Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Cancer weekly¬†for February 1, 2008.


I’ve never read anywhere that Cancerians are wheelers and dealers, but you do know how to get the job done, whatever job it may be. That being said, your ideas about money are as socialist as anyone’s. You live on a planet where it makes sense to take care of people. The angle of your chart involving shared resources, investments and business deals is in exceptionally rare form. You are learning a lot, and getting your sea legs on the stormy waters of the modern economy. You know there are no guarantees. It’s funny — you don’t seem to be fazed. Even if you’re a little fazed, don’t worry about it — keep being creative, approach people directly, and be mindful of the timing. I suggest progress with discussions and research only through March 1, and not sealing any deal till the Sun enters Aries March 20. Take your time now — you will save it later.


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