Peaceful enough for you?

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By Matt Bors.

What do white Americans really mean when they want Black Lives Matter protesters to be “peaceful”? Cartoonist Matt Bors reads between the (chilling) lines.

By Matt Bors.

By Matt Bors.


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One thought on “Peaceful enough for you?

  1. cathryns

    indeed, spot on. Women know this one too.
    the ‘Haves’ would like the ‘Have Nots’ (who are lazy, crazy or stupid and incapable and deficient) to simply disappear in however manner – then no problem.
    But it is amazing how much the ‘have nots’ are expected to be ‘good, nice and accepting’ about it all. ‘Accentuate the positive’, etc. I’m sure. (sarc.)
    But the trouble is, the ‘Haves’ never have enough….. and are cross about it, and blame the ‘Have Nots'; that’s amazing too….
    And many thanks for your abilities.

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