Simmer and Sizzle

Pluto’s station retrograde tonight at 11:55 pm EDT might be your simmer. The Aries New Moon 2:57 pm EDT (18:57 UTC) Saturday could be your sizzle. It’s likely there is some of both going on for most of us right now. If that’s true for you, take a tip from the astrology. Have patience with the simmer. Practice appropriate timing with the sizzle.


Whenever Pluto changes its apparent direction, it’s about as subtle as astrology gets. This particular station retrograde has been simmering a long time.

Pluto is at 15+ Capricorn, where it has been since the beginning of March. Where it will be until the beginning of June. Basically three months of slow motion oscillation in one teensy-weensy degree of the zodiac since the previous season. Since Uranus in Aries squared Pluto for the last time. Since what may seem like ‘back when’, given the pace of events.

All the while, a lot has undoubtedly transpired for you, as it undeniably has for the world and in astrology. If you can find the simmer as it has manifested for you over the last six weeks or so, you will have located Pluto in your life. Think of it as something slowly cooking without a stir. Be patient. Take your time. It’s not done. Still, now would be a good time to be mindful so you will know Pluto’s manifestation for you when you find it.

In the meantime, on another burner of your life, things are heating up. That’s the image of the Sun nearing the end of yet another annual tour through its Aries exaltation. Especially now that the Moon is catching up once again.

The Sun basically takes a year to go through all 12 signs of the zodiac. The Moon’s apparent motion is more than 12 times faster than the Sun. Hence, about once a month, the Moon catches up with the Sun so that both spend a few hours occupying the same degree of the zodiac (and moving through the sky) together — a New Moon.

The immediately previous New Moon was also a total solar eclipse without precedent for more than three centuries. That was at 29+ Pisces on March 20. Minutes later, the Moon moved on into Aries. Hours later, the Sun followed the Moon into Aries for the vernal equinox, initiating a new season. That was hot.

This weekend, the Aries New Moon will be hot as well. Not because it will be an eclipse. We have no more eclipses until September. Not because the Sun will change signs the same day. The Sun does leave Aries to enter Taurus until 5:42 am EDT (09:42 UTC) Monday. It’s because the Sun is exalted (another word for “intense”) in Aries, and because the most intense part of any sign is in the very last few degrees.

The last few degrees of a sign are called “anaretic” by astrologers. Nearly ten years ago, Eric answered a reader question about the latter part of Aries by (in part) citing Finnish astrologers Kirsti Melto and Raimo Nikula, who observed that the anaretic degrees of any sign contain “the whole experience and extension of the sign.”

Think about that: all of your experience since shortly after the total solar eclipse of March 20; the extension of everything that has happened in Aries (and in your life) since that time. All concentrated, all accumulated, all culminating with the current lunar cycle in a New Moon at 28+ Aries this weekend. Sound like a sizzle to you?

Just as with locating where the simmer is with Pluto, you would do well to locate where the sizzle is for you now. That way you will be prepared for the weekend. It means being consciously aware of what is most intense for you right now and making those things the focus of your attention lest sizzle become burn. As anybody who has cooked at high temperature knows, that means exercising good timing.

Fortunately, the sizzle will not last long. Basically, it will last through the weekend. While it does, however, that’s where your attention should probably be. So why not put your experience of the Sun’s time in Aries to work for you? What have you learned about timing during the last month or so, as the Moon was making its rounds and the Sun was expressing itself with intensity?

More specifically, what have you learned about all the things timing means? It can mean moving quickly while there is time. Yet, it might also mean being very deliberate and taking your time. Once you have located and focused on what is sizzling in your life, remember the lessons about timing you have learned during solar Aries. Take what you have learned into this weekend. Anticipate where you might apply that learning, and act appropriately.

That way, you are less likely to begin solar Taurus on Monday feeling burned. That’s how you can move with the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of the sky into next week. Think of it as a short-term protocol to keep your patience for the long term, while Pluto slowly simmers.

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26 thoughts on “Simmer and Sizzle

  1. Jere

    You hungry these days Len? You’re making me hungry.

    Admittance, I haven’t baked on the moon for a few days (I saw the last quarter). I did however hang with the eclise (wrapped in a blanket, laying on the driveway, watching the shadow crawl.. perfectly clear night). I’ll be peeled come Saturday.

    I’ve been simmering since ’08. I think I might have some crusty’s stuck to the pan (the char that lends aroma, but yet you don’t want to stir into the dish.. ’cause it’s burnt).

    Patience is a hard row, man! But then again, if I invest myself fully into Time, I have nothing but patience.

    Thank you Len, you’re a damn groovy guy.

    By the way, Be, I’ve wanted to say how I appreciate reading your words. (Although I haven’t spent a gazillion hours a day for years baking on the geometry of the cosmos, since ’08. I still enjoy following the strings you draw. It’s mental calisthenics, and I truly enjoy your share!).

    Looking forward,


  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Jere: Thank you your keen perception (something one would expect of the great poet i perceive you to be). Yes, cooking (in addition to hunger) is the subject that comes to mind with Jupiter in fiery Leo, Saturn in fiery Sagittarius and all that has recently passed through fiery Aries to set off one grand fire trine aspect after another since the Vernal Equinox. Something is indeed cooking. Or perhaps it would be better to say some things. Some things directly on the heat sizzling. Other things on a back burner simmering. My effort, to help each reader discern one from the other as it uniquely expresses in each life. Seems as though you have the situation well in hand, “crusty’s” and all.

  3. marie hawthorne

    Thank you Len

    Pluto station retrograde? at mid-Capricorn? Wasn’t looking in that direction at all.
    Busy. Back soon.

    Patience is the key to heaven
    Patience is the key to heaven
    Patience is the key to heaven

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Marie: Right you are! Thank you for reminding us of the same mantra constantly reiterated by the late, great astrologer Rachelle (Rockie) Gardiner. Of course, she did not mean a literal key. Nor did she mean to evoke pearly gates. Rather, she constantly reminded her readers that none of us can change the evident speed at which the planets apparently move in the sky and around the zodiac. Patience, when appropriate, will indeed unlock the rhythm of the Cosmos and avail us to its flow. Hopefully my service of drawing your attention to Pluto’s retrograde station will do a bit of that for you.

  5. Mandy

    “It can mean moving quickly while there is time. Yet, it might also mean being very deliberate and taking your time.”
    I seem to have gotten that all backwards, for quite a while now. A friend used to tell me that I was very punctual and that appears to have gone out the window. Lately, (living in a house with people in a very contrasting schedule), I have allowed myself to fall out of my own step.
    My new strategy is to be ready ahead of time to move quickly, and take it one, grounded (deliberate), step at a time to create a new rhythm and routine (with a focus on Amanda’s really great self-questions).
    Thank you, Len (and Amanda).

  6. Len Wallick Post author

    Mandy: Our thanks to you in turn. i think your “new strategy” is very wise, and worthy of emulation. Good fortune, after all, is the residue of preparation (and dependent on taking error as opportunity rather than as mistake).

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Say wha? Patience when the Sun is in Aries? Well, thank goodness we can all do that better since Mars (Aries ruler) is already in Taurus, and still “move quickly while there is time”. Time then, makes me think of Saturn who rules Time, and Saturn will be sextile Ceres (he at 3 Sagittarius and she at 3 Aquarius) the day after the New Moon at 28+ Aries. So we can see Ceres in charge of the sizzle and simmer, Taurus Mars in charge of the menu, Saturn in charge of the timing. . . that’s why you are hungry Jere! What’s for dinner Len?

    And thanks Jere, I’m glad you enjoy connecting the dots as much as I do; always something going on.

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Ah, yes! In addition to your observant astrological erudition, we also missed your humor while you were absent from Planet Waves comments while you were having computer problems. Another reason to be glad “be” is back.

  9. aWord

    New Moon on natal Vesta two degrees past Sedna who might encourage some steam with that sizzle. Timing will be everything the next few days since I’ve got a video project to edit 🙂
    Meanwhile transiting Pluto will be retro-ing for yet another pass over natal Mars—it looks as though transiting Mars is headed for a trine of earth—and there are the sisters Lilith in Virgo to make it grand?
    Well, that’s for another day, today I’ve got a hot Vesta on my hands and New Moon visions in mind.
    Thanks for the cooking tips, Len.

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    aWord: Thank you. It appears as if you have a good recipe in mind already. Please consider, however, that instead of “another pass” that transiting Pluto could be in continuous aspect with your natal Mars. That way you allow yourself a generous time frame during which the energy implied can be released continuously, safely, and productively – especially after the incident with your appendix. Think of Pluto in retrograde as your chance to “turn it around” so that you are as much the architect of transformation than its subject, and so you can integrate as well as recover from your close call.

  11. chief niwot's son

    Pluto making station is like taking a constitutional homeopathic- we only get one dose, twice a year, yet the impact on our lives is subtle, profound, and undeniable. Len, thanks for letting us know we’ve taken the cure.

  12. Pisces Sun

    The timing of the universe and our knowledge of that timing is a peculiar thing. I know that I rely upon you and fellow contributing astrologists to inform me of such. I am not an astrologist. Its interesting, isn’t it, that it isn’t really timing, per se, its an event, it seems, expressed in terms of time. Either way, you have encouraged us to consider what has been sizzling. I know that I have two enormous projects that must be completed and both could char me. At this moment I don’t need to be a Pheonix so I know where my attention will be today and all weekend. I just wonder what other cosmic effects have been playing upon my psyche since these two projects, basically huge professional feats (publication and doctoral research) no longer has my interest as they once did. I don’t know how to pin it exactly but I truly think the events that caused me to flip directions began with the solar eclipse in Feb. Anyway, it feels incredibly personal, the timing (there I go again) or events these past two months- but it’s almost a struggle but I will throw it out here anyway: I am Pisces Sun, Mercury, and Chrion 7th House, Moon and Venus in Aries in 9th House, Leo Rising in 1st House. The sun and planets are in motion big time from what I have been reading and it has been deep for me, pulling me away from what I have focused my attention to for a while (and could end up burning me–the sizzle). I am so close to the finish line–its in sight, I say to myself, just finish what you have started then move forward and align yourself with the cosmos. I read Eric’s horoscope for Pisces this week which explained that Pisces will have to come to terms with aligning money (i.e., making a living) with life’s purpose (my interpretation). And I thought, here I go again, trying to align true purpose with my life’s work, can I do it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like what I am pursuing, it’s just that I can’t live within the boundaries. Anyway, I expect the cosmos (especially Pisces elements) must be speaking to me about boundaries. So, whatever I am feeling that has made me hesitate has made me want to move to an entirely different direction and I know that I can’t this late in the game…and now this weekend requires me to get back into the kitchen and finish what I started…it all leaves me tired just thinking about it.

  13. Len Wallick Post author

    chief niwot’s son: Please accept my thanks in turn for your excellent metaphor of Pluto at stationary prior to changing direction.

    Pisces Sun: Thank you once again for weighing in with substance and thoughtfulness. You should give yourself credit for being a better astrologer than you think you are. You know it has to do with timing. You appear to have a sense of how astrology provides time frames. You pick up on the implicit priorities of astrology. The main thing you want to work on now is moving away from this concept of “cosmic effects” (as you put it) and empower yourself. Astrology is not destiny. Astrology does not happen to us, it is made to happen. The big question is whether it is made to happen with awareness. The extent to which we are aware of astrology is the extent to which we can participate in making it happen and also the extent to which we can influence our own destiny with awareness of our part in the system called solar. You seem to be well on the road toward understanding that. While i do not have the holistic view that seeing your whole natal chart, transits and progression would provide, it appears that you should indeed focus on finishing what you have started as a first priority, then look to be in synchronicity with Saturn as regards to re-creating boundaries for yourself after you have taken care of the business at hand. i do hope you find this, my reply, somewhat useful for you.

    Lizzy: Please accept my thanks as well for your kind words and the delightful song you linked for us.

    aWord: You are most welcome.

    1. Pisces Sun

      Thanks Len. You make a good point about guiding me to Saturn. From what I understand Saturn ids in discipline and responsibility which should assist me in defining/establishing the boundaries (or deciding how far I am willing to push them). My Saturn is in Capricorn, 6th house and is on the same degree as Jupiter.

  14. Len Wallick Post author

    Pisces Sun: You are very welcome. Glad that resonates for you. Please make allowance for the fact that i’m not seeing your personal astrology as a whole when offering the advice as i did.

  15. Lizzy

    Dear Pisces Sun, I’m pretty ignorant about astrology, but am an excellent navel gazer, and think that this is a very powerful time, where we are being almost kicked into another space in our lives – because we are being shown our true natures and needs. This is very challenging stuff. I myself have been through hell in these last weeks – particularly on the work front. But once you open up to it and move with it, you’ll find your present situation far less tiring and challenging (at least, this is what happened to me), while at thre same time it will give you the space to see how your reality is being transformed, in a beautful way. And I think our task is to step back and have faith in the process, before jumping in and desperately trying to control the situation. Good luck! (and it’s never too late to change).

    1. Pisces Sun

      Lizzy…”an excellent navel gazer,” how funny, thanks, it reminds me of how one can become an expert by sleeping at a Holiday Inn…
      I like your perspective about being kicked into another space in our lives by being shown our true nature and needs~ makes sense to me and I do recall reading last week that we needed to be “going with the flow,” which is what you seem to be saying here (“open up to it and move with it”). Yes, I had noticed the Oracle reading and thank you too for drawing attention to it. My horoscope this week was especially telling as well. Of course, it is not fortune telling but it is opportunity to use the elements conscientiously.

      I find myself working in a rubric of politics created by others where honesty is blasphemy and the real question for me is, am I willing to pay the price–again. I had thought I could put neat little boundaries around my world that would protect me so that I wouldn’t encroach upon “their” politics but once again, I am finding that I have to be true to myself and reveal all that I know. Sizzle and simmer, either way, it’s cooking…I just need to be sure that this time, I know the right time to serve each meal. I also need to focus on its sustenance. Thanks to all for your guidance and again, Len for your very good article as well as to Amanda for her posting elsewhere this week.

  16. marie hawthorne

    ….chicken in coconut milk was good.

    Now, to that Sun-Moon-Admetos-Sedna happening… and Mercury opposing n-Sun++ (i felt that…)…Mars sitting on n-Crantor/Hades (not funny)…Saturn 3+ Sagittarius…Neptune completing a grand trine…oh, and Pluto mid-Capricorn opposing all kinds of combinations…

    Dear Universe
    …over to you….

  17. Barbara

    Hey Pisces Sun…………….Thanks for the thoughts of your last comment……..I can relate to the “rubric of politics created by others where honesty is blasphemy………………………………”.( you truly amuse me in a good way). Great thoughts there………..I’m thinking….. “TO GO BOXES” where the “SERVE” is concerned………….Thanks…to you and to everyone………..Take care

  18. Jere

    Cats!,.. I gotta share my new Moon lunch with you..

    So I simmered some grains, brown rice, amaranth, millet, red lentils, and sesame seeds. To that I added nori seaweed, ginger, olive oil, black pepper, sea salt, curry, cumin, corriander, asafoetida, fenugreek, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, and dill.

    I did a hot fry with tofu, carrot, onion, zucchini, and red bell pepper. Right before I quit the heat I added my sauce, white miso, soy sauce, water, (pretty much all the spices and stuff from the grain pot), and a bit of chili paste.

    I’m tellin’ ya man… when my body is set up, my brain gets a little bit better.

    Got the buddha belly now (and way too much energy).

    Now, if I can only learn to jump from a new Moon!

    Happy bellies to you all,


  19. Len Wallick Post author

    Marie: Thank you for the link (love the song) and the recipe. Please help me to understand what you mean by “Mercury opposing n-Sun++”. The only way Mercury can oppose the Sun is if Earth were to move between Mercury and the Sun – and that never happens. So, please, translate (along with “n-Crantor”) if you will be kind enough to do so (by the way, i do understand that “n-” might be an abbreviation for “natal” – in which case an opposition from the transiting Sun is possible – but i would rather not make assumptions when the “+” symbol is used is such close proximity with the “-” symbol).

    Barbara and Pisces sun: Thank you for exchanging perceptions and ideas in such a supportive way.

    Jere: Thanks to you also for your sumptuous recipe. It gave me the sense of a full belly just reading it.

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