Pushing Through

By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

Time flies, they say, and the past is just a loop of experience endlessly repeating until it comes to completion, hopefully defined in some life-affirming manner. Until then, we go over old patterns, ignoring their common thread, pretending the topic is new, reviewing essential fears and projecting them onto the usual suspects.


That’s true of our personal relationships as well as the political, the state of our unions as well as the state of our national union and beyond to our global unity.

While we seem destined to assume our adulthood at a snail’s pace, here in the land of the free and home of the brave, I was hoping never to hear the “why do they hate us?” question again, especially when the answer is so obvious.

I think it would be more productive to have a conversation about why we hate them — you know, our neighbors, as ourselves.

After all we’ve endured these last years, it’s something of a shock to read headlines that smack of turn-of-the-century hysteria, rhetorical déjà vu, threadbare and worn. Experienced by years of parsing actual and imagined terrors, I expected a modicum of nuance, something besides that old refrain about the homeland being threatened, swarthy foreigners presenting unwelcome danger to our freedom, all the while defended by tree-hugging liberals who hate American values.

That’s not for the lack of speaking calmly and slowly. The president has explained, over and over, how you can’t kill an idea, even a murderous one. You must correct it at its cause, and contain it until the fuel that feeds it is removed. He has made it clear that the xenophobic speech we use in assessing the challenge of Syrians seeking asylum only plays into the hands of the radicals, but  — many of us radical ourselves — it falls on deaf ears.

Having aligned ourselves with the French, we won’t speak of Freedom Fries this time around, but despite all we’ve learned about ourselves and the world since 2003, we seem compelled to retreat from our better angels in times of peril. A mayor in Virginia has called for Syrian camps, reminding us that FDR interred Japanese citizens during perilous times, as if that was history in which we could take pride. We are urged to circle the wagons, to allow fear to dictate our terms. I do not like to think of us as herd animals but that’s all too often how we behave.

On the other hand, our growing understanding of nuance has clarified much of the argument, this time around. Our thin-skinned nativism, for instance — a historical preoccupation since we mugged the original inhabitants of the continent — is obvious in every attempt to turn back refugees or limit assistance to fleeing Syrians. Over half our state governors vow to refuse resettlement despite assurances of extensive vetting, and a group of House lawmakers, including several dozen Democrats who should know better, are making the prospect of safe sanctuary increasingly difficult. Shameful that we suddenly come to bipartisan agreement on a project so unworthy of our higher aspirations.

Yet despite the look of it and the feel of it, we recognize it for what it is, don’t we? A knee-jerk bias against anything unlike ourselves, a deep and abiding mistrust of strangers. But what will we do with that knowledge? How will we proceed with this moldy oldie War on Terror do-over? How will we do it differently this time, how will we push against the walls of our cultural conditioning and tribal prejudices to come to a new conclusion?

Any strong emotional moment reveals us to ourselves and to those around us. We can identify the political inclination of those who would trust but verify as opposed to those who would reject out of hand. Those in Murrieta, California who loudly– and hatefully — refused to accept a bus-load of immigrant children running from South American drug cartels are emblematic of those who reject Syrian refugees. The voices are strident but they are being countered by others, calmer and less fearful, and surely we’ve had enough practice with these darker emotions to recognize them as even more dangerous to our humanity than the perceived threat that prompts them.

Eckhart Tolle tells us that in order to cope with fear thoughts that explode into a paralyzing wave of existential terror and magnify our inner Chicken Little, we must stand back from dark thought-forms without inhabiting them. We must feel and witness them without making them more than transient. In Eastern thought these are “tigers stalking the jungle,” to be acknowledged but not awakened.

Tolle teaches that unless we are practicing the summoning of that inner presence — our authentic spiritual self — on ‘neutral’ days (when there is no threat evident) we become less and less able to stop the avalanche of fear thoughts, arising from our pain body, when fear arrives. Eckhart being Eckhart, he tells us that staying in the ‘now’ alleviates the projection of fear where there is none, and he’s right, of course, although that’s a lifetime’s work (and more.)

Still, unless we wish to live in a state of emergency, we must strive to remain centered and practice the presence, speak peace, extend kindness, and recognize every fearful moment as opportunity to overcome irrational fear. That same presence will inform us of genuine danger, should it arrive, but not if our adrenals are exhausted from false concerns and unnecessary stressors.

Be assured, my dears, we have everything we need. There are soothing voices we can turn to, those that affirm our common humanity, like those two timeless gurus, Mike Moore and the Dalai Lama. There are stalking tigers, unaware of themselves, to witness and send on their way. There is revelation to be discovered and compassion to be offered from moment to moment. Here in the thick of it, we must practice the presence and be the peaceful, rational energy that we wish to see all around us.

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  1. Lizzy

    “Here in the thick of it, we must practice the presence and be the peaceful, rational energy that we wish to see all around us.” Yes. Thank you for this wonderful piece, dear Jude. Every single word reflects so deeply what I think and feel – and so inspired of you to bring in Eckhart Tolle’s teachings here.

  2. aWord

    Today is a day of grounding, and your expressions of truth and love here Jude are right on target with my deep breaths. I was encouraged by the discussion among the young students in my french language class following Friday’s events; most understand that to close borders is to play into the hand of the “terrorists”.
    Thanks too for the link to Michael Moore’s letter to Gov. Snyder. I can’t think of one friend back in MI that would be in favor of Snyder’s position and all would applaud Moore. Perhaps a few followers will follow suit–nation-wide. Isn’t that a pleasant notion.
    In the meantime, I’ve one week left to find someone to assist me with filing a complaint in Marin County if my daughter’s death is to find meaning in necessary changes there.
    Amazing the amount of energy that’s backed up against positive change.
    Well, there’s got to be a window somewhere. You (and Tolle) are always a breath of fresh air. Thanks, Jude.

    1. Lizzy

      Always lovely to read your comments and see you here, aWord. I do hope that all goes well for you – will put you and your daughter in my prayers and meditation today. Let us know how it goes.

    2. Pisces Sun

      aWord, may you find the assistance you need including deciding to file the complaint alone, if that is what is require to ensure that any time requirements are tolled and then perfect the filing later, if need be. Many thoughts of love, peace and justice support and follow you.

      1. aWord

        Thank you Lizzy and Pisces Sun. I am still looking for “the way” of getting this filing done (or for it to reveal itself), and I will skip final exams and drive to Marin County and do my best with this if need be. Too many wrongs need to see the light. The legal door will remain open I pray. xo

        1. Pisces Sun

          May you go in an abundance of peace and love, even if it appears that the door is closed, always look for the window! Be strong in your love for her and keep your heart open to her, no matter what, answers will appear for light does always shine through, even if its a slimmer and can only build over time, just keep the faith! Much love and admiration sent your well and healing thoughts too! Pisces Sun

  3. aWord

    A few more clear(er) heads–from our ever present yahoo news aka AP:
    “US religious leaders make forceful appeal to admit refugees”
    Some of the perspectives are askew of course.

    The last sentence in this paragraph about midway through the article caught my eye:
    “Some governors are refusing Syrian refugee settlement in their states for now. They point to a passport found near the body of one of the Paris suicide bombers that had been registered along the route asylum seekers are taking through Europe. It’s not clear how the passport ended up near the attacker.”

    1. Lizzy

      aWord, there’s a real problem with passports. Given that it’s the Syrian refugees who are being given priority right now – there’s a flourishing black market in (cheap) fake Syrian passports in Turkey.

  4. Barbara Koehler

    Boy we sure missed you Jude, so glad to see you back. Your use of the words “until then we go over old patterns. . ” brought to mind south nodes which are about old patterns, and the U.S. chart’s (Sibly version) has its south node at 6+ Aquarius in the 2nd house (values) and it is conjunct the U.S. Pholus, also at 6+ Aquarius retrograde. Pholus the Centaur also puts pressure on one’s old patterns of behavior when activated. Pholus is noted for starting brouhahas.

    Right now transiting Ceres the Nurturer is conjunct the U.S. south node/Pholus. You call this crap nurturing? These half-assed governors so fearful of losing their positions, and the others (the total asses) who don’t even know how to share, well, they all symbolize that U.S. south node in Aquarius. It’s a wonderful sign, Aquarius, but when expressing negatively in someone they seem almost fearful of contact with others, so aloof and distant they stand. Cold hearted, above all the emotional, ugh, sentimental display. That’s the negative and fearful side of Aquarius. Kinda snobby sometimes. My Moon is in Aquarius, my mom was Aquarian, people with Aquarius Suns, Moons, ascendants, etc., recognize this negative trait and spend years overcoming it. It’s time the U.S. did the same.

    The Jupiter-Saturn cycles we rely on to map out what challenges any given 20 year period will bring societies can be obtuse sometimes. Not the case in the present cycle though, not for the U.S. anyway. This present cycle, begun at the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in May, 2000, had Neptune at 6+ Pisces, conjunct the U.S. south node and Pholus.

    Now trans. Ceres is calling on the U.S. to release the old habits found in its Aquarius south node and reach for the leadership Leo north node qualities. At the moment (a long moment) transiting Hades (that which we don’t want to look at but which needs addressing) is conjunct the U.S. natal Jupiter, both at 5+ Cancer. Even Cancer can be reluctant to open the door to strangers, but in this case, with trans. Hades at the door, it has to be done. Here’s why. . .

    Right now transiting Saturn at 6+ Sagittarius is sextile transiting Ceres at 6+ Aquarius and they form a yod to the transiting Hades at 5+ Cancer who is conjunct the U.S. Jupiter. One must adjust when one is at the pointy end of a yod.

    We are living through an overwhelmingly Neptunian time; all of us. Neptune seeps in under the door and through the cracks and he will get us one way or another. Our U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo will be visited by transiting Jupiter. Several times. Next month trans. Jupiter will sit upon the U.S. Neptune for over 3 weeks. After stationing retrograde in January (named for 2 faced Janus and January is the month Aquarius arrives), trans. Jupiter will spend another 2 weeks conjunct the U.S. Neptune, along with the transiting north node. The 3rd conjunction between trans. Jupiter and U.S. Neptune will come in August. We will take those refugees and we will take even more than we agreed to take. Trans. Chiron will oppose U.S. Neptune next April, October and in February, 2017.

    Janus was a god of thresholds, of new beginnings and times of transition such as between the past and the future.* This coupled with Jupiter and the NN conjunct the U.S. Neptune as trans. Sun in Aquarius reaches the degree of the US south node and Pholus, and as transiting Neptune squares the U.S. Uranus while simultaneously conjunct the U.S. Ceres. . . .

    We will take those refugees, and more, and they will be welcomed.

    Good luck aword, so glad to see you back.

  5. Pisces Sun

    Dear Jude, you are right. You left the politics, as did I. You and I both know, in politics, there is no stepping away, no stillness. The verve of the beltway renders it difficult to step back and observe “tigers stalking the jungle.” Someone steps back to observe, they are eaten or trampled, especially when war passions are thundering on Capitol Hill, now so often mixed under the new Homeland Security moniker. Stepping back from the insanity is considered by the insane to be an insane act, hence the phrase: “movers and shakers.”
    How do the worlds and our nation’s leaders become more still?

    Your wisdom in the piece you wrote rings true but I was particularly struck by this statement, which I think is what our leaders must understand:

    “Still, unless we wish to live in a state of emergency, we must strive to remain centered and practice the presence, speak peace, extend kindness, and recognize every fearful moment as opportunity to overcome irrational fear. That same presence will inform us of genuine danger, should it arrive, but not if our adrenals are exhausted from false concerns and unnecessary stressors.”

    In other words, if we live in a state of emergency, then everything is an emergency, which renders nothing as an emergency because there is no varying state of being. Living in a state of emergency is unsustainable. After the 9/11 attacks, our heightened security state was described by our government officials as “new normalcy” eventually that term as did the “global war on terror” or “GWOT” fell by the wayside, because the leaders realized that the conditions and restrictions that government was extending was over-reaching. But the realization took too long for our leaders to come to terms with and clearly was not an awakening. Just reality that the budget could not sustain the state of emergency, especially after Katrina hit, now there was a new type of Homeland Security emergency, a type caused by natural disasters, and homeland security morphed into “all hazards, all response.”

    What you are describing by Eckert Tolle is an awakening of a state of consciousness and while I agree with you that our collective intentions must exercise that state of stillness, awareness and peace, the “rational energy” that we wish be exercised in our world leaders must come from their personal awareness and choice. How they choose might be influenced by our collective voices too. Will we be charitable in our actions in our respective states to welcome the refugees? Will we hold the politicians accountable at the voting booths? Will we use our churches/places of worship/spiritual centers and leaders to impress upon politicians to consider a new perspective coming from charity and love replacing fear and hatred? How do we become still enough to have the sense of presence required to effectuate that which we know ourselves to be true? I have grappled with this concept for decades and likely will continue for my lifetime. The only answer I have is to practice love and forgiveness.

    The US is not alone in wielding a strong influential role in the world or the Middle East. I want to make that clear. I am not so naïve. The US tends to enter into that area with one arm tied around our back as well, never in full force. Nonetheless, our policies have hurt the region. Can the US forgive its wrongdoings so that it can be charitable to those it has displaced? If it cannot do so publicly, can it do so quietly, by still welcoming the regions refugees?

    As we practice stillness and discernment, may we also impress upon our leaders to practice stillness and discernment.

    Thank you for reminding us, Jude, of what’s important.

  6. Barbara Koehler

    So, about this inner Chicken Little we are manifesting these days. Were it not for the plethora of information sources and devices available, I don’t think the clucking would be so quick to surface, which brings the symbols of Mercury and Uranus to mind. I revert to the present U.S. solar return chart for more understanding and answers regarding the present U.S. behavior and influences.

    At the top of the chart (time of present US solar return was 7/5/15, 12:11 PM EDT, Washington DC) was Mercury at 24 Gemini who was making 5 major aspects. He sextiled both Uranus in Aries, the Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Leo, and he opposed Pholus in Sagittarius and squared Chiron in Pisces. This provided the energy for a T-square (Mercury opposite Pholus T-square Chiron), and a Yod-into-Boomerang (Uranus sextile Venus-Jupiter both quincunx Pholus making up the yod part, and Mercury opposite Pholus turning it into a Boomerang) pattern turns this chart into a pool table with balls flying all over the place.

    Mercury also was the ruler of the ascendant Virgo and the MC Gemini in this chart. Another setup in the chart was the grand trine in fire signs between Uranus, Jupiter-Venus and Pholus. Again, Pholus is noted for starting some small “something” that gathers steam and creates some big effect. Pholus in this powerful flow of Fire energy which keeps the momentum of that small something going and going, while the T-square he shares with Mercury and Chiron puts Chiron in the decider position (square to Mercury and to Pholus). Along comes transiting Jupiter in Virgo. . .

    Transiting Jupiter opposite the U.S. solar return Chiron turns the SR chart’s T-square into a mutable grand cross. As Jupiter reaches that point, he also conjuncts the U.S. natal (Sibly) Neptune. Recall that grand crosses pit everybody against everybody else until somebody gives.

    Neptune can be seen as the divine inspirer and the mad hatter all at the same time. He is charged with the ability of confusing, misdirecting, ecstatic experience, compassion, art and music and madness. With transiting Jupiter conjunct U.S Neptune the effect increases 10 fold.

    Without Pholus in the pattern(s) we would have no brouhaha, without Mercury in the pattern we would have no communication, without Uranus in the pattern we would have no technology intervention (breakthrough), without Chiron in the pattern we would have no pain and no healing, without the benefics Jupiter and Venus in the pattern together (in Leo) we would have no largesse of love and entertainment. Who would you choose to eliminate from this U.S. solar return chart?

    I say it is a ruse, a distraction perpetrated by the gods and goddesses (and the Universe) to exhaust all the pent up energies from the past; “loops of experience endlessly repeating”. The U.S. solar return chart has Ceres at 6+ Aquarius. Yes indeed, where trans. Ceres is today is where she was when the U.S. had its last birthday and that was conjunct the U.S. natal south node, and not only that, she was with Hermes the Trickster on that birthday.

    Recall in myth that Ceres withheld growth of vital crops until she got some cooperation in getting her child returned to her. It worked. Hermes in myth was noted for thievery and cleverness. Together in this chart for the U.S.’s life events between July 2015 and June 2016, and by being attached to the U.S. natal south node at 6+ Aquarius (where trans. Ceres has recently returned), denotes a year of shenanigans, apparently meant to draw attention to those endlessly repeating loops of experience. By more of us becoming conscious of these self-defeating postures (Donald Trump and the like) the likelihood of moving toward the north node (Leo) qualities of honor, leadership and creativity increases.

    Personally, for the time being anyway, I’m choosing to see it all with the Neptune filter over the lens. Transiting asteroid Alice (for me she symbolizes Alice in Wonderland) is, for the next few days, conjunct the U.S. natal Juno (supporter of the disenfranchised) at 20+ Libra (who opposes the US solar return Uranus [surprise] who is conjunct the US natal Chiron[heal and wound]) and that means totally baffling events (comments, behavior) could appear on MSM TV news. Alice, meet the Mad Hatter.

    The sky may be falling for Chicken Little but even so, tis the season to give thanks for all we are blessed with. Happy birthday too Miss Jude.

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Please disregard what I said about the Yod-into-Boomerang and instead regard the pattern as a Grand Trine-into-Kite pattern. Pholus becomes the focal point of the grand trine due to Mercury’s opposition to Pholus. So sorry for that mistake.

    With Pholus as the focus of all that energy it means that his faux pas (as in his serving the sacred wine before it was time to do so) leads to problems blown out of proportion (anger, suffering, confusion, regret), yet opportunities arise from the faux pas to heal and move forward.

    1. Pisces Sun

      be, all that you write is fascinating and I will keep a watchful Neptunian eye. As I read your passage, it occurred to me that the aspects seem to require a snuffing out of the ridiculous in America politics, to bring everyone front and center so that they (we) can atone for our regressions.

      Geoff, I can’t help but wonder how your owl is reacting as you pass by her each day?

      I am so new to astrology and am confounded by it each time I read the depth of each of your astrological analysis, which I can’t help but pause and reflect back on how politics is personal, but only if we allow it. Astrology is personal too, whether we allow it or not.

      be (and others) could you speak more as to the significance of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle? be you said:
      “The Jupiter-Saturn cycles we rely on to map out what challenges any given 20 year period will bring societies can be obtuse sometimes. Not the case in the present cycle though, not for the U.S. anyway. This present cycle, begun at the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in May, 2000, had Neptune at 6+ Pisces, conjunct the U.S. south node and Pholus. Now trans. Ceres is calling on the U.S. to release the old habits found in its Aquarius south node and reach for the leadership Leo north node qualities.” Where was Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in May 2000 at the US south node?

      1. Barbara Koehler

        Thanks for your question Pisces Sun. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction last took place at 22+ Taurus in May 2000. At that time it was Neptune that was at 6+ Aquarius (I was incorrect in saying 6+ Pisces), the degree of the U.S. natal (Sibly version) chart’s south node (of the moon). These two planets meet approximately every 20 years and the aspects between planets at those times have been found to correlate with the challenges and changes during the 20 years following that occurrence at the level of society and culture.

        This cycle will end (no longer influential) in December, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn make their conjunction at 0+ Aquarius. Because planets (and all astrological symbols) have so many meanings, we can only guess about what the specifics of those aspects portend at the time of the conjunction. In hindsight though, we can see pretty clearly.

        For example, the primary aspect in the 2000 chart was a square from Uranus in Aquarius to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus. We might have assumed there would be a rebellion (Uranus) among certain groups (Aquarius) challenging the status quo (Saturn-Jupiter) regarding money or crop production (Taurus), or perhaps a technological breakthrough (Uranus) affording groups (Aquarius) greater power in the say of societies’ (Jupiter-Saturn) security (Taurus) methods.

        It’s likely few would have guessed about the Arab Spring or Smart Phones revolutionary changes, but now it is very clear. Perhaps some would have noted that same chart’s Neptune at 6+ Aquarius was trine the Sun at 7+ Gemini and thought about how a spiritual (Neptune) movement (Aquarius) would evolve into more consciously aware (Sun) societies (chart for Jupiter-Saturn cycle) through forms of communication (Gemini) and connected it with the Uranus square Jupiter-Saturn aspect, but I missed hearing about it back in 2000.

        Some may have seen that the Moon at 3+ Aries (at the time of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction) was sextile Venus at 3+ Gemini and surmised that the masses (Moon) would have a brand new (Aries) way to find love and profit (Venus) through (1) communication and (2) media (Gemini = 2) thanks to the Internet and cell phones, and then gone on to connect that with the Uranus square Jupiter-Saturn and the Neptune trine Sun aspects found in that same chart. It could have happened, but I don’t remember reading about it anywhere.

        Yet these things did happen and we had clues via the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart. There are at least a dozen other ways these same symbols must have manifested in the past 15 years and a few more I’m sure will develop in the next 5 years.

        The next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020 has a square aspect between Pluto at 23+ Capricorn and Mars at 23+ Aries who is conjunct Eris (goddess of discord), and another square between Venus in Sagittarius and Ceres in Pisces who is sextile Uranus in Taurus. What will we make of those aspects when 2020 rolls around I wonder. Are they connected in some way? Neptune in Pisces will be square the nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius at the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. How will that affect our societies do you suppose?. Does the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Aquarius sextile Juno (marriage maybe?) at 0 Sagittarius have any bearing on how we think today?

        It could, but we have our hands full right now just getting through today’s astrology. I believe your observation regarding transiting Ceres (as well as the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Neptune, and the solar return chart’s Ceres-Hermes) conjunct the U.S. south node does indeed provide opportunity to snuff out the ridiculous in America’s politics. No guarantees of course, but the U.S. south node in Aquarius is trine the U.S. Uranus in Gemini, and (transiting) Ceres (conjunct the U.S. south node) is not above making a mockery of those who displease her. Time will tell.

        1. Pisces Sun

          Thanks be, that’s a lot of information and greatly appreciated. The Sabian symbols for Aquarius 6+ and 0+ are both beautiful, in my opinion, and seems to add some hope into the future. As I was pondering the conjunction period of Saturn-Jupiter in May 2000, I kept considering Sept 2001, so much of life changed at that time. “Homeland security” and “war on terror” became the world’s new zeitgeist. The aspects you describe above seem to fit that description too.
          Thanks again for the great explanation!

  8. Geoff Marsh

    What to say? Where to start? Firstly, I feel I must declare an interest. Once again, I sense American politics is personal to my Sun at 6+ Aquarius, also conjunct the South Node, but which, in my case, is also opposite Pluto at 7+ Leo. There should be some connection and I should be able to pass on some personal experiences which mirror those of America. I shall try my best as time unfolds. As for Alice meets the Mad Hatter, Lewis Carroll was also born with the Sun at 6+ Aquarius, be, as you may know.

    It’s worth remembering that Ceres also had her dark side, she of the cold and cruel winter who, in her Greek incarnation as Demeter, was the Devil’s mother-in-law for six months of the year.

    Yes, I, too, missed your column last week Jude, although it seemed to me the perfect time not to comment on anything. I was lost for words for days. Shock but not awe was my feeling. But I’m glad you’re back with your wisdom and veracity. The refugees at the gates are not the people wielding the guns and the bombs, they are, for the most part I suspect, the victims of politics, backed up by our guns and bombs. If all we can do is offer them condolence – a French word, originally, according to Webster – then surely we fail as compassionate Christians but, more importantly to me, we also fail as children of the ’60s revolution with its ethos of love, peace and brotherhood, the brighter side of Aquarius. Their current lives have been rendered perfectly medieval by modern realpolitik.

    More power to your elbow, aWord. May you win through and find justice and honour for your daughter’s life. It’s good to read your valuable contribution again. Welcome back.

    Lizzy, thank you for yet another link to literature which is essential to an understanding of how we came to be where we are without realising the road we were on. Alistair Crooke’s two-parter contains enough material for a hyper-franchise of Hollywood movies and is a concise summation of where we are and why. My Aquarian maxim is: Without knowledge we cannot know the truth, and truth conquers.

    I can offer no solutions to the problems the refugees face. To the problems that the guardians of the gates face, I offer this solution: Put yourself in their place and do what you would have done unto you.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      I did NOT know that Geoff; Lewis Carroll’s Sun at 6+ Aquarius. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that info. And yes, Ceres was no one to mess with, but she did have her reason for turning off the food growing process. She was grieving and grief makes us withdraw. She was angry as well and she was not above holding hostage the food growth in return for her daughter.

      I’m looking forward to hearing about any connection you detect regarding the U.S. south node and your own natal Sun. I wrote here not so long ago about Jeff Greene’s belief about what is opposite natal Pluto. He says “As the life unfolds the inherent patterns of identity association, seen in the natal position of Pluto, will be reborn to a new level of expression described by Pluto’s opposite house and sign”. You should really read his book “Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”, with a foreword by Alan Oken. Let me know if you can’t find a copy as I have 2.

      1. Geoff Marsh

        Thanks, be. I had a feeling I was being too hard on Ceres, but then again everyone has a dark side, even Aquarians! 🙂 Great to be able to turn off the food growing process, though, should you want to flex your anger muscles. (My initials are GM, in case you hadn’t noticed!)

        I did have – may well still own – one book by Jeff Green. For whatever reason I didn’t take to it or him. Alan Oken, now, that’s a different story. It certainly sounds as if I should read the Pluto book. It does seem very odd to me that this opposition (Sun Aquarius – Pluto Leo) should have merged with my late Scorpio rising and produced someone who consciously rejected (gay) sex at the age of 16 simply on the grounds that it was expedient because it was illegal. No amount of legalisation or marriage rights has been able to undo this psychological conditioning which I have inflicted on myself. Perhaps this book could be the key?

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