Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope – March 2010

Dear Friend and Reader:

I hope you’ve taken dozens of workshops and gone to yoga class three times a week for at least five years and been devoted to your live juicing, your mantra, your karma and extra vitamin D, because all of a sudden it’s going to come in handy all at once.

March is the month of the Northern Hemisphere spring equinox, when the Sun enters Aries. Spring 2010 is the season that we make our first very close pass to this thing being called 2012. I’ll get to that in a moment: first let’s consider the immediate news.

The Sun is now in Pisces, the last sign. This may be a reflective time, as Pisces is one of the signs of completion, but it holds a strong memory of the past. Like with seawater, you can find every element in Pisces: traces of every planet and sign. This is overwhelming to some people: a kind of emotional saturation can accompany Pisces, bringing with it the potential for maddening instability and equally mad passion. There is creative freedom in Pisces, though it’s essential to work with some kind of container: a narrative, an agreement, a time boundary — and a focus on pleasure, while you also may be busy focusing on solving problems.

On March 10, Mars stations direct. This is the last bit of the winter 2010 astrology working itself out. Do you remember the stress factor back in December and January? It may seem like a distant memory now, but your body remembers; and the last of that energy is bottled up in Mars, which has been retrograde since the winter solstice. This has been a long, long sorting out of what we want, and for some, the discovery of their desire.

For some this has involved determining what they don’t want; for others, a struggle to come to grips with the truth of their needs. I suggest you translate this into the most positive terms that you can: just admit what you want and set that as a goal. On this plane of reality, there is little more powerful than human desire; but we tend to complicate it with guilt. Now, if you’ve been involved on any spiritual path at all, you know the negative power of guilt and the supreme importance of getting this emotion out of the way, which paves the way for everything better.

Look for this inner conversation to come to a peak around the 10th.

This gives way to the mighty spring equinox, when the Sun moves over the Aries Point and aligns with the planets already gathering for the 2012 celebration. Yet this is nothing compared to what happens in mid-June; and while that may seem far off, astrology is a seasonal tool: and the outset of the spring is the time to consider the whole season. And, to put it in mild terms, the energy explodes this spring: so much that has been pent up for so long comes out, and comes out all at once. This is about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries.

We will learn something about our boundaries and, in truth, something about how hung up we’ve been. Nobody wants to be tangled in their own desires or scared of their own potential, though there are so many influences in that direction we can’t even keep track of them. This spring, the planets align day after day to bring us out of this dark dream, and into some of the promise of self-awareness, community and bold humanity that we in truth carry and possess within ourselves.

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What you need to conclude the matter is to begin. That is often the way of endings, and that’s how it is now: to resolve or free yourself from the past, reach for the beginning and commence. You are likely to experience one or two significant moments of insecurity as you do, which I would classify as a false lack of confidence. One may involve money, that is, the idea that you don’t have enough of it or you can’t handle yourself. That is part of the risk. In business, there tend to be two kinds of ventures: someone’s father-in-law buys them the whole thing; or someone starts with a roll of postage stamps, a used computer and an idea. You are better suited for the second kind, the one that takes more nerve and leaves you with your independence. I’m not sure you’re the guardian angel type, but if you are, you can trust those critters — you seem to have two of them watching over you. I know you’re wondering whether you’re really fated to survive or succeed; I suggest you put all of your energy into trust and as little as possible into worrying. The people around you are committed, and everyone is ready for change, if you will stand up and lead the way. Progress is focused around the 10th, when Mars stations direct, and the 20th, when the Sun enters your sign.

Stop hopping and walk on both feet. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean you won’t find the solution; to the contrary, you’re all the more likely to discover it because you know that you don’t know. As usual, the main thing standing between you and your own intelligence is fear. I don’t think you’ve quite discovered that rather than solving anything, fear scatters your intelligence and shatters your confidence. In case you ‘get that intellectually’ but need it explained to you on another level, fear is simply negative expectation. Such never creates a positive outcome. Something else always does. The calculus that you tend to run is: if something changes, the change will be for the worse. Therefore, it’s better not to change. This, consequently, blocks your eagerly-wished-for or sought-after progress. Frankly, this is a lame excuse not to make your life a better place. Those steps begin with committing to guiding your life with something besides insecurity. What would that something be? Tangible, focused, unfettered desire. Set a goal and work for it. It does not matter what — as long as it’s something you want specifically. For example, don’t try to ‘get a job’, aim for exactly the work you want to do. Focus your intentions; know what you want, and act on it. This will take up all that space that fear was taking from you.

The whole spiritual thing seems to confuse you; however, it’s clearly growing on you. Think of it as a level of thought without words: a dimension of concept free from structure. Think of it as an opening in your mind, and what comes through is living information. If you relax and allow and let go, this information will help you structure your other ideas and indeed your whole life around it. If you want to live for a principle, this is the one: the steady flow of energy that’s the essence of consciousness itself. Meanwhile, in the outer world, focus on cooperation. Move past out-dated acquaintances and stale hostilities quickly. Don’t hold onto them; let them go with the ease of exhaling. Make a habit of transitions. Know when the time for something has arrived, and when it is up. You are preparing for one particular transition that you may not know about yet. It involves the work you do. Themes involve 1) doing something with this brilliant quality you have of not fitting in and 2) focusing your misty notion of a goal into a clear sense of mission that is guided by the living information. This will require trust because you will be making moves that are not preceded by the usual astonishing amount of mental chatter and debate. You will simply know and trust. The time has come.

Get ready to make the big moves: a series of them, which coincide with a sequence of events focused on your house of career and reputation. Prepare to depart from hangups about money and confidence and notions of your mission being too weird or unattainable. The first thing you are claiming as part of this process is your originality. In case you haven’t experienced it personally, consciously, originality doesn’t feel like you think it will. It has two main properties: a feeling of fun, and a sense of clarity. And I would add: function. There won’t be a professor looking over his glasses saying, ‘That is original’. The feeling comes come from you. It may be subtle. If you get the message ‘hot idea, let’s do this’, then do it. Give yourself permission to act, to initiate, to be different. One of the inner entities you must address is the part of you obsessed with self-control. Ask yourself what kind of authority you want to be in your own life. Since you’re in the position of being your own boss, what kind of boss do you want? You have a variety of choices. One of them is whether to orient on the past or the future. Another is to state your desires as an affirmation or as a negative; to deny or to desire. Finally, how do you plan to work with the limited time you have? Consciously, or not?

Through the winter you’ve been focused on some close-to-home, practical matters: emotional, mental, inner stuff based on simple necessity. Over the next few weeks, your orientation shifts rapidly, seemingly to bigger dreams and a bolder vision, but in truth a new alignment with yourself. This involves Mars stationing direct in Leo; to be precise, in the first degree of Leo; and over the next two months Mars will move clear through your sign. You’re likely to feel a lot of fiery motivation to achieve many things at once. I suggest you take this process one goal at a time, starting with modest ones; one day at a time; and keep sight of your earlier set of priorities involving your inner work. You have an opportunity to define an objective, then align your energy with it. Think of this like standing straight and aligning your spine; only it’s with energy. As you do this, bear in mind what’s drawing you toward the future. Something is; but you may think you don’t know. You do know, and so do the people around you. Don’t keep this secret from yourself. This is not the time to indulge yourself in mystery; there is plenty of that in life, if it’s what you want. You will be stronger and have more access to your motivation if you move with conscious awareness of your inner truth.

To what extent do you allow others to define who you are? And if you’re the one doing the allowing, isn’t this a kind of farce? You don’t need to negotiate for your identity. This includes with yourself. You don’t need to get it back from anyone who has it. You don’t need to ‘look for your identity in others’, though you can use them as a foil, as a barometer or as a reality check. Looking at your charts this month, a theme stands out boldly, which is the abject fear — I could use much stronger words, but I will not — of losing yourself in another. This might be the fear of being possessed by another, the fear of having someone else control you, or of making a commitment that you cannot get out of, and which compromises your freedom. Yet closer to home is the fear that you have to seek yourself in another; that somehow, you cannot find yourself without the benefit of a relationship. Imagine the challenge you might face with boundaries in any relationship, or in any committed situation, if you have any of these beliefs working silently in the background, in effect undermining your right to exist. In my reading, the planets say thus: notice what feels missing within yourself. Rather than ask where it went, ask how it could have gone anywhere at all.

The revolution in your relationships begins right about now. While it would be difficult to overstate the case of what is brewing and shaking in your personal affairs, I have been doing my best to explain the process more in the style of water than of fire. Be aware of potential stress points within yourself, which is the tension between changing and staying the same. You may not be feeling it yet in such vivid terms. Yet beginning this month as planets, and I do mean Planets, begin to move into your opposite sign Aries, the energy is going to mount. You will be looking at options you never dreamed of. Well, sorry for underestimating you. You may have dreamed of them but are unlikely to have thought you might actually be handed the options. In the external world, this could represent literally any creative potential in any relationship; any invention; any incredible meeting. Internally, you have two main choices: resist at all costs, or choose. Resistance is likely to come in the form of a high-energy struggle with making a decision; conscious choice will arrive with a feeling of your own influence in your own life-flow. I say this well versed in all the various [mostly true] prejudices about Libra and decision-making. I can assure you of this, no prejudice can substitute for your full and conscious presence in the moment.

This is one of those months wherein you’re likely to have an overwhelming amount of stuff to do. However, among the many things that are not predestined is what you choose to do with your time and energy. Another is what basis you would use to decide. The important thing to remember is that you decide. To the extent that you’re feeling a calling to leadership, it’s the leadership of making decisions, particularly about your most meaningful goals. You do not merely seek activity; so far as I can tell, you seek a connection to existence on the level of purpose. Moreover, your ‘identity’ must be connected to that purpose, and that purpose is an expression of your identity. Get rid of any lingering abstract notions; you came here to do what you came here to do, and nothing less. The ‘activity’ angle of your chart comes under increasing focus as the spring unfolds. This is fiery energy, which resonates deeply with you because of your sign’s connection to the original arsonist of astrology, Mars. This moment in your life is offering you many unique pleasures, but you’ll miss the point if you feel like you’re being pushed beyond your limits. I’m reminded of some words written by a very young Allen Ginsberg: “Only return of thought to / its source will complete thought. / Only return of activity / to its source will complete /activity. Listen to that.”

It took the petroleum industry a while to get gasoline to burn slowly and evenly, without adding extremely toxic lead. Now you can go to a fuel pump and choose your octane level. Yet most people don’t know that gasoline itself was originally a waste product of the petroleum industry, burned by the ton until it went on to become the main event. Your life parallels all of these developments. You need to go for the slow burn in whatever you do: even, efficient and just hot enough to make full use of your fuel. You need to make careful use of waste products, and see their potential sooner rather than later. Take beginnings slowly, not quickly. Accelerate evenly. Slow down early. Follow at a safe distance. Practice all of this when you drive. Use the metaphor of manual shift; the automatic transmission has been horrid for driving skills. In sum, the planets are suggesting that you’re about to experience a surge of energy, a release from the past and a willingness to take new risks and have new experiences. You can afford to take this slowly, moving from idea to gesture to experiment. Remember that you are handling live flame and potentially live ammunition. I am not saying be obsessed with control, but you will benefit from being obsessed with awareness. Monitor your changes carefully and make sure you’re heading in exactly the direction you want.

The pressure comes on, then it comes off. Then it’s back. You deal with it just fine, though I suggest you take over this process internally, rather than constantly dealing with ‘circumstances’. True, there is plenty going on in your world. You’re being summoned to take up true authority, though that is merely a figment of the changes you are going through internally. This, during what turns out to be the most rapid acceleration of growth of your life. While the impulse to grow and grow and grow isn’t going to end anytime soon, you’re still at the beginning: in the pattern-setting mode, creating a new set of skills to help you adopt to constant internal movement. You’re also in the goal-setting phase, staging an insurrection against your parents, against society and against any expectations that have ever been laid on you. Yet you cannot simply get rid of these seemingly external influences; learning goal #1 goes something like this: You took on plenty of what was not your own, and then it became your own, and now you’re going the whole distance on claiming that fact and taking on the full power to set your own agenda. Remember that this is a growth agenda first, and worldly agenda second. I can’t say that often enough. If you proceed in that order, you will be unstoppable, and that (if you ask me) will be good for everyone.

There are certain details of a partnership or contractual arrangement that you can now resolve, though I would offer you one reminder. Consensus, or mutual agreement, is reached based on values. The specifics tend to follow gracefully once the fundamental values are understood and agreed to by all the parties involved. You and a partner may have a tendency to re-hash details lingering from a prior incarnation of the discussion. Plenty seems unresolved; but in many ways the details are irrelevant. In making a return to this subject, I suggest you work with a goal of going to the next level: that is, a deeper level. What are your shared goals? What meaning do you both agree is of primary importance? A conversation focused on circumstantial details will likely evade the deeper ones. In your case, deeper means really deep. In a sense, it’s fair to say that no other person is involved; any involvement with anyone else is superficial when contrasted to the inner depths you are being summoned to plumb by your own soul. What you’re seeing on the display screen of the outer world is a kind of projection of your distant past, including that of your family. I could probably write a book chapter about this based on this month’s charts, but I will sum it up in a question: what is the true nature of commitment? Clue: take the issue back one century, or three generations.

It’s time to consider the concept ‘selfish’ with only the most positive implications. You have a need to take care of others; that goes without saying. Yet the time has arrived for this in no way, form or design to include the concept of being a victim of that impulse. Therefore, put yourself and your needs first. This is in service of your greater agenda: the whole thing. At this point you may still be wavering on the notion of prioritizing your personal agenda, whatever that might be. The logic might not be clear, though your resentment level is the most accurate measure of whether you need to adjust your course. There’s nothing violent or dramatic about this, though you may secretly fear reprisal: deal with that issue. I am suggesting a day-to-day exercise that will guide you to make different decisions than you’ve made in the past. Whatever you may think now, by the time Jupiter and Uranus arrive in Aries later in the spring, a new kind of logic will take over your life. You can wait, but you’ve had many tests of your prior logic, and you keep coming up with the same basic results. Underneath all your emotions and reactions and ideas about what you may want is a question: how could it be vaguely possible that your life doesn’t matter? Get this one right and you will finally feel like you’ve pointed your airplane down the runway.

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