Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Gemini monthly for December 1, 2002.


I have said a number of times that the past two years have been a time of reconciling opposites, of coming to terms with yourself, and so on. But reconciling what? And coming to which terms? Let’s consider the ideas authorship and authority. They are the same word in different forms. As children, we are under the authority of older and more powerful people, and they take authorship of this. They do it in conscious overt ways, and they do it in the most subtle, emotional ways imaginable. Much of it happens before we know words or think of ourselves as a self. It’s through these very interchanges that the concept of self, that is, the self-concept, identity or ego, is born. The terms to which you are coming simply involve the reconciliation between who you really are, and who that imprinted image claims you are. This is the process of you taking authority, or authorship, of yourself. It’s working.


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