Sagittarius 2014

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, #1029 | By Eric Francis The Sun is about to leave your sign and Saturn is about to arrive. This is like your Bar Mitzvah, only it’s the real thing. You are being reminded that you are an actual woman or man, someone who is capable of taking […]

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, #1029 | By Eric Francis

The Sun is about to leave your sign and Saturn is about to arrive. This is like your Bar Mitzvah, only it’s the real thing. You are being reminded that you are an actual woman or man, someone who is capable of taking your destiny into your hands. That capability, that capacity or potential, is now ready to express itself through you. Be prepared to take life more seriously, which will require you to keep your sense of humor on at all times. Prepare to leave the swirling chaos of past years behind you. Get ready to draw some lines, and to work within those lines, which will help you concentrate your energy. Don’t be fooled by the idea that boundaries and timeframes are in some way limiting. For you in particular, they are the assurance of surpassing your limitations. You are someone for whom anything is possible — that is a core self-concept you possess. Now you’re about to demonstrate that it’s true.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, #1028 | By Eric Francis

You are irresistible even to people who think they don’t like you, but now you’re working with some unusual charisma and influence. I don’t want to hype up what I see in your chart, though it has the quality of bending reality to your will — and that calls for caution. Pause for as few as five seconds and you will be able to see any situation from any point of view. That alone will be enough to convince someone that what you have is what they want. For that reason you must proceed thoughtfully with everyone you think you might influence. Think long-range and consider the long-term consequences. The idea here is not to have less fun, rather to have more fun with less inconvenience at some other time. However, that’s if you’re thinking small. If you want to influence something, focus on a goal of profound importance to you. If you’re craving contact, start with the one person who would mean the very most.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, #1027 | By Eric Francis

You really do know — even if you think you don’t, and especially if you’re not supposed to. To make an observation, you don’t need to have read the book or collected the certification. There are some things you just know. You might call it intuition, but from the look of your solar chart it’s a heck of a lot deeper; more like the direct memory of something you learned a long time ago. This could be a fleeting experience for you, though I suggest you focus on any interesting revelations long enough to get the actual content and impact of the message. You could find yourself remembering all kinds of things that are absolutely beyond your experience, training and knowledge level. I suggest that you not declare yourself any kind of expert or lay claim to this information any more than to enter into a relationship with it. This is something that can develop over time, if you make the investment of focus and reflection.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December 2014, #1026 | By Eric Francis

This month, Saturn enters your sign for the first time since Nov. 12, 1988, when the prior Saturn in Sagittarius phase ended. Since this promises to be big news on the Internet, here are some time details, then one thought: Saturn enters your sign on Dec. 23, then retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 14, 2015, and finally settles into Sagittarius on Sept. 17, 2015 (where it will remain for two years). As for that thought: You’re entering a time of transition. Part of what will make that real is focusing what you’ve learned about yourself since this time in 2012, and taking that to heart. In particular, the central topic is the nature of fear and how you respond to it. You might say we live in the age of, ‘I know a lot, but I don’t do anything with the information’. You are entering the age of, ‘I must use everything I know about myself’. In essence, this is the time of mastering your accountability for yourself, which means being accountable for that elusive thing known as self-knowledge. This is the thing you’ve been waiting for. You may not think so, but as this quality of existence begins to pick up momentum, I think you will get the idea. Central to the theme is being the master of your own life. Yes, you can do it.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, #1025 | By Eric Francis

Once the Sun enters your sign Saturday, followed immediately by a thundering New Moon, you will see how little you had to worry about. But that never stopped anyone from ruminating unnecessarily. Two points come out of your chart, besides the timing of the big turning point of the moment, that New Moon Saturday at 7:32 am EST. One is that you seem determined to follow your intuition. I would suggest rather than doing that, you allow it to lead you. There is plenty of intuition to go around, but one of its properties is that it has nothing to do with fear. Second, you may have a tendency to take on the emotional baggage of others. Be especially aware around your mother or anyone who reminds you of her, or when you slip into some of her tendencies. It is vital that you stick to your own values, with passion, awareness and determination.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, #1024 | By Eric Francis

You must feel like the weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders, and if you don’t, give it a day or two. You can trust at least one thing — what you are working out now, you will never have to work out again. Or to qualify that, you will not, if you go through it with full mindfulness and keep your mind on the many layers of what you are doing. You are standing in the midst of an opportunity to resolve issues that have followed you your whole life. What you have now that you have not had before is an opportunity to work on multiple layers of your situation at the same time. By situation, I mean your orientation on your existence, your self-concept and most of all, your fears. Yes, it’s taking some courage to face all of this, but it’s courage that is quickly rewarded by an increase in confidence and the craving to take the next step. In this space, setbacks matter little, because they are seen as the temporary bumps or the learning opportunities that they are.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, #1023 | By Eric Francis

There’s a storm blowing somewhere in your soul. It’s shaking your windows and rattling your walls, though it’s inside you, not outside. Other astrology suggests you are feeling like time is closing in on your desires and your plans for your life. Your chart describes the sensation of approaching some kind of last chance or final opportunity. This is a feeling more than a reality, though it can be a useful feeling indeed. One message of your charts is that time is not infinite, when counted on a human scale. Indeed, our time on Earth is rather finite, and we are dealing with an unknown. One reading of your chart is to respect every unknown in your life. As part of that you are being called upon to respect time, and the passage of time.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for November, 2014, #1022 By Eric Francis

Don’t let the pressure get to you — or rather, you don’t have to. You can if you want to, though your situation feels more urgent than it is. The sense that you are approaching some limitation or obstacle is more of an inner reality than an outer one. And there is a corresponding inner development — that of resolve and determination in a way that you have rarely ever felt in such a focused way. Yes, you are born under one of the most ambitious signs, capable of marshaling your energy like few others can. Yet as I am sure you’ve been aware, you must gather your strength in a new way, to meet objectives that you have yet to fully encounter. If you cooperate, the outcome is certain.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November, 2014, #1021 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be under pressure to get your life together, as if the responsibility gene has woken up. To me it looks more like the ‘be true to yourself’ gene is kicking you from the inside. You might say that’s the most significant responsibility you have, and at the moment it seems to be shocking you to your senses. Aspects this month may be sending you the message that this is your last chance to accomplish something of real meaning. It’s not your last chance, though it’s worth respecting the finite nature of time, and of a lifetime. Opportunities are temporary in their current form. They may reincarnate as something else, though the opportunity you have now is an original. You might be wondering if it makes sense to proceed based on a sense of frustration or limitation. For example, if you don’t resolve it before you make a move, will you carry that sensation with you into your next endeavor? There are two distinct schools of thought on this matter, one being that you begin something new exactly where you left off from the previous endeavor; therefore, never make a decision from a point of frustration. Another is that such a place offers you the necessary leverage, friction or motivation to break out of your inertia. Those moments are indeed precious, and I think they can be rooted in true strength.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014, #1020 | By Eric Francis

There is power in chaos. It would seem that one of the only ways to get access to real energy is to turn up the entropy level. Molecules in a pot of water get increasingly chaotic in their movement as the temperature increases. Yet what the pot of water has going for it is focus. It has organization. There is a plan, which contains the chaos. For example, the heat is below the water and the two are separated by a metal container. Then it’s safe to turn up the energy and increase the chaos level. That’s about how your charts look. There is a chaos factor, and there is a precision factor. There is a plan. Follow your plan. Do not skip steps and don’t take anything for granted. You know what you’re doing but you still must follow your pre-flight checklist down to the last detail, and make every move with care and intention.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, #1019 | By Eric Francis

Take it easy — and I do mean super easy. Be cool. I don’t mean act cool, I mean keep your emotional temperature chill and pay attention to each decision you make, no matter how small. Any subtle intention, even admitting your inner desire honestly, can change the course of your life. This is not the time to flirt with loss of control, or with imprecision. The thing is, you may not recognize when you’re doing so. Therefore, be especially careful with idle curiosity, where drugs or alcohol are involved, or in any moment where you’re star-struck by another person. On the creative and constructive side, you have in your hands a truly unusual moment to make actual decisions that point your life in the direction that you want to go. Just remember the concept of a fulcrum. If you point your arrow one fraction of an inch to the left or to the right, you could miss your mark by a yard, or a mile.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, #1018 | By Eric Francis

Mars continues to make its way across your sign, and has one of its most glorious and/or challenging moments this weekend — it will be square the centaur planet Chiron in Pisces. You might want to do something that challenges your present sense of emotional ‘worthiness’ or belonging. I would say the more triggered you are, the better. That’s because triggers can reveal your true inner dynamics, which are exactly what you want to know. You absolutely must know the connection between what seems to block you from what you want to do now, and any early wounding you experienced that is working at the root of that situation. This is not merely about making contact with your pain. It’s about knowing your inner landscape intimately, so that you can work with the territory and use your resources effectively.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for October 2014, #1017 | By Eric Francis

Mars is transiting your sign all month long, and it’s making 17 conjunctions to everything from asteroids to centaur planets to the Galactic Core. Translated into English, you more resemble some kind of superhuman mutant than your average person. You may be feeling your strength more profoundly, as well as your doubts and your seeming imperfections. I assure you, however, that what you’re experiencing is distinctly human. You’re being called, or perhaps compelled, to notice a process that has been underway for years. You usually get some sense of this around the time of your birthday. Now you’re seeing and feeling something that may be vaguely familiar, but which you’ve never quite perceived acutely. One manifestation of this journey has been an inability to focus a clear definition of who you are, a clear sense of identity. You cannot even fake it, which I would say is a beautiful thing. You may, however, feel like as you experience each one of these seemingly different facets of who you are, you’ll be looking for some logic or some unifying theme. That would be you. The dreamer is never separate from the dream, no matter how many forms it takes. The perceiver is never separate from perception. The artist is never separate from their art. Follow this thread and you will emerge in a space where this is so obvious that it’s funny.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014, #1016 | By Eric Francis

An interesting mix of energies in your solar chart casts you in two different roles — the agent provocateur, and the perfect diplomat. That adds up to subversive. Being a successful subversive is a skill, and you can go a long way to mastering that skill over the next few days. The thing to remember is that people trust you, and they look to you as an example. The less you say about certain topics the better you will be able to convey your real meaning. Listen for the ways in which people are already likely to agree with you, and take that as your lead. Tap into the ideas and motives of others. This will help you avoid evangelizing, or seeming like you have an agenda. In order to do this with any integrity, you must be clear about what you want to achieve and why. Be real with yourself. Do not make excuses.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014, #1015 | By Eric Francis

Mars ingressing your sign on Saturday will, at least, demonstrate that your worst fears were not true. At best, you will focus your goals with new commitment and determination. While Sagittarius is associated with many things, remember that its deeper meaning is the one-pointed determination to follow your highest calling and to get the job done. Sagittarius at its best brooks no distraction, no competition, no compromises. Mars, which itself carries the symbol of focused determination — the same arrow that appears in the Sagittarius glyph — emboldens that whole program of getting the job done. On the physical plane and especially on our planet, you need this kind of strength and focus to cut through the nearly limitless bullshit that is flying around, and to avoid the many diversions that prevent most progress. You certainly have an adventure ahead — though one with a clear purpose and as much assurance of success as is possible. Choose your direction. Go forward, and keep going forward.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 4, #1014 | By Eric Francis

Creativity must have an emotional source. It can feed you intellectually, and feed your quest, but the drive to create is body-level, akin to the need to breathe, or your response to pain. Actually those are fitting metaphors for the creative process, as it does involve an in-breath and out-breath of experience, and some of the world’s greatest creative works have served artists, musicians and writers as a way to process loss. For you, creativity helps you build your inner home. When you tap your gifts, you create a space of safety for yourself, and you can then move into that space and live more confidently. You might think of that as a kind of healing cave, from which emerge many resources and jewels you can share with those you love and care about.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2014, #1013 | By Eric Francis

All this energy you’re feeling is not just coming from you. Some of it is; your brain and body are running hot. You definitely burn food into calories that fuel your nerves and muscles. Yet you’re also tuning into other sources of power and strength, which you might think of as coming from beyond you, or from some aspect of yourself as yet unacknowledged or undiscovered. I suggest you leave that particular theme an open issue, and observe the ways in which you’re inspired, motivated and guided to action. Notice what forces conspire to assist you. Observe whether plans you made long ago are gradually coming to fulfillment. This may have the effect of getting you to consider what you want in the future, not on the basis of whether you think it can be attained but rather whether you think it is the right thing for you. What’s most exciting is how the concept of ‘right for you’ is merging with the notion of ‘right for the world’. One thing our entire society struggles with is the problem of separate and competing interests. If a higher power or superior intelligence is helping guide and coordinate your life, one of the first places you’ll be taken is where there’s efficiency, and where your personal efforts support, and are supported by, the efforts of others.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, August 22, 2014, #1012 | By Eric Francis

You may be wondering when your luck will run out. You’re not there yet, and you have a long way to go. What I suggest you consider is when your fear will run out. You seem to have reached a limit of how much you can worry, how concerned you can be, how averse you are to taking the kinds of chances that you really want to take. It would seem that your even greater fear is allowing yourself to actually feel. This story is older than you, and it may be as old as civilization, so you don’t have to take it so personally. For sure there is a family story involved, and I suggest you note the relatives whose emotions either ran below the freezing point or never seemed to drop below the boiling point. Yet what is indeed personal is that your own need to feel is exceeding your resistance. And in one burst, you may experience anything from pain to guilt to raw desire of a kind that you are often reluctant to admit to. Start with yourself. Then consider the virtue of living out loud.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, August 14, 2014, #1011 | By Eric Francis

God loves you, but what do you fear? Your charts describe a scenario where your darkest ideas of what is possible meet your most faithful expectations. I think it will be necessary to stay in contact with both sides of this equation, and to get swept away by neither of them. Your fears speak of an emotional issue that you’re trying to resolve. It’s something that prevents you from fully expressing your freedom of choice. The feeling may be some shade of, “If I do what I want, the worst thing will happen.” That is not true, but it is a feeling. On the other side of the equation, you can feel your horizons opening up and you know that much more is possible than you’ve dreamed of any time lately. There is substance to your desires, which can take on structure and form as real experiences. That is a workable tool rather than a promise or a guarantee. Therefore, stay true to your vision for yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, August 7, 2014, #1010 | By Eric Francis

So many possibilities! So much hesitation. What is going on? That would be a good question to ask yourself. I detect a scenario where you feel as if pursuing the best life has to offer could lead to the worst life has to offer. I think this is a common phenomenon, though for you right now it may be operating in an ‘unconscious’ way. By that, I mean that it may seem like something else, or you have not given language to what you are experiencing. As for those supposedly worst things, they all seem to be shadows cast over desire. Desire is indeed haunted in our society — by various religious perspectives that call it sinful, or attachment, or the cause of all suffering. I suggest you be honest with yourself about what you want, and put it into words so that you can look at them and read them back to yourself. You may need to go through several layers of desire to get to the core of the onion; or you may recognize a distinct, unique constellation that says something that only you understand.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 31, 2014, #1009 | By Eric Francis

Allow your fear to motivate you. Most spiritual paths teach that fear is false or that it’s meaningless or that it’s bad. I believe that fear is energy. It’s also connected to an early-warning system that has been hijacked by various entities (religion, warmongers, drug salesmen) and which basically drives people insane. Yet addressing fear is an essential element of growth, no matter what branch of growth we’re talking about. Right now, your fear describes something about your potential. It’s as if when you identify something that you’re anxious about, consider whether the opposite is true, and let that be a statement of the possibilities that are open to you, or a comment on what you want to accomplish. You could say that fear is sending you the worst possible information. You could say that it’s sending you truly useful information if you know how to work with it.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2014, #1008 | By Eric Francis

Focus on your plans, by which I mean specific plans to go specific places or do specific things. Did I say specific? Most people work with general plans, such as “I will be a musician” or “I will be rich” or “Someday I will write something.” Or to give another example, “Someday I won’t have to do this job I don’t like.” The combined action of Mars and Jupiter is calling for you to focus your self-knowledge into a course of action. Remember that this does not need to be a ‘permanent commitment’ or ‘what you want to do for the rest of your life’. It’s what’s significant now, that your soul is calling for you to do now. There may be a place involved, though not necessarily. If you are getting information about a place, I suggest you test your theory and actually go there. In general I would say the theme of your solar chart is test your theory. If you are into a particular art form or method of personal expression, design a project that you bring to completion — make sure you choose your scale so you can go from start to finish in a few weeks or months, rather than something designed to go on for years. You will both benefit and build confidence from the feeling of intending and then achieving. Then do something new.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 17, 2014, #1007 | By Eric Francis

You are starting to see possibilities where you did not see them before. Correspondingly, you may also be seeing problems you didn’t notice before, though I would propose that those problems may not exist. You may be saying that if the problems are not real, then how do I know the potentials are real? Well, the mind is better at making up problems that don’t exist than it is at coming up with solutions or creative options. Even if this is a matter of emphasis, it will pay to focus your attention on what works, or what will help, rather than on what might not be going well. One thing I’ve noticed in my decades of working with people as their astrologer is that most are not so good at seeing the possibilities. You are — and if you want, you also have the discipline to make them real.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 10, 2014, #1006 | By Eric Francis

Your ruling planet Jupiter is about to change signs, and this means it’s time to focus your energy and your intentions. There is enormous potential in this transit, but you will need to be clear, apply energy and follow through on what you start. For the past month or so it’s been possible to run a little wild, to skimp on commitments and to let yourself be dominated by your emotions rather than on what actually makes sense logically. At the same time, you’re seeking real creative freedom and solid collaborations. And, I would remind you that you’re working with real creative power — which comes with responsibility, and connecting your creative power to an actual purpose that serves humanity. Jupiter in Leo will boost your creative confidence, and make sure you get to live out the connection between creativity, passion and fun — but when you get to the essence of Leo, it’s about responsibility to the community. Leo puts work above play, and above money. Look after these details. You are well respected but this will raise the stakes — your integrity is on the line.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 3, 2014, #1005 | By Eric Francis

As you communicate and otherwise relate to people, be sure not to hold them to your past. It’s likely that others have moved beyond certain spiritual or emotional matters that you are still grappling with, or have no special need to address them now. Therefore, align yourself with their present, and keep your focus in that framework of reality. This will have the effect of calling you forth into your present, where you know that you can see over the limits that may have been in your life before. You have not necessarily surpassed each limit. You may still have work to do (who doesn’t?). Yet you know that this is also a matter of two points of view; two approaches to life. One is deeply engrained, indeed, it goes back generations. One points to the way that anyone goes beyond history, beyond the limits supposedly set on their success and happiness by their predecessors. Others will lead the way for you, and you will lead the way for them.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2014, #1004 | By Eric Francis

As Jupiter shifts into fire sign Leo for a one-year visit, you will discover your horizons are expanding vastly. This is partly a factor of having resolved or removed yourself from so many past agreements, engagements and entanglements. Your sense of time, of distance, of your own potential and of devotion to your talents are all about to go into expansion mode, as is your faith in yourself (or your higher power, however you prefer). The key now is finding out what this new phase of your life has to offer you before getting involved in anything that might limit your options. The opportunities and the temptations to limit yourself will be disguised as something else. Someone or some situation may call on you to compromise a core value in a covert way. It might seem minor at first. For hypothetical example, you may do your best work at night, an old fact of which you’re fully aware. But being absorbed in your work evenings might not be tenable to a relationship partner. That can lead to tension or to conflict, which can be distracting you from exploring something you know is essential. You know what is right; one question is whether you will you see this as what it really is. Remember — you have yet to discover what life is about to offer you. Keep your options open.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 19, 2014, #1003 | By Eric Francis

Remember the element of chaos in passion. Remember that when you choose to feel, you don’t always get to pick which feelings come up. Most of all, remember that long ago you decided you don’t want your life to be predictable. Yet this means giving up control, or rather, the illusion of control. You cannot make decisions for other people — count yourself fortunate that you’re aware enough to make some decisions for yourself. Yet ultimately you want to make all of your own decisions, which is the only control you need — and it’s also about the closest you can come to an assurance that life is indeed fair. The other assurance is to keep your promises, and focus on making sure that others keep their promises to you. I suggest you conduct an inventory of unfinished business in this aspect of your life, and strive for full integrity.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 12, 2014, #1002 | By Eric Francis

Tonight’s Full Moon in your birth sign is an interesting specimen, and I’ve never seen anything so Sagittarian in my life. You could be inspired to go on the bender of a lifetime and throw yourself into that light-pulsing experiment where you come out the other end before you even went in. You might gallop through the forest and be standing before the ancestral cave where you can meet any relative going back countless generations. You may get called in one direction, keep going and find out that you’ve taken yourself to a place you only vaguely suspected existed. As I said, the ultimate Sagittarian moment. Give yourself some space and time to do something with it. You need more freedom and you need it soon — and as long as you’re paying attention you’ll be able to go wherever you want and land yourself safely on solid ground.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 6, 2014, #1001 | By Eric Francis

You must feel like you’re headed to a new place, or to a new place in life, with some bold determination — and you can afford to proceed with confidence. The fact that certain other people around you may lack cohesion or direction is not a reflection on you, and I suggest you not take it on, no matter how tempting that may seem. As the Moon rapidly builds toward full phase, exact in your sign on the 13th, you will need to keep your focus, slow down and make decisions more consciously. It will be increasingly important that you not be influenced, sidetracked or distracted by others, and the potential is definitely there. At the same time, as the days go by you will have the potential to be more reactive than usual, especially if you’re under the influence of alcohol. So between now and the 14th I suggest you be conscious, even scrupulous, about this. You are at a critical juncture in your life and I suggest you avoid setbacks and make every decision count.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 30, 2014, #1000 | By Eric Francis

For a little while, consider everything a potential message from the gods. You’re philosophical, curious and adventurous enough to do this. Listen carefully to what people say, and imagine for a moment that it’s a direct revelation of truth. Observe the visual world around you for symbols that have personal or universal meaning. This isn’t because everything you see is indeed a divine message (though the case could be made that it is, from a metaphysical standpoint). Rather, I suggest you do everything you can to keep your mind open to the cosmos. If you do, you’ll notice things that you might not have noticed had you considered everything simply to be average, ordinary stuff as most people will perceive it to be. Notice, in particular, the quest, desire or struggle for the people to orient on healing. Listen to what they say and notice the choices they make, no matter how small or meager they may seem. Notice that value taking hold anywhere around you — anywhere at all.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2014, #999 | By Eric Francis

Much that you could not talk about, or find anyone willing to discuss, is about to become a household topic. It will be up to you to make them a household topic, though you know it’s time for you and the people around you to speak in an open way about what is obvious. You can initiate the discussion gently, and you may be surprised to see that people respond. Seen one way, they are reflecting you and responding to your commitment to truth. Seen another way, they are tapping the underside of their own nature, and that particular aspect has more in common with who you are than it does with who they usually are, or think they are. Therefore, I would encourage you to have all the unusual, irreverent or taboo discussions that you’ve ever wanted to have. Get good at it. Find out how easy it is to lure people into revealing the truth of who they are, and use that information wisely. In one sense you will be looking into a mirror — but a mirror so clear, it will be entirely convincing that what you see is not a reflection. You don’t need to believe it’s a reflection — you can merely ask yourself how you would respond if what you were seeing reveal itself in others was, hypothetically, some aspect of yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 16, 2014, #998 | By Eric Francis

You may think you’ve been struggling to fit into the world someplace, when you’ve actually been succeeding at doing just that. I know it may not feel that way, but there’s a discovery or two you have yet to make about what the changes of the past few months have really been about. One thing I can tell you is that determining the direction of your life is not merely a process of elimination. It’s true that eliminating non-viable options is critical, and you’ve done some of that, but that’s not all you have to do. I suggest you take an inventory of what is working in accordance with your stated life plans. Notice what is already happening in some form or fashion the way you say you want your life to be. Notice where your gifts are already recognized. Notice who tells you, or in some way demonstrates, “you belong here,” and notice how that feels. Use that information to make any further choices.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 2, 2014, #997 | By Eric Francis

This can be a brilliantly productive time for you with work-related contracts and collaborations. You are in an unusually opportune moment, and I suggest you do two things. One is to take advantage of it in a conscious way. You have some options open, therefore you can afford to have some criteria. The most significant of them is to make sure that in any work, collaboration or contractual situation, you are treated as human, and that your human needs are recognized. Gravitate not just toward the money but also toward the places where there is food, water and a comfortable environment. The second factor involves discipline. All the talent and opportunity in the world are worthless without commitment, honoring time structure and working within the needs of the larger organization or community in which you are participating. There are really two skill-sets described in that statement: one is the discipline aspect and the other is the political aspect. Be alert, ready to grow and prepared to do your best work — right now.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for May 2014, #996 | By Eric Francis

By now you have a pretty good idea who your friends are. You seem to have learned the value of both being appreciated and of pissing people off. It’s not that being annoying is a viable way of life, but in noticing who is irritated by you and who welcomes you, you can have an accurate sense of where you belong. Your life is not about popularity — it’s about finding your strongest, most viable place in society and working from that point of advantage. Carving out your niche is usually a process of trial and error, and for that to work you need both. Creating a space for yourself on the planet can have some brilliant moments, and it will inevitably get on some people’s nerves. Being your own person requires a measure of not taking things personally. It’s just that you’ve been so sensitive to what people feel, and it has not been easy for you to have a thick skin. One thing to consider is the extreme importance of allowing others to own their feelings, which implies that you do not own or control their feelings. When you’re handed something you don’t want, you have a right to pass it right back. In this process of establishing boundaries, you will take possession of what you feel, and what you intend to accomplish. That is the crucial step.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 18, 2014, #995 | By Eric Francis

This is not the time to make or break contracts — you’re under too much pressure, there are variables you don’t know about, and it’s essential that you figure out what you want before you commit to anything new. I suggest you hold to your current course as the grand cross and solar eclipse do their work, though obviously if you encounter something interesting to do, do it if you want, as long as you don’t sign away any portion of your future longer than an evening or weekend adventure. The very most significant thing you can do is to see your options. This really is one of the great challenges facing humanity, even in this time of so many alleged choices. Most of the usual options don’t apply to you; they are too trivial. Your astrology suggests this is a time of authentic, deep decisions for you, and to make such decisions you need some idea of what is available. Your fiery nature usually likes to jump into things headlong without considering what might develop. Your current astrology is saying you need to be a clear thinker, an analyst and a visionary to make the most out of your options, many of which you don’t yet know exist.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 11, 2014, #994 | By Eric Francis

Remember how sensitive you are, which is another word for how vulnerable. One corner of your astrology describes this vividly — a healing process designed to address some emotional pain that you’ve wanted to let go of forever. While healing is always assured, the path is not always direct, and you now have the opportunity to actually focus on what has been difficult to resolve. Another corner of your chart has you bouncing off the walls with ideas and plans and crackling with energy. It looks like you’re ready for action. Now, without real awareness of your needs as opposed to your desires, you could find yourself in a tight spot. So I suggest that the first thing you do is honor your vulnerable side first. That may mean being a little less spontaneous than you like to be. Then once you’ve done that, you can make choices for the adventures you want that are based on (for example) who among your friends is actually sensitive to you. That is the main thing you need, in a friend, love or traveling companion of any form: someone who can feel you.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 4, 2014, #993 | By Eric Francis

In any given situation, there are two basic patterns you can follow. The thing you need to know is that in following one of these patterns, the other one is likely to be concealed, reduced to a faint memory or not part of your awareness at all. If you manage to come back to your center (which may happen as a result of frustration), notice that you have another way to proceed. When you take that route, the prior, more frustrating one will seem not to exist, and for a while you will be able to proceed in a more productive way. Yet the real mission described by your astrology is integrating both of these modes. One might have logic dominating and the other emotion dominating. One might be based on facts and the other on intuition. In order to work at full strength, both sides of the equation need to be balanced. Both originate from you; both are rooted in what you already know and have considerable experience with. All you need is to be mindful of that fact.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 28, 2014, #992 | By Eric Francis

If you subtract the drama from the sex, the sex will be a lot more interesting. I know that for most people this is like decaffeinated instant coffee with Splenda and Cremora, or trying to get drunk on a Shirley Temple. There exists a kind of conditioned association between drama and sex, in particular, drama based on insecurity. I would propose that you don’t need that. I also suggest you subtract the “does he/she love me?” question from your erotic encounters, along with “what will happen to us in the future?” and “will we do this again?” Let basic trust and being turned on be enough for now. Have your experiences in the moment you’re having them, giving and receiving love in real time. The insecurity factor to me looks like a ruse. By ruse, I mean to use a polite word for bullshit. You might try treating it as such, just for an experiment. The other part of the experiment will involve not treating anyone else’s insecurity as if it’s valid for you.

Planet Waves Monthly for April 2014, #991| By Eric Francis

You seem to be central to many events and activities around you. Actually, this appears to be so true that the most significant thing you can avoid is losing yourself in the midst of all the excitement, the drama and the goings-on. Whether you recognize it or not, the resources that are being drawn on are your emotional resources. You might think it’s your creative talent, your money or your ideas; you might have those moments when you think it’s your sexual energy (and you would be getting closer). The thing you have, that which others want and think they need or are just drawn to without understanding at all, is your emotional pool. You might be saying, “The Only Astrology Book You Ever Need said Sagittarians aren’t so emotional,” though astrology books don’t really point to this quality about you. Yet it’s as real as you are, and it’s present right now, and I suggest you insulate yourself a bit and keep a meter on what you share with others, so that you have sufficient reserves of your own. In addition, it’s imperative that you set your own course in life without being distracted by those with whom you’re sexually involved or with whom you may share a bank account. This is a time when you must be absolutely free to make your own decisions, and make them without hesitation.

Horoscope #990 Unavailable

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, #989| By Eric Francis

You may be finding it difficult to reconcile two different projects or sets of plans or goals, which feel like two left shoes on one day and two right shoes the next. Keep working both sides of the equation separately, doing your best to not mind that one does not seem to fit the other. Devote yourself fully to whatever you’re doing at the time. Remember that the ‘big picture’ is still there whether you see it or not, and that there are more moving parts to this equation than just two. After a while you will start to tune in to the common ground, and the shared purpose, of the different things you’re experimenting with. When discussing your plans, stick to specific people who have been helpful in the past, or with whom you share an unusual bond now. The meeting place where ideas intersect with the people who can carry them out will begin to open up, especially as you let down your guard and open up. Remember that ideas and people are the two most important resources you can have available; they lead directly to all else, and your life is rich with both.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2014, #988 | By Eric Francis

Don’t worry if you think people don’t like you, or if you’re having some difficulty managing your social relationships. I suggest you take the events of the next few months as an extended opportunity to learn where you really stand with people, and also to learn how to build your overall standing in the community. I don’t mean your popularity — I mean real things like trust, dependability, loyalty and the willingness to stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s going to piss off some people. Though you have it in you to be the supreme diplomat, you are also a Sagittarius, and your sign is equipped with a sharp edge. Still, it may be necessary to err on the side of asserting yourself. Do that firmly, directly and with understatement. Be a keen observer for passive-aggressive tendencies in yourself or in others. The ‘passive’ part is just a ruse for the ‘aggressive’ part, so get underneath that if necessary and suss out the source of that energy. Meanwhile, any relationship or encounter can lead to contact with anyone. That’s a good incentive to say friendly things about people, and a reminder that in your life, the usual seven degrees of separation between you and any other person is about to be reduced to one or two degrees of separation. The world is small, and it’s getting smaller.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, #987 | By Eric Francis

Jupiter, the official Sagittarius planet, is holding a long opposition to Pluto right now. It’s in a very strong sign, indeed, one of its favorites (Cancer), but being at the end of a long retrograde can feel like having key elements of your life on hold a little longer than you were planning. Meanwhile the opposition to Pluto is putting a focus on the ways in which you must evolve in order to get where you want to be going, so there’s a purpose for the pause — that being your opportunity for focus. To me this looks like taking up the emotional issues, particularly over-dependence and your struggle with independence, in your relationships. What’s the history of this subject, how have you handled it in the past and how are you handling it today? If you are tempted to think that this is an inconvenient time to approach this subject, I would say as an astrologer this is the most convenient time to take up the subject matter in the easiest and most direct possible way.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 7, 2014, #986 | By Eric Francis

At this time in your life, the concept of fair exchange is a necessary ingredient in your growth and your happiness. Be aware what you can contribute to any situation — that is to say, without feeling exploited. Be aware of the people who give to you so generously. Be aware of their devotion to you. It may seem un-Sagittarian to openly express gratitude, but I assure you that it would merely stand as evidence that you are a conscious and magnanimous citizen rather than another of the blocks and stones we so often keep banging into. There is no situation in your life that feeds you that you don’t have the power to feed and support. Your own well-being, your sense of belonging and most of all your need for fairness depend on it. Without aiming to appeal to your self-interest, let me say this another way. Everyone benefits from your generosity, of heart, of soul, of your wisdom and your resources. You benefit by being reminded how much you have.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, #985 | By Eric Francis

You are reaching the point where, if you don’t make a conscious move, you know something is going to come ‘out of nowhere’ and make the move for you. This is a way of life for some — wait long enough, something happens, a decision is made for them. In their minds, they are ‘saved’ from the responsibility of having to choose. That however subverts the single most important power we possess — the power of decision. I suggest you remove the elements of chance and self-coercion from your decision-making process. Stay as far as you can from that zone where you feel like you will be forced to choose. You don’t need to experience life on this level. The pleasure of the moment is about acting in a way that is wholly voluntary and in full accord with what you know, what you want and how you feel.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for February 2014, #984 | By Eric Francis

You could have things be a lot easier than they currently are; you seem to have figured out that allowing yourself to be involved in complex situations is a way of learning about yourself. You seem to be in a scenario where your connection to someone else is like a personal development laboratory, or where you’re seeking self-actualization in the context of a relationship. You may have also figured out that such a thing does not work for you, and are resisting being so immersed in someone else, or anyone, with every cell in your being. There does seem to be a question lurking behind all of this, which is the extent to which you allow yourself to feel your feelings, and whether you need the assistance of someone else who resonates with you. This is a good question, with many implications — though the main theme is that of emotional independence. You would do well to ask, especially under your current astrology, whether that is possible, and if it is, what it means. At one extreme of the spectrum is the loner, with no emotional investments. At the other is someone codependent, whose emotional state is totally invested in what others think. The balancing point is healthy interdependence. That is built of mutual respect, self-reflection, communication and honoring for yourself and for everyone else what measure of freedom we have here on Earth.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 17, 2014, #983 | By Eric Francis

By the time you convince yourself that it’s okay to really get involved in a rapidly developing situation, the action may have subsided. I understand that your commitment is a precious thing, though this preciousness also provides a cover story for a kind of annoying reticence that you’ve long had to contend with. What you’re really committing to is having an opinion or idea that you’re willing to state openly rather than merely contemplate. You may be concerned that if you say anything directly, you won’t be allowed to change your mind. That’s not true, but you’ll just need to say that’s what you’re doing. Closer to home is why you wonder so much what people might think about what you think. Once you call back the projection, you’ll see that this is nothing other than self-doubt. And the only thing you can do about that is take a chance on your own intelligence.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, #982 | By Eric Francis

You may be looking right into a blind spot. That is to say, you may be looking at something and seeing nothing, or seeing in an inaccurate way. We all know about the blind spot in rearview mirrors; you think you’ve got a full view but there are hidden areas. The one I’m describing is not rearview but directly forward view. Someone may have a point of view that you’re not seeing, or that they are intentionally concealing. Someone close to you may be acting on incomplete or inaccurate information. I suggest that you suss this out gently, but with full intention. Determine what the people close to you believe and find out their motives for doing so. While you’re doing that, be aware that it’s not a good idea to follow people whose point of view you have not examined closely.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — January 2014, #981 | By Eric Francis

Your life is not as complicated as it seems. It’s true that your sign is currently hosting one of the most impressive collections of planets I’ve ever seen (all of them ‘minor’ planets, but no less potent). You are indeed facing many deep spiritual issues, and it will help you to see them that way rather than as psychological. The prevailing theme of the next few seasons is about how you invest your life into the lives of others. It’s necessary to learn a mode of sharing with others that is not a general partnership/total surrender but rather a limited partnership on certain topics or themes. I don’t mean to imply being partially committed. I mean being wholly committed in specific ways, such that you are able to reserve enough of your time, space and vital force to create your own existence the way you want it. As you may know, it’s also time to get serious about money. It may seem like some great mystery how to acquire or concentrate the stuff, but it’s actually a practical matter based on specific skills. Make a point of acquiring those skills at the same time you do something more fundamental, which is make sure you don’t violate your own values or principles. There is no conflict here — they are really the same thing.

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