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With the Moon waxing through watery Pisces all day today, it would not be surprising if both your inner and outer environments featured a significant emotional component. Shortly before 4 pm EDT (20:39:31 UTC) tomorrow, the Moon will move on to Aries, where Thursday’s Full Moon — with the Moon opposing the Libra Sun — will take place.


With any Full Moon comes an indication of climax, but not conclusion. That’s because a Full Moon is commonly recognized as the middle (not the end) of any given lunar cycle.

The two weeks following a Full Moon tend to be underrated. Perhaps it is because the Moon rises later each night. Hence, during the two weeks or so between a Full Moon and the next New Moon, it becomes more and more likely that you will go to sleep before the Moon becomes visible.

While that which is out of sight can easily be out of mind, it is not necessarily so. Your mind does not turn off while you sleep; it simply processes information in a different way compared to your waking hours.

As you will probably recognize from evaluating the content of dreams that you recall from slumber, a lot of the material commonly relates to your experiences from the day (or days) before. For what the waking mind struggles to resolve, the sleeping mind can very often provide some insight.

Working with dreams requires some intent. It is also necessary that you be as shrewd as you hopefully are when interacting with somebody who is attempting to sell (or convince you of) something. If ever there were a time to remember and apply those two principles, it would be during what remains of this week.

Based on what the Moon will be doing in context with the rest of the sky between now and Sunday, you can expect some rather strident sales pitches to be part of both your inner and outer climate. Given where the Moon will be in its own cycle during the same period, it would serve your long-term well being if you remain engaged while refraining from immediately buying in.

This does not mean you should procrastinate. What needs to be done will always remain so regardless of astrology. In matters where discretion is involved, however, it would probably do nobody any good if you were to rush to judgement over the next handful of days.

Instead, explore. Be curious. Note all your waking mind gathers. Consider everything your sleeping mind offers. Listen to others, not just for data, but also to put yourself in their place on the spectrum between highly reactive and unresponsive. Then, work with your imagination.

Imagine where you would like to end up on the continuum between any extremes you are observing and/or personally experiencing. Finally, give yourself at least five days (and as long as two weeks) to change your mind before taking a stand.

The times in which we are now living are trying – there is no denying that. Yet, no trial can result in a just end without the patient application of due process. If you can but facilitate that process for yourself, patiently allowing for one step at a time, the beginning of the next lunar cycle could very well come with the seeds of genuine wisdom.

And some authentic wisdom from you is something the rest of us could use right now.

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