since Ayn Rand tried to brainwash us into the notion that there’s no such thing as altruism, that in the end, everything is about self-interest. Yet she has had way too much influence on our society. The question of whether altruism exists is, in the end, a deeply personal one. In any event, your current aspects describe your relationship to selfless service — or perhaps we could restate that as useful service where self-interest is just one factor among others, and not the most important of them.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, #1076 | By Len Wallick

Question clarity. You have reason to. When you stop to think about it (and are willing to admit it), at least some of the conclusions you have jumped to and some of the assumptions you have made lately have been off the mark. All of which indicates a need to get hard information either to verify or revise your version of anything that is outside the boundaries of your personal experience. This is especially true regarding maters of the past. Doing so will probably entail taking chances, and not in the form of guessing, either. Rather, the time has come to take the risk of being pointedly inquisitive. It’s time for specific questions you have thus far avoided asking, either because you did not want to be offensive, or were afraid to hear the answers. It may seem strange, but simply facing those fears and getting to the bottom of things could very well serve to make the present more pleasant, more fun and more illuminating for you and everybody you have a history with.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, #1075 | By Len Wallick

Do you remember the first time your parents allowed you leave home without requiring details of where you would be and what you would be doing every minute until you were expected back? Do you recall what you did with that freedom? In all probability you did some experimenting. In the process you almost certainly defined yourself in ways that you would not have been able to under direct parental supervision. Now, in all probability, you are being presented with some opportunities to define yourself anew. Just as in your youth, these opportunities will probably come with a chance to leave your customary surroundings and try some new things. Even so, it will not be the same. You are a different person now. Taking risks is not the same as when you felt invulnerable. Therefore, make your experiments appropriate for your age. Rather than risk losing anything, risk gaining something. Specifically, risk gaining knowledge about just what in fact it is that does make you a different person now.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015, #1074 | By Len Wallick

Fun need not be frivolity. It’s possible to apply yourself while also having the time of your life. Many are resigned to work and fun being separate things, but there is no need for you to go down that path unconsciously. Better to know that you have a choice, and take it with awareness even if you ultimately elect a road more often taken. As a matter of fact you now appear to be approaching a crossing where you can safely turn off onto a different road if you want. It’s probably not a lighted intersection, however, so it would help if you know the signs. This is not so much about right livelihood (as good an idea as that is). Rather, you may want to think about what distinguishes righteous from merely right. Most of all, you will want to be in touch with what makes and keeps you feeling lively.

Marie Claire Horoscope for November 2015, #1073 | By Eric Francis

The planets are urging you to go deep, and to understand what motivates you — particularly, to feel the way that you do. Don’t take how you respond to people and situations for granted. There are many connections you will make, if you care to look. This will grant you clarity that often seems impossible to come by.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2015, #1072 | By Eric Francis

You must remember what you’ve learned and are still learning about how to handle your finances. First of all, I reckon you’ve gotten the message that the details matter. Second, it looks like you’ve figured out that the bigger scenario matters — and that these two things must align into a unified whole. However, there is deeper information in terms of understanding what your assets really are. Whenever you make or earn money, you are converting something into it. That might be your time, it might be your ideas, it might be your labor. Probably it’s a mix of all three. In terms of really understanding your assets, I suggest you consider what blend you’re currently using, and how you would like to change that in some way. Less time and labor requires having better ideas. Not caring so much about ideas means more effort over more time. The thing to remember is that you actually do have personal assets, a fact which may be asserting itself many ways at the moment. It would be wise of you to keep track of what you know about what you have to offer. Yet more significantly, it’s in the experience of actually offering your gifts that you make them real. Be generous. Measure with a cup and not a spoon. Measure by the week rather than by the hour. Or perhaps don’t measure at all.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 #1071 | By Eric Francis

You may be facing some important decisions around money, investments and assets over the next few days, extending into the next few weeks. I suggest you set the pace of this discussion and don’t allow yourself to be pressured. The general topic seems to be increasing your income and, as a result of that, increasing your net worth. That’s actually possible, in a way that’s unusual in contrast to where you’ve been before. Yet the process, once initiated (or refined, if you’ve already begun), will take some time and some thought. You have a series of ongoing decisions to make, and you would be wise to work with the most accurate facts, figures and other data you have. Just remember that numbers and facts are subject to interpretation, and to verification. So make sure you’re doing both. If there is a spiritual piece involved, it’s about your self-respect. I know that many people with a large net worth have very little self-worth. That’s not your karma; you will connect with one through connecting with the other. The sign involved is Virgo, which is one of the most difficult when it comes to seeing yourself for who you are and cutting yourself some slack. You must do both.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 #1070 | By Eric Francis

You may feel driven to get your finances in order, and you can make some progress doing that. However, something more immediate seems to be on your agenda — something new and unfamiliar that does not involve resolving much of anything from the past. This is one of those moments when it’s vital that you not allow old business or old ideas to influence your new dreams, desires and designs. This may be a challenge, as certain matters lingering over from your prior affairs are definitely trying to get your attention. They may or may not matter much in the near future; in any event, anything seemingly important can wait. Your new opportunity — whatever it is — is more sensitive to the passage of time and it has a specific window, which you’re about to enter. Unlike any activity or task that is a holdover from the past, you will need to get accustomed to being in unfamiliar territory with a thinner atmosphere. Not everything seems so certain; you have to make things up as you go along. Yet the pull or draw in that direction, the sense that you really need to begin this thing, is undeniable.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 #1069 | By Eric Francis

How much creative freedom do you really give yourself? How much sexual freedom? You may be feeling like it’s time to bust loose, though this drive may be violating what you think of as your spiritual sensibilities. You can safely forget theology; what you will benefit from is loosening up and learning how to say yes to yourself. This is not the big deal that it’s made out to be. Playing with art doesn’t mean you’ll be out on the street, sex is not a disease and freedom is not a trap. To the contrary, opening up and doing what you feel drawn to is known as being alive. It’s sometimes true that zombies get jealous of humans, who have feelings and desires that they act on. That’s a good way to tell who is who. Your role in life is not to be a good person; rather, what I suggest is that you strive to be a real person and see how that goes for a while. I am aware this comes with its perils, but they’re the better kind.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2015 #1068 | By Eric Francis

You have the opportunity over the next two months to reorganize and align your finances with your true purpose in life. This is sometimes called integrity. I would second that motion. Along the way to doing this, the details matter — and they matter quite a bit. If you pretend they’re not a factor or skip them over, you will get results in the short term but undermine yourself in the long run. What you now have is the potential to establish yourself financially as a well-rooted perennial plant, more like a tree and less like a marigold. As you do this, it’s essential that you be mindful of self-limiting ideas and habits. It’s true that you’re a Leo and that your planet is really the star at the center of the solar system. But you have a way of thinking in miniature. Miniature works just fine as long as it’s intended as a test, or as a scale model of something larger. So think in terms of scale, and how you might develop an idea into something that reaches farther and wider than you’re accustomed to working. One priority over the next year is going to be improving your income, and you seem strongly inclined to do this on the ‘right livelihood’ approach to existence. This is possible, though it takes a combination of intelligence, actual thought, courage and action.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 #1067 | By Eric Francis

Turn your attention to financial matters. If you do, you have considerable opportunity to profit from your efforts. I would remind you of something, which is that you can sell your time, your labor or your ideas. Likely you will be involved in all three, though I suggest you emphasize your ideas. I know that for most people this might feel like walking out over the edge of a cliff and standing on air, which is actually a pretty good metaphor. I can, however, make it seem a bit more practical than that. You have a skill for being able to please everyone, contrary to the usual advice that nobody should really try to do that. Your role could be to create language that serves everyone; to mediate between parties and help them discover common ground; and to write in such a way that everyone understands everyone else’s position. You might be involved in helping create a consensus. Here’s the key to that lock: Look for the common values among everyone involved. Look for the things everyone already agrees upon. Then build consensus on that foundation.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 #1066 | By Eric Francis

Venus has returned to direct motion in your sign, to some great relief. Yet you may now be feeling the urgency of moving forward with your plans. I suggest you do this not swiftly or urgently, but persistently. Part of what you’re doing is establishing yourself as someone with knowledge and credibility. Yet deeper than that are the personal impressions people have of you as someone with empathy, someone who is available, and someone who respects commitment. This is more meaningful than establishing, for example, your expertise. You might also focus on demonstrating that you’re an accountable person, which means you take responsibility for what you do and what you say. We live in a time when this whole concept is under siege in some places. Yet there are those who are holding strong, and they are the people you want to associate with. You are, slowly and gradually, making your way to a new level of involvement with the world. This will happen stitch by stitch, from promise made to promise kept.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 #1065 | By Eric Francis

Venus has been retrograde in your sign for the past six weeks. This has been like training for a new mission, ambition or goal. Think of what you’ve been experiencing as preparation or training for a new phase of your life. If you’ve been hesitating, stop and ask yourself what you really want and whether you’re finally ready to move forward with full commitment. I say this aware of how elusive this ‘full commitment’ thing is. We tend to think of goals as being outside of ourselves, like a ladder or mountain to climb. Whatever you may want to do in the world, the real objective is inside yourself. You are learning to embody an idea or an ideal of some kind. You might think of this as cultivating a state or being associated with leadership. The first requirement of leading others is self-respect, and this too has been one of the learning goals of Venus retrograde in your sign. The message: accountability for your life goes all the way to the top — that is, beginning and ending with you.

Monthly Horoscope for Sept. 2015, #1064 | By Eric Francis

Venus retrograde in your sign for the past six weeks has been a bold reminder that it’s necessary to embody your purpose if you’re going to have one at all. Purpose is something you must eat like food that nourishes your blood, rather than wear like clothing or a mask. Yet this calls for a different kind of commitment than is currently fashionable. Most anything that’s worthwhile takes a long-range plan, and persisting through many ups and downs and unexpected twists in the plot. Your vision of ‘self’ must expand to embrace yourself and everything and everyone you influence. You must take on a higher level of responsibility, which means accountability; the buck stops with you. At the outset, and often for many years into the journey, you may question whether this process will be worth the effort, with no ready answer. Yet the reward is knowing that you are indeed engaging with this plane of reality on the level of what is meaningful to you, and what has relevance in the world around you. That, in truth, is the expression of the larger self-concept that means you’re a living part of the world and that it’s a living part of you. As I said, this is not in high fashion, though over the next year it will become an increasingly important value for you — and something you will want to honor. Begin — or continue — in earnest.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015 #1063 | By Eric Francis

If you want to improve your financial situation, be more generous. This counts for yourself and with others, in that order. Your astrology bestows you with a natural obsession with money, which may manifest as anything from being hyper-cautious, to thrifty, to a spendthrift; none of these are really virtues. None of them reflects the deeper underlying nature of money, or of resources. You tend to over-think things, rather than allowing your ingenuity to work for you. It would help if you thought in larger, wider ways about your potential and about the amount of whatever you need being available to you. One thing that might help is noticing every time you encounter a thought of lack or scarcity. Ask yourself whether that’s really true, which may in turn lead you to ask yourself how you came to that conclusion. What facts support it, and which suggest that something else is possible? There is a belief that wealth is created by pinching pennies. Actually, it’s created by efficiency and the conscious use of resources. To this end, interesting ideas count for a lot. And so does letting things flow.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015 #1062 | By Eric Francis

Venus retrograde in your sign is about to reach its peak. This is described by the Venus-Sun conjunction that takes place Saturday. To my eyes, this is the chart of a personal discovery. Planet-spotters may be aware of the grand fire trine that’s taking shape, which involves Venus and the Sun, and then many other bodies distinctly of the modern age. While our modern society raves about new, it’s obsessed with retro. There’s a little of the old mixed in with this discovery, but mostly it involves what is unknown or unfamiliar. Therefore, travel in those directions. Take unfamiliar routes, converse with people you don’t know, do things you’ve never done. Push the experimental quality of everything you do. One theme of Venus retrograde for you is that of embodying your actions and your desires. They have no existence outside you; therefore, take them in and take them on wholly. Aspire to be like the pilot who is one with her airplane, the cellist who is one with his instrument, the thinker who is one with her ideas. Master your tools and allow your mastery to flow through you in the form of what you discover.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015 #1061 | By Len Wallick

Here’s looking at you, kid. Actually, let’s change that line. Instead of allowing us to lift a glass in salutation to your shining countenance, encourage us to look for (rather than at) you. After all the effort you have put in to find yourself since your birthday last year, you don’t want to keep what you have discovered under a bushel basket. Instead you will want to show the world what has become of you. To do so, step away from the grindstone for the next few weeks at least. Cut back on the chores so you can get out more. Hang out with old friends you might have neglected, and give new acquaintances more than a passing glance. Take time to converse for its own sake. If you do so, you will not need to fear boredom or small talk. What you have developed and discovered in yourself over the past 12 months is subject matter you are bound to see reflected in, and by, others.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 30, 2015 #1060 | By Eric Francis

Venus is now retrograde in your birth sign, a rare and beautiful theme. We could say many things about this, though the one overarching theme is: identify with your purpose. Embody what you do, and when you take action, let yourself be moved by the deepest core of who you are. That’s the intersection of Venus, the ruler of your 10th house, and your sign. I know that many people would have no idea what I’m saying, though your calling to do this is so clear and so bold that clearly you get it. What you’re doing is a combination of taking on your true mission and, at the same time, allowing yourself to identify fully with that mission. Work is not about going to work, doing something and leaving. For you, work must be a direct expression of your existence. While you can apply this to any activity, you might recognize along the journey of this Venus retrograde that you really need to do something more personally meaningful. And you would thank yourself for the rest of your life, if you chose that.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2015, #1059 | By Eric Francis

Venus will be retrograde in your sign through early September, which represents one of the great developments in your life. Or better said, it can, if you align yourself with the mission that it’s describing. That mission is to fully identify with your purpose. Taurus is associated with the 10th house of your solar chart — your highest-level work, what you’re known for, what you absolutely must accomplish. Identifying with your work and your purpose is the central theme. There is no room to hesitate, though the retrograde describes a retrieval process — a reclaiming of something inherent about yourself. It may be an early vision you had for yourself, perhaps the first one. What was that thing? What was the very first thing you wanted to be when you grew up? What is the thing you’ve worked at the most consistently over time, even if you have not necessarily been a ‘success’ at it? I suggest you do your retrieval and reclaiming and then merge with that thing, that purpose, until it’s fully melted into your daily experience of life. This is the kind of commitment that sets you free, because it’s an inherent expression of yourself rather than an external promise. You are committing to what you already are. You may also need to fully un-commit to someone, some mom- or dad-like figure, telling you that you could not be that thing.

Weekly Horoscope for Wednesday, July 15, 2015 #1058 | By Eric Francis

Jupiter and Venus in your birth sign are offering you protection and a hint as to how much abundance is possible. It’s as if events of the past year have been preparing you to experience your own independence. Yet what you now must do is maintain your flexibility and an open mind. More than anything you need to cultivate the habit of stopping yourself when you doubt your own potential or talent. If you find yourself in self-effacing mode, or trying to talk yourself out of your desires, pause, and see if you can get a handle on where that influence is coming from. It’s your job to make up your own mind about who you are and what you’re capable of. This doesn’t mean the world owes you anything. Rather, potential translates to the option you have to work for what you want, to focus real goals and to make yourself useful to others. There’s a significant difference between your personal gifts and using those gifts in some form of commerce. Once other people are in the scene, you must focus on the relationship above all else.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 9th, 2015 #1057 | By Eric Francis

Your astrology is describing the necessities and requirements of your life. And it’s describing your abundant talent and resourcefulness. Wherever you encounter the necessity side of the equation, open your mind and you will discover the needed resources to meet that need. It’s true that this is my guiding principle when I write this column; astrology never describes a problem without also describing the solution. It’s just that you’re in an unusual situation to discover just how much you have, in contrast to what you may seem to need. Make sure that you’re extremely realistic about your professional obligations. There’s no getting around this. Just remember that if you feel pushed into a corner or like there is something unfair going on, you have plenty of energy to make it right. It’s you, however, who must rise to the situation, not the other way around. At this point, your reputation is something you must build rather than something you can bank on.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 #1056 | By Eric Francis

The current (and ongoing) Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your sign is encouraging you to welcome a new era in your life — one of abundance, of relative freedom and the ability to express yourself. Therefore, live abundantly, and stretch into some options you might not ordinarily take; take some risks expressing yourself. This is the time to ‘live as if’ — to tune into the feeling of how you would exist closer to your full potential. One key to doing this will be setting aside perfectionism. Your true potential does not have one pre-ordained form, nor must it match any exact requirements. Another is setting aside your pride. You’re free to express your needs and your desires without any fear of judgment. You don’t need to be awesome or amazing, which are not actual values. You merely need to be human, which is to say sensitive, aware and boldly expressive.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2015, #1055 | By Eric Francis

Venus and Jupiter in your sign are reminding you that you have only to gain by daring to be yourself. Allowing yourself to exist openly and freely will draw to you much of what you are seeking. Yet there also seems to be some appeal or temptation for you to conceal your true essence — to hide yourself, your talent, your feelings. These conflicting impulses may seem like you must maintain a dangerous balance of some kind. I would propose, however, that your fears are speaking louder than is appropriate, and that you may be giving them more attention than they deserve. Ask yourself what you think you have to lose by asserting yourself in a bold and beautiful way; by really daring to live. Could it be some concern that any gains you make, any progress, any blossoming of yourself, is transient? That you could come into possession of something that you then have to give up? That to do anything on Earth, you must reckon with that thing ending? It’s worth considering this, even if only as a thought exercise. At the moment, your charts suggest that you are at an early stage of discovery, and of gathering your creative gifts into true strength. Meanwhile, work with the idea and the feeling of transience. It’s essential to let go, to move on and to willingly embrace the unknown.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 18th, 2015 #1054 | By Len Wallick

Indications are that two or more parties are contesting for your time and attention. Give special awareness to those who seem to be going out of their way to flatter you. Of course, you want to be gracious rather than aloof. You also want to accept what you have earned with appropriate gratitude. Nonetheless, now would be a good time to notice when the props coming your way are out of proportion. In other words, consider the person’s motivation. Some may want a piece of you because you look good. Others may be interested in how their attentions to you make them look good. Whatever the case, stay humble, continue to work hard, and remember that your light will not always be so high in the sky. Also remember that when the contest is over, the playing field has taken the greatest beating. Those who want to win you may not have your best interests at heart.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 11th, 2015 #1053 | By Eric Francis

You have the choice to assert yourself in a bold way, or to use the power of attraction. I suggest you emphasize attraction first, and see how that goes. Right now you have enough magnetic power to lift a train off the tracks and get yourself all the way to San Francisco. What would make sense, though, is discerning what you do and don’t want to attract. Have a clear idea of what you want, and what you could skip. But don’t stick to it too rigorously. Leave yourself room to be wrong, in the happy way — such as something or someone comes to you, and you had no idea that you would have so much fun. In fact, in all things, leave yourself some wiggle space. You run the risk of being excessively rigid when the very response called for is flexibility. Stiffness is not good for your creativity and it’s not good for you. This is especially true in anything involving sex. Modern people seem to have the idea that a situation must be absolutely right, or else it’s absolutely wrong. Rarely is that true — especially right now.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 4, 2015 #1052 | By Eric Francis

Venus has arrived in your sign, where it will be for all but a few weeks between now and Oct. 10. The theme of embodying one’s sense of mission seems to be in the air, and it certainly is a crucial theme for you. Consider yourself in a phase of experimentation, where you’re getting a sense of your depth of commitment to what you do. You have specific ideas about what you believe and what you value, though you don’t always follow them. Now you will get a chance to bring this to full awareness. You seem to be embarking on something promising; something that could lead to fulfillment. Give this a good, solid run; give it all you’ve got. Then you will reach a natural boundary around July 18, when Venus arrives in Virgo. That will begin a review phase. Though it will seem obvious at the time, there is one very specific question that you need to ask yourself, which is not so clear right now. No theory or concept can substitute for the actual, hands-on experience that will help you answer this question.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 28th, 2015 #1051 | By Eric Francis

Make an effort not to believe what others say about you, or what you think they have been saying. This is definitely not the time to measure your self-esteem in any way based on public opinion. And I would suggest avoiding gossip in any form, even listening to it. Make sure that you really do mind your own business, which means taking care of business. This will exclude most matters of opinion unless they fall into a tangible ordering of your priorities. Said another way, identify and focus what is actually important; that will help you rule out what is trivial. There are in fact two major priorities that will come to light over the next few days. One of them is something that you have set aside from the past. This, you can resolve to your benefit and that of others. Another is a new concept or idea that will take you forward into the future. I suggest you proceed in that order, as what you discover and resolve about the past will open the way for something new to happen; something bold and a bit cheeky.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2015 #1050 | By Eric Francis

Self-improvement is a real distraction from growth. It’s like the theory as compared with the reality. Growth means change, and for you right now, change means expansion. The quest to ‘be a better person’ is questionable; to make the most of your life, and to use every experience as an opportunity to facilitate learning, is a mature approach. You’re in a phase of considering your many possibilities; you have not felt this kind of potential in a long time. You can safely ignore any mixed signals you seem to be getting from your environment, such as whether others think what you want to do is really a good idea. You don’t need to guide yourself by any form of public opinion. It looks like you’re being guided in the direction of an opportunity to put potential and opportunity together. This may seem like a stroke of pure luck until you figure out that you will have to make some adjustments to a current commitment in order to bring this to fruition. Yet I suggest you consider whatever impact any potential choice will have on a partnership as something working in your favor. You will raise issues such as the extent to which a certain connection affords you the freedom you need to make positive moves. You will get a look at what adjustments are necessary to facilitate this. Know what you want; remember that everything is negotiable.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 14th, 2015 #1049 | By Eric Francis

Be mindful of any and all agreements you make. Be equally mindful when someone tries to hold you to an agreement. Go back and review what you actually said, or signed, at the outset. You may be inclined to believe you’ve committed to something that you have not. You might also miss the obvious on something that you promised or said you were capable of. Therefore, a careful review is in order — of your current commitments and how you got there; whether you’re keeping up with them; and of the promises that others have made to you. I suggest ironing out the details before you extend yourself any further, and be extremely mindful where joint financial, taxation or investment matters are concerned. This is not the time for a leap of faith. It is, rather, the time to get a grasp on where you stand with yourself, with others, and on the true meaning of words written or spoken in the past.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 7th, 2015 #1048 | By Eric Francis

You’re protected by a guardian angel and a whole lot more. What you need to do is receive your protection. One form this may take is an intuitive hint that you need to pause before making a decision. You may be inclined to lean on facts and certain other rational modes of thinking; it’s your body that will reveal the most information to you, and after that, your emotional state. If there is a conflict between the two, I suggest you be more confident of your body and your feelings than your ideas or concepts. Notice any discrepancies. I suggest you pay attention to any way in which you feel swayed by public opinion, however you define the public. It might be your friends, it might be your colleagues, or who knows, it might be the actual public. Right now it would be much better for you to set trends rather than follow them; to set opinion rather than be subject to it.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 30th, 2015 #1047 | By Eric Francis

Jupiter in your birth sign gets to ride the full energetic wave of this weekend’s Full Moon. You may experience this as the sensation of power, of strength, of safety or simply of belonging. Let that strength emerge from the inside rather than from the circumstances of your life. In fact you may feel like that’s your only option, as you may feel disconnected from certain external factors, or like you’re the only one who really understands. Your solar chart describes a situation where you can reach out to someone who feels that they’re the only one who understands — though they don’t feel nearly as strong or as confident as you do. You may need to inquire gently what’s going on. This person may be communicating by not speaking rather than saying something out loud. This person’s feelings are arranged in layers and there is likely to be a group dynamic involved. Follow the lines and you will learn a lot about your own current family pattern. One discovery will lead to another. It’s that kind of weekend.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2015 #1046 | By Eric Francis

Many mysteries will reveal themselves over the next five or six weeks; that seems to be written in every corner of the sky. Your own personal discoveries are likely to surround your sexual history. The fact that sex is exploited, commercialized and joked about does not lessen its significance. In a clear and sober state of mind, just about everyone would agree with that statement. You now have a rare opportunity to focus on a dimension of your healing that you may have been trying to see clearly for years. There’s a factor you first encountered during childhood that may make itself known. The result of that event or experience seems to have been accelerated maturity, but you paid a price for that; you left behind an aspect of the child you once were. Information about this may come from any direction, though I suspect that a series of interactions you have with people in your community or circle of friends are going to help you figure out how you feel and what you need to do. Pay attention to any conflicts that arise, particularly with people you thought you trusted. Be aware when someone reveals another side of their personality, or when you notice that it’s there. Look for the other side of every story. This will guide you closer to the truth that you seek. Then take that information in and contemplate it quietly.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 16th, 2015 #1045 | By Eric Francis

The theme of leadership not only persists in your life, it’s intensifying by the day. You know you have critical responsibilities, and that you’re being looked to as an example. When the Sun changes signs Monday this will become even more apparent, as you now enter the phase in the year when you’re at your most visible. If there’s a point of tension, it’s this: you’re restless. You crave freedom of a kind you have not had in a long time, and which you may have decided no longer existed. There may seem to be no easy point of resolve between these two states. That does not, however, mean that there’s no solution to the puzzle. But if there is one, it’s going to come from having an original idea, which influences both sides of the equation — the responsibility side and the restlessness side. By original idea I mean something other than doing the same things the same way.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 9, 2015 #1044 | By Eric Francis

What you believe is more radical than you may know. You’ve been getting little clues about that here and there, though you’re about to get a big one. The clue seems to be related to changing your mind about something, or revising your plans. This is in service of some long-range goal. Yet I would remind you that in truth, the only such goal you have involves who you are becoming. Your external plans are representations of your inner reality. The challenge here is that you prefer to have a very stable inner sense of self, while there exist a diversity of factors that are making that unlikely or impossible. You want some stability; and your environment, inner and outer, seems to be handing you nothing but change, and a changing idea, of what is necessary. Over the next few days, the two sides of the equation will align: the side that wants consistency and the side that is demanding progress. There is a meeting place, and it will surprise you.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 2, 2015 #1043 | By Eric Francis

You cannot be clear with others if you’re not clear with yourself, and your chart is saying it’s time for both. There’s an inherent paradox in determining that you need clarity, though. It requires some clarity to notice that fact. This weekend’s eclipse describes some scenario in which you get at least that far. You might, for example, notice what you don’t have the words to say — and then you can figure out what those words should be. There is a pressing necessity, however. You have a lot of responsibility on your hands right now, and you’re accountable for the actions of others. Therefore your alertness and awareness (or lack thereof) will spread out into the world or into a community. You remain in the position of setting an example, though unlike in recent weeks, you’re now setting an active example rather than a passive one. This calls for more assertive leadership. And that demands clarity first and foremost.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2015 #1042 | By Eric Francis

You may need to carefully balance long- and short-term plans, and make sure that your actions and choices support both as consciously as you can. You are finally starting to figure out that you have more potential, and that there is more to life, than what you’ve had in the past. That’s another way of saying you’ve figured out that you have a future; your own curiosity is making that a kind of irresistible destination. There are other factors in your solar chart that are calling for stability, and a reminder that you remain an example to many people who seek your guidance and your leadership. That calls for focusing on the day-to-day elements of your life; of attending to practical matters with devotion; and of acting in accordance with your values with each decision you make. No matter how far you want to go, or to what exotic or interesting destinations you may feel called, you will get there one step at a time. Your freedom is something you will be able to access in direct proportion to your integrity. One paradox you may be experiencing is how freedom can feel a little strange when all eyes seem to be on you. It’s true that you’re being scrutinized, though not in the ways you may think. In sum, what you accomplish is what matters the most.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 19, 2015 #1041 | By Eric Francis

You must treat all your agreements as sacred. In making promises and offering your faith to others, you are invoking mighty forces. These are of two varieties: karmic and dharmic. These concepts work as one thing. Karma is the results of your past actions. Dharma is about acting now, as if to hold the world together. There is no separating one part of this process from the other, though they may seem to be different at times. One thing called for is awareness. The other thing called for is remembering that, “action is the fruit of knowledge.” Everyone knows that, by the way. It’s one reason why ignorance is so popular, and for you, it’s not an excuse. Far to the contrary, in fact, you are being looked to for leadership, and that leadership is based on your being a radiant example of emotionally grounded intelligence. You’re being expected to hold yourself to a high standard, for a good reason: you are the only one who can.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 12, 2015 #1040 | By Eric Francis

The Sun is the celestial body associated with your sign, and it’s now moving through the last seven degrees of the zodiac. That suggests the completion of a phase of your life, especially when you consider that on the Sun’s last day in Pisces it receives a total eclipse from the Moon. I suggest you make contact with everything and everyone you want to move on from. Be clear with yourself. By everything I mean tendency, pattern, habit or phase of your life. By everyone I mean that nobody is automatically off the list. Then there’s something more significant, which is your vision for yourself. There is an exchange happening, which is what you’re leaving behind and its relationship with what you’re beginning. So I suggest you have equally clear visions for both of those things. The feeling associated with this process is not casual or superficial. It should feel a little like being at the edge of a cliff, where you look over the edge and get a glimpse at yourself at around age 90.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 5, 2015 #1039 | By Len Wallick

Patience really is a virtue. It is rarely appropriate to move faster than the lights in the sky. If you are going to be moving ahead of the ambient light, you had better be a light yourself. Even if you should choose to illuminate the way, you would still need to proceed so that the less enlightened can keep up with you. For it does nobody any good if you leap forward only to be alone. The drive for recognition that so often motivates you would be wasted if you did not serve to lead. Leading implicitly means moving as part of something rather than simply moving apart. The best lead horses don’t need blinders, only focus. Expand your discipline, and your horizons will expand in due course. It’s not necessary to force matters to forge ahead. — by Len Wallick

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 #1038 | By Len Wallick

Granted, catching a fire in the Rastafarian sense may or may not be your style. If it isn’t, now would be a good time to begin thinking about what your style of ignition is. This is not about lighting a fire under yourself, nor about work in any conventional sense — you appear to have all that covered. What we have here is more likely a need to better spark and stoke communications, with yourself and with others. Try addressing that need by regularly taking long walks during which you have short talks, both alone and in good company. Then, allow the walks to gradually grow shorter and the talks longer. — by Len Wallick

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2015 #1037 | By Eric Francis

This is a fine time to consider the nature of your agreements and commitments. This applies to agreements that involve an exchange of money, sex or conscious energy. These must be clear. You must be clear. Once you are, you will feel like you’re under far less pressure, as will those you associate with. Begin with an inquiry. As you proceed with this, you’re likely to discover where that clarity is lacking. Pulling things into focus may take a few steps, which will be easy enough if you work through them consciously. Note where boundaries are lacking, but necessary. Notice where old agreements or things taken for granted need to be replaced by new understandings. Notice how your beliefs are influencing what you perceive as reality. There is an accountability factor that will inevitably arise, and that is never an all-or-nothing thing. Accountability is a much healthier concept than fault or blame. It’s subtler and easier to understand in specific ways. This will help you set the terms of your new agreements, which must be designed to accommodate a shared vision of the future. If that shared vision, and shared underlying values, are not present, then that particular encounter may be null. One last thing: having things in writing is the essence of being accountable, to yourself and to others, and them to you.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 #1036 | By Eric Francis

It is likely that you will become much more careful with a business or financial relationship that you may have taken for granted. The potential for mutual benefit is profound, and it is worth the personal investment you have to make to bring that to fruition. What you may be struggling with a bit is the sense of transition, seemingly with no guarantee of the outcome. Yet in most ways the outcome is in your hands. Admitting that fact alone will feel like cashing in on your good karma. Among the other helpful factors in your environment are ideas such as ‘we’re in this together’, and ‘I’ve been preparing for this for a long time’. In fact that may translate to a very, very long time — many lifetimes of training for what you are now doing. When you meet any challenge, remind yourself of that.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 #1035 | By Eric Francis

You may feel like you need more of something, or more space, or more time. What you’re likely to find is space opening up within you. Yet to notice that, you would need to focus your attention inward. Think of this as opening up a sanctuary in your mind. That becomes the space where you are the host of external reality. Imagine it’s a room where you invite the people you know and the events you perceive. As you do this, an exchange may open up; something that seemed impossible manifests for you to experience. The more consciously you hold open your inner space, the more you will open up the potential for exchange with others. As for time, take it slowly right now. Part of the sensation of time going quickly is the tendency of modern humans to rush. Cooperation will help; many hands do indeed make light work.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 #1034 | By Eric Francis

Intimacy takes patience. More than that, it takes being receptive. That, in turn, requires letting go of control and experiencing trust. If you look around at the world we live in, none of these things are well supported by the environment. Even the most relaxed individuals are being conditioned to be control freaks. Patience is in increasingly short supply. And the sensation of being exploited does not lend itself to trust, or to receiving. But your astrology is favoring all of those naturally human qualities right now. It’s as if your own psychic environment is overriding the world around you, and allowing you to suspend all the usual rules. But you will need to take those first steps, slow down a bit, choose to let go of control. Most of all, relax and receive. Yes, this all takes trust. That’s the whole idea.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February, 2015 #1033 | By Eric Francis

It seems that despite an inconvenience or some external need to rearrange your relationships, you’re feeling an outpouring of devotion to the people in your life. This is coming along with a sense of blessing, as if something truly unusual is happening to you — something unexpected that you know will change you forever. The most vivid sensation coming through your charts is a kind of abundance. This is rooted on a nonphysical level — what you might call spiritual or perhaps emotional. Yet it’s having a way of overflowing into other aspects of your life, such as the seemingly more material ones. A few different equations may be at work — such as when you find out how little you really need, you figure out how much you have. Or when you give of yourself, you can find out how much you have. Or how you will tend to love who and what you take care of, and discover that there is plenty (of whatever) to go around. The idea coming through is that to experience that abundance, you merely need to practice it as a way of life. You may have those moments where you wonder whether that’s really true, and when in doubt, test the theory. The proof will come from the experience, and I trust that will be compelling enough to shift your perception of existence.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015 #1032 | By Eric Francis

Take extra care to ensure that what people tell you is actually true. However, we live on a planet where for many people, deception is a way of life. Question the obvious, look carefully at what seems unusual and even inquire about what seems perfectly normal. The thing you don’t want to do is let things slide and hope for the best. I’m not suggesting you change your nature and become a suspicious person. However, your trusting nature does not always work in your favor, and it’s often an excuse for slacking a bit and not verifying what people say to you. Sometimes it takes guts to ask a follow-up question, much less ask for documentation. I suggest that you do both, and take various steps to reality check, that is, check your own perceptions. And for a while, hold yourself to the same standards of verification.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 #1031 | By Eric Francis

Don’t worry about what you’ve decided is impossible. Stick to what you think is possible, even if that’s just a matter of opinion. It’s a particularly meaningful opinion because in many ways it’s the determining factor in the matter. People have done absolutely ridiculous things, under the belief that they could pull it off, even if they would not have tried if they knew what was involved. Also, remember that you can shift something from the ‘impossible’ to the ‘not impossible’ or ‘I’m doing it no matter what’ column at will. It would however help to have that opinion come from the inside rather than trying to convince yourself of anything. There’s plenty to do that you already know you can, you have a thing for stretching your capabilities, and there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2015, #1030 | By Eric Francis

Get a handle on group dynamics, since this is the most important theme of your life right now. Everything is affected: all kinds of groups, from those of family to friends to work and their various crossovers. The key here is an exchange that happens on the level of the collective, rather than a bunch of individual transactions. There is a larger entity involved, and within that entity, everyone must be clear and open with everyone else. Unlike bees and ants, who must adopt a hive mentality centered around one leader, humans have the capacity to live in mutual community, where individuals are all consciously aspects of one another. A number of other factors indicate that this is a ‘get serious’ moment around anything related to your creativity, children and sex. You could say it’s a time to understand the role of pleasure in your life, and how that in turn influences your ability to be productive. Looked at another way, you must take full responsibility for your creative power and its results. The thing is that now, pleasure and productivity are no longer solo activities, or contained in one-on-one partnerships. The good news is you don’t have to take any burden on your shoulders exclusively. The learning challenge is seeing (and experiencing) yourself as fully integrated into a group process. It needs you, and you need it.