Monday’s Daily Astrology: Small Planets, Big Moves

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

Monday’s Daily Astrology: Small Planets, Big Moves

The first bit of news for the day is that the Moon will make a conjunction to Mars in Sagittarius at 2:24 pm EDT (18:34 UTC). Mars, as mentioned previously, is making its way across a very crowded Sagittarius; many minor planets are concentrated there (at least 17, if you count two deep space points). […]

The first bit of news for the day is that the Moon will make a conjunction to Mars in Sagittarius at 2:24 pm EDT (18:34 UTC). Mars, as mentioned previously, is making its way across a very crowded Sagittarius; many minor planets are concentrated there (at least 17, if you count two deep space points). Mars makes its way out of Sagittarius in late October, so the Moon-Mars-Sagittarius collection event is happening today and will happen just one more time.

It could be inspiring or it could be turbulent, depending on your orientation and how the event orients in your chart. Now, when planets align, it’s rare that just two of them get into the act — many points from different sides of the zodiac can be drawn into what is, in effect, a group conversation. It’s also noteworthy that right now Mars is working its way into a square to Chiron, which will be exact Oct. 4. This arrives on the heels of Mars recently square Neptune.

Here is how I compared those events in a recent post: “If Mars square Neptune would benefit from a little more integrity, Mars square Chiron would benefit from relaxing a little and not worrying so much about integrity. Mars square Chiron wants to be so perfect that neither Mars nor Chiron can function optimally, Mars as an agent of desire and Chiron as an agent of awareness.”

There are indeed moments when it’s best not to act. However, since life on our planet tends to be a mix of inaction and poorly timed action, I suggest feeling out this scenario carefully. Whatever action you take will need to be decisive, most likely subtle and also taking in full use of your senses and your instincts.

There are several other events in the offing that I will mention today and develop through the week. First up is that Venus changes signs to Libra today at 4:42 pm (20:42 UTC). In a sense this completes the equinox that was (from a solar point of view) exact one week ago. In a phrase, this says skip the details and turn on the charm (in whatever form, such as affection, beauty or quality of presentation).

Mercury is newly in Scorpio, about to station retrograde. While that happens on Oct. 4, we are now in what some call the ‘storm’ phase — the phase of Mercury’s slowest daily movement. So at least in my astrological school, the message is to take a pause initiating new projects and intentions, and slow down a bit so that you can review and complete what you’ve started.

Mercury will be retrograde from Oct. 4 through Oct. 26. I covered that in detail in Thursday night’s edition, along with the total lunar eclipse that happens on Oct. 8. Just something to keep in mind — details as the events come up on the event horizon.

7 thoughts on “Monday’s Daily Astrology: Small Planets, Big Moves

  1. DanielHugging Scorpio

    I appreciate the difference outlined in the two mars squares. Very helpful.

    One thing I’m trying to observe is how minor planets aspect larger natal planets. Because if something is aspecting my natal Pluto in Libra for example, it’s also aspecting it in many others in my age group. And although it might be a different house and different theme, it’s still something I really wonder about. Just a little thought for the day…

  2. Shelley StearnsShelley Stearns

    AWord, thanks for sharing that article, I had no idea that was even being discussed. That seems to me a positive intellectual attempt to initiate Mars/Chiron, with desire and awareness working together. And with Mercury in Scorpio.

  3. Eric Francis Post author

    I think that NY Magazine is trying to get the discussion going again — very splashy and anger-inspiring photography in the print edition. Based on the astrology there will be other factors, esp around the eclipses. As you read this article, pay attention and some questions will come up.

    There is an interesting paragraph to the effect of, “Most of the time, this is the kind of thing that happens.” That thing seems to be something unexpected and inappropriate arising within the context of consensual sex with a known partner.

    As you might expect, the NY piece stirs up the muck and leaves many questions unresolved.

    As one who has worked with many rape and abuse survivors, there is a crucial question of the specifics of the event and where the event fits the life trajectory of the people involved. What is the context within the victim/survivor’s life pattern? The courts would not (and should not) care about this; anyone working with the victim/survivor would need to know this. What is the alleged perp’s history? Important information — some of which will be banned from a court but not necessarily from a campus judicial hearing.

    On campuses, there appears to be an administrative issue, involving how reported incidents are handled and adjudicated, and what info is fed back to the campus community. This can be crucial because people need to know to avoid areas where attackers are working. (I have a Student Leader News Service article on this from 1990 that I will post soon, involving SUNY Buffalo’s coverup of such a situation that resulted in the death of a student.)

    There is a question — “Who and what is a rapist?” I think we can all agree that rapists make rape, though once we establish that, the question is: what is a rapist, and what makes a person into a rapist? How does it happen, and what can prevent it?

    Then there is the deepest question, which seems to surround a movement that is designed changing the behavior of predators. That is the thing that I don’t understand, from a pragmatic point of view.

    I understand and support not blaming victims. I think there must be dire consequences for sexual assault. What entirely eludes me is how we would go about isolating the singular behavior of sexual assault and changing that ONE behavior, out of context of the rest of social reality. Are we going to identify “at risk” individuals as potential perpetrators? Try to educate all men? One at a time?

    What do we do with the complex and often abusive histories of perpetrators, who are themselves often survivors of abuse? Generally the approach that has been taken is “You’re a rapist and we don’t care.” But that does not fit a harm prevention model, or a healing model.

    These questions are why I believe that the approach taken in the above article, which focuses on a few people and what happened to them, is an incomplete approach, probably ineffective and one that plays well in media and political contexts and horribly in personal contexts.

  4. Eric Francis Post author

    No need to think about others in your age group; astrology is always about the individual case. Consider your own life. If you get to the point where you can generalize and talk to large cohorts, you’re ready to be a professional astrologer.

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