Overcoming, Not Overwhelming — Lunar Last Quarter

If ever there were a time to understand how square aspects might be welcomed rather than dreaded, it will be during the lunar last quarter tomorrow at 10:49 pm EST (03:49 UTC on Thursday). That’s when the Moon, already in Scorpio today, will reach 23+ degrees of that sign and close to 90 degrees of separation from the Sun at 23+ degrees Aquarius.


A separation of 90 degrees on the zodiac is also a separation of 90 degrees in the sky, defining a square aspect. When the Sun and Moon are the constituents, you can see it.

Weather permitting, the fact that you can readily see the luminaries (Sun and Moon) makes the Moon at quarter phase the template through which all square aspects are naturally and commonly interpreted.

At its last quarter, however, the Moon is a bit more trouble to view than at first quarter. During the first quarter phase, half-lit Luna is only one week and 90 degrees separated from its New Moon conjunction when it shared the same degree of the same sign with the Sun. At first quarter, the Moon is already high in the sky at about sunset when most people are still awake.

By contrast, the half-dark Moon on the night of its last quarter phase is closing in on (rather than separating from) the Sun. At last quarter the Moon does not rise in the East until `round midnight, reaching its highest point in the sky at about dawn.

Even if you are not awake to see it, this impending last quarter Moon will be worth working with. You may accomplish that work best on the day immediately before or after by applying yourself to both the timing and aspects that will distinguish this closing luminary square as different.

First, the timing of tomorrow’s lunar last quarter is downright auspicious. The closing square aspect from the Sun to the Moon will come just hours after Mercury nearly slows to a stop before resuming direct motion after what has been a rodeo-opera retrograde back through the first half of Aquarius for the last three weeks.

Mercury tends to manifest its best characteristics when moving, and usually the faster the better. Consequently, the apparently stationary moments (or ‘stations’) just before a change in Mercury’s perceived direction often correspond with the sort of frustration associated with feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

That’s where the timing of the lunar last quarter promises to come to your rescue. Square aspects get their undeservedly bad reputation because of their undeniable association with a four-letter word: work. Nonetheless, it is work on your part (and the harder the better) which will overcome the frustrating inertia often associated with Mercury at direct station.

In addition, the last quarter Moon will be getting some help from Mars in the form of a water trine aspect. That’s because Mars will be occupying 23+ Pisces (the mutable water sign) precisely when the Moon arrives at 23+ Scorpio (the fixed water sign) to square the Sun.

Mars corresponds to energy. It’s the energy that makes life possible. Mars expresses as the desire to live, distinguishing the everyday miracle of your effort to overcome an environment that all too often threatens to overwhelm and bring your life to a halt.

Trine aspects connect signs that share the same element (fire, earth, air or water) as part of their separate identities. The implicit connection of a trine conducts energy. That conductivity allows the energy to flow. Nothing flows quite like water, and when the flow of emblematic water is from the Moon in a fixed sign to Mars in a mutable sign, it’s a clear indication that the passion necessary to overcome obstacles will be supported from above.

Hence, instead of being frustrated to a flowing of tears, tomorrow’s lunar last quarter (with a little help from its friend, Mars) will implicitly support your getting some sweat flowing instead.

That’s how, with effort on your part, the impending luminary square will support you in overcoming whatever challenge corresponds to Mercury stationing direct, until your perception of life can get back up to speed again. If that is not just what you are going to need, just when you are going to need it, what is?

In this case, at least, the square aspect in its most prototypical expression (through the Sun and Moon) is the best celestial friend you could possibly have.

Offered In Service

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13 thoughts on “Overcoming, Not Overwhelming — Lunar Last Quarter

  1. Michael Mayes

    Oh man, I could use a boost from Mars right about now. I’ve felt tired ever since after the Leo full moon. Also, frustration within, and all around me today is so noticeable. Substitute teaching for middle schoolers this week, as opposed to high schoolers like I usually do, has me overwhelmed. These kids are nutso-combusto!!! Mercury, make haste!!!

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Michael: Thank you for sharing how the astrology attending Mercury’s station is expressing for you. Of course, none of us can make any planet make haste, but we can pay attention to how the ambient astrology gives us alternatives. In this case, it’s a matter of applying ourselves with what looks to be a predominantly physical effort to resolve discomfort until our mental facilities can get up to speed. You have my sincere compassion as you work through your challenges.

  3. aWord

    Need for work and a some easy flowing support to do so? Sounds good to me.
    Thanks, Len. I have much work to do so getting in the flow is “just right” (as baby bear’s uninvited houseguest would say). Sweat not so much for my chores, but concerted consistent applied effort is what will maintain flow for my bowl of porridge.

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    aWord: Thank you for taking us into the “Goldilocks zone” of the astrology and (apparently) its transits to your storied nativity. All the best as to how the porridge comes out for you.

  5. Mandy

    Cheers Len! You’re a glass of pure spring water today.
    I definitely felt like I was swimming in molasses for a bit, and since I’m not particularly fond of molasses, I changed it to a bowl of rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon – nice and warm. Much better. (Hah! aWord I typed this out before you posted – are we all hungry?)
    I often thought of Barbara’s gracious contribution about all the yods that have taken place – sometimes they are like tuning forks in my ears! This passage felt like an all body/being acupuncture session – I feel very much in tune now. Feeling strong and ready, excited with anticipation for the forward path before us. Let it flow!!

  6. StrawberryLaughter

    That’s awesome, Len. 23+ Scorpio is an interesting degree for me; it’s where my Moon sits, as well as the degree where a good friend of mine has her Sun/Chiron conjunction, and is also the degree of my housemate’s AC. I was noticing how the three of us felt Saturn’s transit of that degree this past winter, & now here’s another moment to be particularly aware of.

    The Sabian symbol for 23+ Scorpio is “Crowds coming down a mountain to listen to one inspired man.” With all that’s been going on lately in all three of our lives, knowing there’ll be a Martian boost to this closing lunar quarter is really wonderful. Thank you!

  7. cathryns

    Dear Len.
    This is spot on! And for me it’s not just about the effort required, it’s also about the ‘guts’ to do it, along with really ‘looking’ at how ‘gutless’ (the opposite) feels; disgusting actually.
    But, for me the point is, that with your reading (and Eric’s et al at P/W), no matter how inappropriate/’wrong’ I may feel, there is an ‘on-time-ness’ and thus, an appropriateness for me to feel this way, as I use it to See what I do to myself. This happens time and time again with PlanetWaves and is the primary reason that I subscribe. It is very reassuring as I bumble along. (hope this makes sense)
    Thankyou Len and all at P’Waves.

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Mandy: Thank you for your kind appraisal of my service. i love how you and aWord synchronized. i also how energized your comment feels – it appears as though you have Mars well in hand right now.

    Strawberry: Thank you for sharing how the transiting Scorpio Moon at last quarter phase will be aspecting your nativity as that of others close to your life. May the closing luminary square leverage your common energies toward a mutual, greater good.

    Chief Niwot’s Son: Oh You Kid!

    Cathryn: Thank you for the gratification of knowing how you find support in my service towards your continuous effort to be more and more supportive of yourself with each passing day. Just as the I Ching says: “no blame.” Just as it says of the Planet Waves page: “You belong here.” i believe in you, Cathryn.

  9. Gwen

    The songwriter in me can’t resist:
    “Ain’t afraid of no square, there’s a trine in the air! Saddle up and ride with the planetary parade! Rodeo Opera Retrograde!”
    Thanks Len, I think I will breathe now!

  10. Cowboyiam

    Thanks Len for your precision as this is a strange time for me. I feel almost simultaneously the deep dread of cataclysmic loss and the exuberance of my deepest aspiration’s materializing before my eyes. These felt realities are just two sides of the same moment for me.

    I’m realizing my own choice every minute of the day. It is an awesome moment of truth for me because I can’t hide the fact of my creative responsibility for my state of mind and the state of my world. It is not obscured by space and time any longer. Which ever way I look causes a instantaneous shift of my reality.
    I know this sounds like I am delusional (and perhaps I am) but it is the way that everything is perceived by me lately. And it seems to be picking up momentum.

    I know I should be ecstatic about the power of choice proving itself in no uncertain terms – but there is the pressing decision weighing on my mind – who am I? What do I choose? Am I worthy of all the beauty I tell myself I desire? What do I deserve?

    It is just some kind of cosmic decision point where I seem unwilling to let go of hell to embrace heaven. Concern about what is beyond this point. I seem always to hold the future away and right now I sense that it is just around the corner – and I still seem unwilling to look.

    I guess this is all suggestive of my inner drama of a lifetime. Very much tripping. Its an acid trip experience. Nothing like I ever had before. Thanks for listening. Your guidance is soothing today.

  11. Len Wallick Post author

    Cowboyjam: A well-examined life is often a bumpy ride. Please be kind to yourself. To have a well-examined life is far better than the alternative. It appears that you are at a juncture of sorts, but that too will pass. Allow yourself to have ground to rest on. Allow yourself rest when it is afforded. May bm service here continue to soothe you. May you also find ways to meaningful solace on your own path. Thank you for being here and part of this.

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