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It was quite a weekend just past for politics in the U.S. If astrological trends are any indicator, the remainder of this week will be partially distinguished in two ways. First, the political or public issues of the previous week (or two) will implicitly come to some sort of culmination.


The word “culmination” as used here is not intended to express an ending so much as a climax — a peak of intensity, rather than a conclusion. The second astrological indicator is of an indirect personal parallel to political events.

In other words, it is a bit less than likely for political events to affect you directly — at least for the near term. Instead, it is more probable that your private life will in some way emulate what’s going on in the public sphere. The reason for that conclusion has to do with how astrological sign rulers are now moving in relation to one another.

Often, when there is a confluence of the political and personal, it is because something significant is taking place in or near the first degree of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). As with many things astrological, an understanding of how the doorstep of a cardinal sign functions begins with the Sun.

When the Sun enters a cardinal sign, a new season begins. When a new season initiates, everybody on Earth has a similar experience with the Sun. At an equinox (Sun entering Aries or Libra) all earthlings experience not only an equivalent length of day and night but also see the Sun rise and set precisely east and west

At a solstice (solar ingress to either Cancer or Capricorn) sunrises and sunsets take place either as far North (Cancer) or South (Capricorn) as they will ever get, regardless of your location on Earth’s surface. These common experiences of the Sun, corresponding with the beginning of a new season, are the prototypical ‘Aries point’ events: your life having something in common with both everybody else and the greater whole.

When the Moon or a planet enters a cardinal sign, they can be said to emulate the Sun. On such occasions, the political and personal often flow together in a manner reminiscent of how the object in question expresses in your life.

At the moment, the sign ruler closest to the first degree of a cardinal sign is Jupiter in the eighth degree of Libra. While eight degrees is well within what astrologer’s call Jupiter’s ‘orb of influence’ the current distribution of planets is not exactly indicative of an Aries Point event.

Even so, there is another way for cardinal signs to express: through the planets that rule them. Aries is ruled by Mars. Cancer is the Moon’s dominion. Venus is at home in Libra. Finally, Saturn rules Capricorn.

There is an old proverb asserting that you can take a person off the farm, but you can never take the farm out of a person who grew up there. You might also say that you can take a planet out of its dominion, but you can never take the dominion out of a planet. Hence, wherever a sign ruler goes, it takes some of the characteristics of its home with it.

It so happens that the Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn are now placed so as to project something of their respective cardinal dominions onto the astrology as a whole by where and how they are moving. Without going into a lot of liturgical detail, those movements are combining to indicate that your personal life is occurring in parallel with what you might call history in the making, even if you are not a major political player. All of that implies that you now might be able to better understand what’s currently going on in the world through your own experience.

To have personal experience reveal something of what’s happening for other people and the world as a whole is not something that happens very often. If there is anything to the astrology this week, however, what’s now building to a culmination for you will give you a valuable clue about what you hear from others or learn about through the news media over the next handful of days. Keep that in mind as this week goes on, and you will likely possess a level of awareness that gives you a valuable key to understanding more than just your situation.

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  1. Glen Young

    Whew, that was some day -yesterday. Just like an Aikido instructor, these lesson in the basics of astrology are essential to understanding the energy. These insights reflect Michelle Obama’s insights that she revealed to us yesterday, perfectly.

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