Self-Awareness: Mars Ingress Pisces

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Len Wallick discusses how you’ll want to master Mars in Pisces, rather like mastering fire: it begins with self-awareness — especially important with Neptune in close proximity. Asteroid Eros in the mix suggests your fearless pursuit of creative purpose could further the highest cause of all: love itself.

Mars enters Pisces at 5:20 am EST (10:20 UTC) Monday to emphasize awareness in general, but especially self-awareness. Everybody has Pisces somewhere in their personal astrology. It’s probably a pretty deep place for you. With the energetic implications of Mars transiting such depth will come some exciting potentials — if you can master them.


Mars, like fire, is an empowering servant but not such a trustworthy master. Hence, working with Mars as it manifests for you requires self-mastery, which logically begins with self-awareness.

Also analogous to working with fire, it’s important not to fear the red planet. As Robert Hand has noted of Mars, “… there is nothing to fear from its transits, and in fact its energies are a vital part of life.”

Indeed, if all you do with Mars traversing Pisces until Feb. 19 is to keep fear from running the show, you will have made a good show of yourself. Yet, you should also be aware of how a more intriguing potential is implied.

Adding intrigue to Martian vitality in Pisces will be Neptune, which has been continuously occupying Pisces for about three years now with about 11 years to go. Neptune co-rules Pisces along with Jupiter.

As Eric averred in 2012, even though Neptune is a relative newcomer (having been discovered in 1846), it is well-suited to rule Pisces and powerfully placed there. As Eric has also noted more than once, Neptune aspects can be far from exact and still be functional.

Neptune’s wide “orb” of aspect combined with the predilection of Mars to express its own aspects well in advance of their being exact indicates the next thing (after no need for fear) you should be aware of. Namely, the red planet’s ingress to Pisces on Monday will implicitly entail an immediate, long-lasting conjunction (or merger of energies) with Neptune.

Part of Neptune’s nature is that its expressions can be right in front of you, indeed surrounding you, and yet remain hidden in plain sight. In other words, Neptune rarely functions to enhance immediate awareness. That’s how it will be up to you to make up the difference, beginning with yourself.

In the weeks to come, it will be useful to pay attention to what’s going on inside you. If you endeavor to look for inner patterns and strive to understand them, self-awareness will inevitably result.

Along that same line, listen to words coming out of your mouth. Read e-mails and texts carefully before you send them. Ask yourself, “Is this really me?” Such a simple precaution may help you avoid having to say “Sorry, I wasn’t myself” or “That’s not the person I want to be” after the fact.

Once you grasp getting a hold of yourself before the fact, you can realize the powerful and positive potential of Mars in Pisces conjoined with Neptune at the same time. Among those potentials are service and preparation. Self-awareness enhances both.

If you choose to serve somehow during the next few weeks, try not to do so impulsively. Making an effort to get straight and clear about what you are serving and the spirit in which your service is rendered will be worth your while.

Preparation, of course, can easily become procrastination — especially with foggy Neptune ruling the roost for Mars. Be clear what you are preparing for and be aware of your your energy level. If you are focused and stoked, you probably have made a good balance of Mars and Neptune. If you feel either frustrated or lost, look to make an adjustment.

There is one other positive potential to be aware of when Mars enters Pisces, as indicated by Monday’s astrology. About six hours after the Martian ingress, a little asteroid with a big name — 433 Eros — will also enter Neptune’s watery and mutable realm.

Besides being an alternative name for Cupid, Eros represents what many learned people consider to be the most powerful, dominant and seminal human motivation: the urge to merge.

Even though it is ‘only’ an asteroid, the symbolism of Eros coalescing with Mars and Neptune in Pisces is something you should be aware of. When you consider that the merger will take place over the course of one day, yet implicitly last for weeks, the potential is clearly more than just a good time.

Indicated when Mars enters Pisces on Monday is nothing less than a chance to achieve your highest potential ever as a human being.

Imagine yourself overcoming fear, but not being content to stop there. Imagine you channeling the indomitable vitality of Mars with conscious intent. Then, conceive of such courage and desire in service to the unbridled creativity of Neptune. Finally, be aware of how fearless, energetic and creative purpose could further the highest cause — the cause of love itself, through you.

That may seem like a tall order, but please, give yourself a chance. Begin by simply practicing a little self-awareness. After all, if not you, who? If not now, when? Why not be at least some of the good things you would like to see happen in the world?

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Len Wallick

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12 thoughts on “Self-Awareness: Mars Ingress Pisces

  1. Cowboyiam

    Len, I don’t know if this will jell with what you are trying to express, but I have been so conflicted by my own awareness that many others appear oblivious to; subtle pretense. What I want to express is honest, loving, acceptance. What I am harshly aware of is the subtle pretense that is felt – as a knife to the heart. Yes, there is no blood, and it is always so civil; no one can claim offense. But it is still offensive – we just cant be honest about it. It is the real truth of our experience and it matters. We are in a hard place that pretends compassion.

    Not that compassion is not really felt and expressed – but more that it coexists with a heartless defensiveness that we don’t even see.

    I am speaking this way because I just watched a clip of an interview beginning on “The Talk” where the entrance “awkward as usual” is following the rules of polite warfare. The guest stiffly hugs each host for a count of three – but that one host gets a count of two. Its so subtle we aren’t supposed to pick up on it – but is subconsciously obvious – and we can feel the disconnect.

    That is the way Mars flows through “Civil Society”. Its all so polite! Its all pretense – and we stay in this drama until we stop pretending.

    Yes – I’m just venting. Sorry.

  2. MandyMandy

    Wow! I’m already feeling this (including other aspects), having just had a deep, cathartic awareness (and all that comes after that). Sounds like dessert is being served – count me in!!

  3. Nicolas Salinas

    Yes, thank you Len, you are very much appreciated and it sounds true to me what you write, Mars,Neptune and Eros merging in Pisces can achieve a very high ideal if you have your eye on the ball, thank you for pointing towards the right direction, especially with such “fire” in your words, you got me going before the article was over so I’ll be looking forward to such a beautiful expression of these wonderful planets in my life and around me. Oh and thank you Len for always considering people’s comments with such generosity, I ‘ve been aware of this for a while, so thanks.

  4. Barbara Koehler

    That is so true about Neptune Len, that it doesn’t hog the limelight and prefers to stay in the background – if not completely invisible! I wonder if it isn’t Neptune power that is making us aware through discussion regarding free speech that this privilege shouldn’t exclude thoughtfulness.

    Since there are no coincidences in astrology, little Eros tagging along with Mars into Pisces to merge with Neptune might, as Cowboyiam suggests, bring down walls of defensive behavior. Odd to think that Neptune could counter the “pretend” in society; a behavior we would normally associate with Neptune. We’ve got a lot to learn from this transit during the overall period of transition/upheaval we are in. Your articles are so appreciated Len, you see the nuances possible in each aspect you describe. I love that about you.

    Mars in Pisces will close out a period that astrology describes most of what is happening right now. A period which began with the awareness provided by the full moon cardinal cross which continues through to the next new moon. Beside the boomerang I wrote about yesterday, it includes Neptune’s subtle influence on transiting Sun (consciousness) who will square Eris (discord) who is stationing direct today.

    That square, exact on the 12th, followed the next day by the 3rd quarter square between Moon and Sun, also impacts Vesta (invested in) who travels alongside the Sun. By being semi-square all 3 (Sun, Vesta, Eris), Neptune is charging these bodies to manifest a new approach to age old problems; ignore the boundaries that divide.

    Mars will bring to a head these passionately expressed differences between cultures on January 15th (14th on the west coast) when he squares Saturn (reign in) in Sagittarius (learning about others), at the same time Mercury (thought) closes the Boomerang window and Pluto (transform) exacts the T-square with the nodes from the north bending. We will all go into the 0 Aquarius New Moon a bit – if not a lot – wiser than we were when we entered the last New Moon at 0 Capricorn with its fire grand trine of Jupiter, Eris and Ceres. Sadder but wiser.

  5. Deb

    Wow this site is amazing! You are all lightyears ahead of me astrologically. Even the comments ( BE – you rock! ) I have sun, venus, and mercury conjunct in early Pisces .In the 5th house. I am mostly dazed and confused but really enjoy all the knowledge and insight! Thanks for sharing with a novice! I am not sure what it all will mean for me but it sounds like an incredible opportunity of love and grace…

  6. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Lizzy: You are most welcome.

    Cowboyjam: Thank you, and worry not. Venting is healthy so long as you note what and how you vent. It does you credit to pick up on external things in such a sensitive way. You would do yourself added credit to evaluate how much of what you are picking up on has an internal origin – it could happen. For this particular time frame of Mars moving through Pisces, you might want to do an experiment – focus on being aware of your own feelings, motivations, etc and allow yourself to release concern about what others think (which could possibly just be what you think others think). See what happens. After all, “any experiment that shows results is a good experiment.” i do love your contributions here, and want to contribute something in turn to your well being.

    Mandy: Thank you for counting all of us in, and sharing your epiphany. Please keep us posted on how that goes.

    Nicolas: You are very welcome. My thanks to you in turn for sharing how my service has resonated with you. May the momentum carry over for you all the time Mars is in Pisces.

    Rob: i agree with you, and your sense of the matter is a welcome addition here. Thank you!

    P. Sophia: Speaking of epiphany, the one you shared in your comment here is both concise and profound. i can’t thank you enough for your knack in doing that.

    Barbara: Speaking of profound, the further meditations on Neptune you shared here have a depth of expression that perfectly balances the straightforward nature of your assertion. Thank you also for proposing what appears to be a very convincing role role for Mars in astrology’s current time frame. What would we do without you?

    Deb: Yes, Planet Waves is indeed amazing, and it appears as if you realy do belong here. Thank you so very much!

  7. Cowboyiam

    Thank you Len, That describes the process perfectly. I am coming to terms with who I truly am, in all of its extravagance, and the control system is very much a concern for me. Even though I conceive it as all my world, I am afraid, angry, bitter and humiliated. My consciousness gyrates back and forth. I hold my vibration as best I can – but it appears like a five year old who is trying to ride a bike – I almost got it and then I realize you’re not holding on to my seat – and I crash. Reaching for that secure knowing and getting scraped up – but I will be free!

    Your suggestion is accepted and knowing that Mars is helping me do what I have to do right now lessons my fear some Thank you so much.

  8. Barbara Koehler

    Thanks Len. As awareness is the keyword here I just want to note the more we know about what’s happening with the planets the less we feel lost in the confusion. This time yesterday, transiting Psyche was conjunct Neptune which helps me and I hope others understand how this recent glare of headlight news coverage is translating to our physical, emotional and psychological selves. Remember, Neptune is half-way between Eris and the Sun-conjunct-Vesta.

    In 2012, the last (of 2) conjunctions (or occultations) Venus made to the Sun was at 15+ Gemini. On Thursday evening and through Saturday morning (1/15-1/17) transiting Venus and transiting Mercury will trine the Venus-Sun degree in a salute to that rare event 2 1/2 years ago.

    This will follow the transiting Mars square Saturn aspect early Thursday which should reflect a screeching halt to the week of hour to hour event coverage in and around Paris France (I hope). From these aspects we should take solace in knowing that no, the world isn’t coming to an end, but it is passing through a stage of transformation, just as we are.

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