Proceed and Continue — Mars and the Comet

On Sunday at about 2:28 pm EDT (18:28 UT), comet 2013 A1 Siding Spring will make its closest approach to Mars — a special moment while proceeding in a long continuum. All told, the implication for you is to give each moment its due, even as you proceed and continue in your life.


Siding Spring will pass within less than 140,000 kilometers (87,000 miles) of Mars, which is about one-third the distance between Earth and the Moon. That’s a special moment, but only one moment in a long process during which Siding Spring has taken billions of years to find its way to the inner solar system.

After Sunday, comet Siding Spring will continue on, not to pass this way again for about a million years. Mars will also continue in its familiar orbit and through its long process of astrological conjunctions in Sagittarius, which Eric described last month.

At the time Siding Spring is closest astronomically to Mars, several of those astrological alignments with Mars in Sagittarius will be very near exact (to within less than one degree), as will an auspicious aspect from Venus in Libra.

Most exact will be the Sagittarius conjunction from Mars to Quaoar, an object orbiting the Sun out beyond Pluto. Eric has referred to Quaoar as “one of the more profound points” Mars will be conjoining with during its first passage through Sagittarius since October and November of 2012.

Nearly five years ago Eric correlated Quaoar with the long process and continuation of “family patterns” and your own connection with creativity itself.

Perhaps the enhanced awareness brought by Siding Spring’s one-off conjunction with Mars, combined with the words you are now reading, will function to make you more conscious of this particular biennial merger of Martian energy and Quaoar’s symbolism.

Perhaps your enhanced consciousness will (as Mars would have it) motivate you to intentionally apply your own energy toward resolution of a long-standing family pattern (or two), and your own relationship with creation so as to make it a bit easier to proceed and continue with your life henceforth. That’s how things have the potential to work out based on what Venus will be doing on Sunday.

For when Siding Spring makes its closest brush with Mars, Venus will be within hours (and within less than one degree) of its closing sextile to Mars. As such, it will be the last major aspect between Venus and Mars before their next conjunction on the Aries Point this coming Feb. 22.

Sunday’s closing sextile from Venus to Mars will be exact early Monday at 1:18 am EDT, 5:18 UT. Given how aspects to and from Mars tend to be most emphatic prior to exactitude, however, the timing with Siding Spring could not be better.

Sextiles, a separation of 60 degrees on the zodiac, are (in the words of Robert Hand) “a time when you can act with little resistance from outside circumstances.” In other words, a relatively easy time is indicated for Sunday if you can find it in yourself to take it easy.

Given how aspects between Venus and Mars inherently correspond with relationship, Sunday will also be a great time to relax and have a little fun while you act in concert with others to resolve burdensome issues interfering with the process and continuation of relationships. That is, provided your inside circumstances permit.

Indeed, your inner circumstances will be the crucial factor regarding what Sunday’s profound, once-in-a-million-year conjunction of comet 2013 A1 Siding Spring with Mars represents for you.

It would be a shame to spoil that moment by choosing to focus on fear, dread or other heavy thoughts. It would not help you to proceed and continue with your life if you were to ignore the opportunities indicated by Quaoar, Venus and other objects aligning with Mars as Siding Spring passes this way but once.

Yes, the world has some serious problems to resolve at this time. Nevertheless, it’s important to distinguish between actual problems and fear of problems — especially if it is only internal circumstances that make the difference.

It’s even more important to realize that every moment in your life passes this way but once, just as a certain comet will on Sunday. Why not make that moment the best you can make it, then continue and proceed with every moment thereafter? If there’s anything to astrology, you should.

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17 thoughts on “Proceed and Continue — Mars and the Comet

  1. Amanda Painter

    This is such a great complement to the Daily Astrology today! It’s always great to see the pieces of the puzzle fit together and illuminate the whole.

    And this, I think applies always: “Nevertheless, it’s important to distinguish between actual problems and fear of problems — especially if it is only internal circumstances that make the difference.”


  2. Karen

    I have Quaoar conjunct Mars in Libra in my natal chart. I am going home soon. This mercury retro period has been very revelatory in so many ways .I feel I can go home without lapsing into a role or become reflexively swirled into drama. I feel confident, clear-eyed and compassionate. Thank you for your articulation of what has been a dilemma in the past( fear of problems) juxtaposed with the internal shifts that have taken place. I also re-read the Mars Effect ( mercury retro is great for review 🙂 )and noticed, as this year has progressed, the ways in which my self esteem and inner integrity has been lifted to a new place. The way things have always been is not the way things have to be. The difference is within me. Thank you.

  3. Barbara Koehler

    Am I here yet? Is that you Len? Good grief, I’m worn out from the trip (from there to here) and now I’ve used up all my time (allotted to the computer that is) so save my seat and I’ll be back. Hope that comet brings an extra surge of energy to Mars (and me), I could sure use it about then!

    1. jannkinz

      Good to “hear” you, be. Looking forward to you elucidating comments. I know what you mean about getting from there to here. It is cumbersome, exhausting and frustrating. Could be the deal breaker.

  4. Amy Elliott

    Wow, Len. That is profound stuff. How can any astrologer not want to work with the minor planets? They contain so much wonderful information and guidance.

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Amanda: Thank you for being so kind. Most of all, thank you for your help as the best (and most patient) of editors.

    Karen: Thank you for sharing how profoundly this exceptional astrology is working out for you. Please give yourself full credit for the evolutionary strides you have made. Your situation (“going home soon”) has much to do with the phenomenon of a “return” (in all its many manifestions) reviewed in my blog earlier this week on Tuesday. May the information in that piece be useful for you as well.

    Barbara! Your’e back! Thank the good heavens! You are back with the same sense of humor! Thank you so very much!

    Amy: Thank you for pointing out a significant issue in modern astrology. Perhaps the greatest living astrologer (Robert Hand) recently averred that “The big issues appear to be covered by the big planets…”, yet, he has made it his business to be authoritative and knowledgable about any minor planet or point you could think of. Those of the Vedic persuasion also have very good reasons to stick with the classical planets – reasons i respect. As result, i stay clear of argument and accord each approach due respect. By way of showing that respect i nearly always begin with the Sun and Moon, then the classical planets, then the other sign rulers, and then minor planets to see a holistic picture before selecting what appears to resonate the most for any given configuration. It’s a judgement call.

    1. Amy Elliott

      Rob Hand is amazing. He’s so full of genius that he leaks continually.

      Your approach seems very sound, Len, and is certainly a good way of filtering through the masses of information.

  6. Barbara Koehler

    Comets can stir the imagination and that can exercise those creative muscles if given some time. Allowing that this comet is seen once in a million years, that it comes from way out there in the cosmos and that it takes a billion years or so to reach our solar system, got my imagination juices started. That it chose Mars to graze by and Mars, at the time will almost be grazing the Galactic Center, seems to beg us to look beyond our small planet and examine how we express ourselves through our actions (Mars). Mars being conjunct Quaoar, a creative deity of the native Americans and as such, was able to use his energy to create all the gods and goddesses that the first tribe would need in order to comprehend how power worked in the world.

    Perhaps Siding Spring is coming now to make us – the family of mankind on planet Earth – aware that it’s time to create all new deities. Mars and Quaoar are also conjunct Circe, the sorceress who had the power to turn men into swine. I would take this as a warning to keep our wits about us while deliberating on what attributes the deities we create anew should have. The Galactic Center, as always, continues to provide directives in such matters, and on October 8th the eclipsed full Aries Moon (conjunct Uranus) trined Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo for an inspirational energy flow ample enough to bring down those GC directives to our present level of comprehension.

    How timely then, that the U.S. natives have the chance to practice that comprehension by making thoughtful choices : whether or not to vote and be part of the decision-making, and if so, which among their choices will have the power to go beyond their own tiny circle of existence and which will have the potential to become deity material representing the whole of the Universe. It’s so good to be back among you all!

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Just catching up on my reading and found P. Sophia’s words on October 11th (in Len’s Purposeful Planning piece) illuminating. She says about Mars (ruler of the eclipsed Moon on Oct. 8th) that his (Mars’) Sabian Symbol in the lunar eclipse chart is ” . . a Sunrise positively depicting the aspect as rising. Which speaks the dawning of a new era!” The whole Sabian Symbol is of “An Easter [Sunday] Sunrise Service Draws A Large Crowd”, much like this comet is drawing. Thanks P. Sophia!

  8. P. Sophia

    Len! Very interesting article. You always seem to orchestrate, in perfect rhythm to it all.

    I’ve got natal Quaoar 22 14′ 23″ Libra. Believe Venus will be exact conjunct Sunday. Will be interesting to see what comes in/through.

    Speaking of transference, what about Mercury Retrograde commencing last weekend activating all those key degrees? It was conjunct natal Moon and Ixion 27+ Libra, (Pallas transit also just passed by) and Merc is illuminating all the other planets currently transiting in my 1st..the house feels lite up like a Christmas Tree. Not to mention the Moon in Cancer, this week in my 10th Sun house, was in position over the last day or two making aspects in sextile and trine to most natal outer planets at mid house degrees is now conjunct natal Mercury ..the week has felt like a major download! Too much to process. I think that may be the point. It is beyond what our our mind can power at this time. Best, as intended, to just let it flow through.

    Speaking of data, I think that is essentially what’s connecting Mercury to the emotional piece of your comment last week when referring to water and earth. We asses data coming in first through our emotions and out through the heart that carries the potential to create. It can be the same data, emotional cycle as re-worked in/through Saturn currently in Scorpio, or a completely new vibration, as guided/gifted through Neptune currently in Pisces.

    It’s our choice how we trans-form the information in process. And e-motion in transformation (Pluto) can very well be harmonized (Venus to Mars) through grounding it in the physical realm, earth. Rings the potential of creation! (Quaoar). Heaven, right here to earth, today.

    “And the Lord who had become a human child out of sport, without any loss of His divine powers, now opened His rosebud mouth. She bent forward to peer more closely and lo! she felt herself to be whirling in space, lost in time, for inside the baby mouth was seen the whole universe of moving and unmoving creation, the earth and its mountains and oceans, the moon and the stars, and all the planets and regions. She was wonderstruck to see the land of Vraja and the village of Gokula, herself standing there with the child Krishna beside her with a wide-open mouth, and within that mouth another universe, and so on and on and on.”

    From, The Play of God – Visions of the Life of Krishna
    by Vanamali

  9. P. Sophia

    Hey Be! Appreciate it. I really see Mars as a key player and leader in this phase. In a good way!
    Thank you for your comment further flushing out the attributes of Quaoar. Have you heard of the 12 Solar Aspect of Deities. Check it out this may be what your picking up.. This is what recently flew into my universe. Of course just at the time of the eclipse. It’s an amazing time! Can’t wait for Sunday.

  10. marilyn

    First “Be” Welcome back you were sincerely missed, believe me. Now for your Connection with Mars and Quaoar as you pointed out of the American Natives, I am one of those Natives and pride to us is so overwhelming of our Homeland. And how are we going to vote, if we do vote. I live in Germany and have already mailed in my Absentee Ballot. Dam right I am voting, and within my powers even if my vote is only one, my voice will be heard. ALL liars and cheaters will be overthrown. We as Natives can`t deal with Liars. We call that a forked tongue – so isn`t a snake.

    Welcome back “Be”

  11. Linda

    Adding sparks to the show, transiting Venus has just crossed a stellium in Libra of my “family” of namesake asteroids – which include having just crossed natal Quaoar. When she (Venus) meets with Mars again in February it will be for a lovely solar return gathering as they meet together in Aries (Libra’s opposite) and dance around on my Liliths (all of them), Moon, Eris etc stellium there. Well. Light Show indeed. Helpful tips, Len; I’ve got a good seat.

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