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If you are still in the habit of writing or saying “2017,” don’t be embarrassed. As Len Wallick observes today, much of the celestial activity so far this year indicates a more complete separation from the past is only now becoming possible.

A big part of the astrology so far in 2018 can be summarized neatly. In less than a fortnight, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have clustered in one quadrant of the zodiac to precipitate a series of conjunctions. Next week, the best known and most fundamental conjunction of them all (a New Moon) will end this brief episode and begin another.


A conjunction occurs when two objects or calculated points occupy the same degree of the same sign. In general, this aspect becomes operative before it is exact, and drops off shortly after the inevitable separation. What a conjunction ‘means’ is usually contextual.

In general, however, one can see three correlations with conjunctions — though often only in hindsight. First, a conjunction represents the start of a new cycle between the two (and sometimes more) objects in question. Implicitly, an old cycle is closed at the same time. Just what the nature of the ending concurrent with a beginning turns out to be depends on the nature of the objects involved, and where their merger takes place.

Moving into and during the conjunction, the objects in question also tend to briefly merge their identities. One temporarily becomes more difficult than usual to distinguish from another. Once again, context pays a big part. Sometimes one partner is distinctively dominant.

Finally, there is usually what you could call a ‘blind spot’ involved. As is often the case with being literally or metaphorically close to a person, place or event, it takes some separation to gain perspective and see with clarity what the coming together implied.

Sometimes you can see conjunctions in the sky, weather permitting. That was recently the case with Venus and Jupiter rising in tandem shortly before the Sun. Notably, such is not the case with a New Moon.

Next week, the template through which all conjunctions are interpreted (the Sun and Moon merging, this time sharing the same degree of Capricorn) will kick off an entirely different — though not necessarily less eventful — fortnight.

With the Capricorn New Moon (coming either late Tuesday or early Wednesday, depending on where you live), you can reasonably expect 2017 to finally begin fading and 2018 to start coming on stronger.

Indeed, well before January comes to a close, you may witness what (at the time) seem to be sharp distinctions and abrupt transitions. In fact, any such perceptions will probably change with time.

If the preliminary conjunctions of January are an indication of events in your life, any upcoming events that appear to be precipitous will (upon separation) instead be shown to be of longer manifestation. This does not have anything whatsoever to do with unalterable destiny or pre-determined fate, by the way.

Instead, what you experience and witness before the end of January will most likely be (at least partially) a product of the broader perspective that comes with detachment. You will be able to contribute to the process if you want to.

Should you get a chance to spend a few days (or possibly even hours) away from what you have been close to since the new year dawned, it would probably be a good idea to take it. In particular, you might want to put your personal electronic device down more often. In general, a day or weekend under a different roof or on the road could also function to open your eyes.

Because the Full Moon at the end of January will also be a total lunar eclipse, any eye-openers you can manifest with intent before then will likely pay big dividends before February is even halfway through.

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