Revolution Squared

Unlike what is usual for the sky, events in the world and your life are not always regular and predictable. Even so, the cycles and patterns evinced by the Sun, Moon and planets above often find striking correspondence here below. Hence, the fundamentals of astrology: observation and correlation.


Observations make you aware. Correlations establish context. Context is fundamental to making connections. Some sense of connection might be useful (or at least comforting) for you right about now. That’s where Uranus sharing the same degree of Aries with Eris comes in.

You might reasonably ask how two distant planets might have anything practical to do with your life (or even the world). That would be a very good question. You deserve a good answer.

It’s not about influence. Uranus and Eris do their own thing far away. They do not, and will not, intercede to make a discernible difference on Earth. Yet, they both orbit the same Sun you (and your world) do. That means Uranus and Eris are part of the same system with you and your planet — the solar system.

One definition of a system is that any of its parts give you information about any other part, and about the system as a whole. No scientist, no matter how hostile to astrology, would deny that definition is true of the solar system. That single fundamental is the justification science has used to justify the effort and expense of exploring our local solar neighborhood, its place in the galaxy, and in the universe. You have witnessed the results.

It’s the technology developed to conduct cosmic explorations, and the data obtained that has undeniably influenced your life, not the planets themselves.You might fairly say something the same of astrology. Uranus and Eris cannot be demonstrated to directly cause anything or effect anybody in your life. Even so, you can observe how the symbolic nature of Eris and Uranus (in the context astrology provides) correlates with events in the world, and act on those observations to be the real and actual agent of cause and effect yourself.

Turns out the nature of Uranus and Eris have something in common. In both cases, their discovery upset the sense of order people projected on the universe. In each case, there was controversy as result. Finally, both Uranus and Eris were discovered during times when the sense of order on Earth was also being upset. To simplify things (but not too much), you might say that Uranus and Eris both correspond with revolution.

As for astrological context, there are three big factors. First, Uranus and Eris are currently sharing the same degree of the same sign for the first time in nearly 90 years. Astrologers call that a conjunction aspect.

Conjunctions have a nature of their own. First the aspect is thought to merge the qualities of the two constituent planets. Next, conjunctions are interpreted to represent an old cycle ending and a new cycle simultaneously beginning. Finally, due to their close proximity on the zodiac, conjoined planets imply a blind spot of sorts that can only be resolved with the detachment that will inevitably take place with the passage of time.

The second big factor in correlating the observation of Uranus and Eris in conjunction is that their symbolic merger is taking place in Aries, just like their immediately previous get-together in 1928. Aries is where the zodiac’s cycle of signs begins.

A second consecutive conjunction in Aries (among other possible interpretations) is thus a second chance to start over as regards to what Uranus and Eris in their conjunctive aspect symbolize. In this particular case, this being the first conjunction of Uranus and Eris since Eris was discovered, the implication is a second chance after having learned something vital and intrinsic since their previous conjunction.

The third big contextual consideration is the astrological background of the Uranus-Eris conjunction. It is happening just as Uranus is separating from an era-defining square aspect (a separation of 90 degrees) with Pluto in Capricorn. This offers a plausible image of one thing leading to another. In other words, cause and effect. That’s where you come in.

Also included in the astrological setting for the Aries conjunction of Uranus and Eris is this year’s defining mutable T-square, consisting of Jupiter in Virgo on the other side of the zodiac from Neptune in Pisces, with both of them in a simultaneous square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. Once again simplifying (but not too much), the overall indication is that something has to give.

So add it all up. Two planets associated with revolution. Both planets in conjunction in Aries for the second of two widely separated times.

That conjunction is, in turn, taking place as cause and effect — manifesting through you. You are being handed the baton of history, and the necessity to stop persisting with what cannot be sustained.

If astrology were arithmetic, the sum total would look something like the product of a multiplication.

Specifically implied is the multiplication of two like amounts (implied by the revolutionary nature Uranus and Eris have in common) which is what the word “square” means for mathematicians. The result of a square function involving any number bigger than one is at least the sum of its parts (as would be the case with two squared), if not more. In this case, all the things the Uranus-Eris conjunction alone correlates with indicates at least the possibility of much more.

Given the nature of conjunctions, it appears that you are in a good position to make your own calculations about what the ongoing merger Uranus and Eris means to you. You have the detachment that goes with 88 years separating you form the last time it happened. You have an awareness of Eris that people experiencing its previous conjunction did not have. You also have the astrological context, some of which represents a second chance, and some of which implies the necessity of a whole new ballgame.

You also have time. Uranus and Eris both move slowly. Their conjunction will continue to be in functional range for at least another year. What you might want to do with that time is to figure out what your role amounts to, and where you fit in the equation. If there is anything to astrology, you would be wise not to play small.

Odds are that your potential to directly influence the world is much bigger than Uranus and Eris combined.

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4 thoughts on “Revolution Squared

  1. Barbara Koehler

    This is fascinating stuff Len, thanks for your perspective on this rare conjunction. The Universe has had a plan for thousands of years I suppose, to bring us – humanity – to this point in Time, and of course there would have to be a new cycle between the social outcasts Uranus and what’s her name. On yeah, Eris. I’ve not looked at the chart for their cycle that has just ended, but this new one seems full of gotchas what with Eris and Uranus in Aries exactly trine unremorseful Ixion in Sagittarius and clumsy Pandora in Leo. Dear or dear what have we done to deserve this?

    Still, I was taken by the small coincidence of the fast traveling Moon at 11+ Leo in this new cycle start. That puts her opposite 11+ Aquarius, a degree which has played a significant although overlooked part in the transits of the 3 outer planets in their present signs. Something about that degree of 11+ Aquarius unifies the symbolism of Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces in some way. Now, along comes the rare conjunction of Uranus to Eris and lo, the Moon opposes (challenges) that unifying point. Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by that.

    Still, if Moon symbolism embraces the idea of the Masses, then perhaps this is the only way to get the Masses to See (opposition affording a full moon view) The Big Unified Picture. Through the Revolutionary shake-em-up approach. Nothing gets attention more so than a revolution.

    As you point out, this is taking place as Saturn in Sagittarius is T-square the opposition between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. This is serious for the USA whose Sibly birth chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius is right where Saturn sits. However, that Moon in Leo is trine this Saturn in Sagittarius. To me this speaks of a driving need for continuity, stability, a don’t-rock-the-boat kind of attitude expressed between the U.S. established order (Saturn) and the U.S. People (Moon).

    But there comes a time for revolution, and it appears to be now. This conjunction chart between Uranus and Eris has Neptune in Pisces quincunx the Moon in Leo, so we have Neptune playing a dual role, that of the T-square project and that of making the People (Moon) squirm.

    I can see this newest cycle will provide me with hours of contemplation and revelation Len, thanks for focusing your sage wisdom on it today.

  2. aWord

    Knowing Time is on my side is useful, Len. This conjunction is a Big Deal and the more Time I have to deal with it, the better. Eris and Uranus and I go waaay back (to my natal where Eris/Moon conjunction is precisely trine Uranus on the AC).
    I agree, Be. There are hours of contemplation ahead. Revelation would be good too, although it does feel more like a revolution that is in the air. Love and thanks to you both.

  3. Mary

    Hey Len,
    Not unlike the descriptions I’ve read of Eris, I’ve always (no kidding) thought this family of mine needed me, though their behavior indicated otherwise. I’m thinking this particular cycle I’m feeling the needed part of the equation — bringing THAT into my family rather than feeling the lack — and witness the radical shift. Hey, what’s to lose, eh?
    This in my mind is the course correction that Eris is helping me with. Conjunction, connection and course correction. Feels like time alright.
    Thank you all for your help in getting me here.

  4. Michael Mayes

    Like a breath of fresh air, thank you. It takes courage to play it big, and experience to learn it’s not as out of reach as it may seem. Inspiration can come from odd people. For instance, I’ve been absorbing a lot of chief keef’s music, interviews, and instagram hijinx of late. Learning the story of how he was discovered, his rise to “stardom”, and seeing how he has changed as an artist in such a short time of 3 years, I’ve absorbed bravery. He’s a Leo, go fig. Once a couple years ago, I criticized, and scapegoated him in a classroom of high-school kids. Now I see what they see in him. He represents Uranus & Eris energy. Is his lyrical content, and lifestyle dangerous, regressive, and problematic? Arguably so. Is it sustainable? Hell no. Yet, if one cues into the subtlety of which he is changing, he’s obviously evolving & progressing as an artist, and undoubtedly as a human. I find that encouraging, and unlike someone like Trump who could arguably be placed in the same vein as chief regarding how they treat women, their obsession with money, and seeming disregard for valuable life principles; Chief Keef is not riding on white privilege, he’s not wearing a suit, lying to people, or scamming people. Chief Keef is an artist, Donald Trump is not.

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