Of Signs And Portents

By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

“You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” –Abraham Lincoln

Despite what you may have heard, the world will not end this month. Yes, there’s chaos everywhere we look, and anyone watching the debate among America’s conservative presidential candidates can be assured there’s no help there. Robert Scheer called them fools, fascists and cold warriors, and even Ann Coulter — a Trump admirer — accused them of pandering to the Zionist crowd, tweeting with signature charm, “How many f…ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” She later defended her remark by saying, “This kind of suck-uppery is humiliating.”


Yes, there are ominous signs. The Dow is as touchy as a wild hare, with prognosticators of world economy wound up like a cheap clock. Global migration is upon us, the needs of the displaced straining the compassion and resources of their reluctant hosts, encouraging growth of an alarming nativism that we see in our own Republican party. And let’s not forget that series of super-moons, especially the one due on September 27th aligning with a total lunar eclipse to produce a dreaded ‘blood moon.’ I know, I know. It’s downright biblical.

Even many Mormon families, who traditionally depend on their religious community to sustain them in hard times, are stocking up on essentials despite reassurance from their Temple leaders, pending catastrophic end. These folks are known as “preppers” — they used to be called survivalists — and according to the Salt Lake Tribune, a mix of “biblical prophecies, the Hebrew calendar, an unstable economy, world politics and astronomical occurrences” have convinced them that This Is It.

Those of us who deal in the larger picture know that literalism rarely tells the tale. NASA isn’t tracking any colossal asteroids headed for earth, activity from the space brothers isn’t any more evident than usual, and no nuclear power is engorged over some international slight at the moment, so life on the planet ending in the next 30 or so days seems illogical, but who knows — maybe that’s what Noah thought too.

On the other hand, like the Death card in a Tarot throw, there are ends and then there are Ends. A total lights out seems highly unlikely. Transformation, however, is another thing entirely, and if not signs of full blown transformation, there are indicators that the stonewall to reality has been cracked beyond repair, letting in light.

For instance, the Seattle teachers union has ended its strike (pending approval this weekend) having won their first pay increase in six years, but more than that, also won a series of positive policies for their students, including less testing and more assistance from counselors and therapists. Read about it here, it’s a heartening development in the push to put student welfare back into the educational system.

The U.S. prison population has dropped to its lowest level in the last ten years, although it’s still higher than any other nation, and Bernie Sanders is proposing legislation to end corporate “for profit” prisons, increasingly used by states to save money. By law, corporations must put profit above all other considerations, and Bernie argues, persuasively, that privately run jails and prisons have “perverse incentive” to increase their numbers. And because ICE is complicit in using privatized services, this strikes at the heart of the immigration issue. Considering our disenchantment with the Justice Department, this is a potent call to arms against the institutionalized power structure.

Sanders is a real mensch. He stood in front of an auditorium of Liberty University students — the late Jerry Falwell’s latest brood — to stump for political solidarity on the ethical considerations we Americans share in our Judeo-Christian tradition this week. “We are living in a nation which loves not brothers and sisters, not love of the poor and the sick, but worships the acquisition of money.” Bernie put rampant capitalism, and the meme that only the ‘worthy’ deserve riches, in the cross hairs among the fledgling Christocrats, and while he acknowledged differences on social issues, he never gave an inch on matters of democratic principle.

This is dear to my heart, in that I find politics a reflection of our spiritual principles, no matter our religious indoctrination. We are either people of the heart, or people of the wallet. We can agree that these days, it’s easy to tell who’s who.

Here’s another informative read, lining out the boggling, institutional mind-fuck — not to mention danger — of an education at Liberty. This is, I should add, the college from which Bush drew law school graduates to bolster the ranks of every government department prior to his exit, and why many of those departments do everything possible to avoid accomplishing anything meaningful at the direction of this sitting President.

Yes, there are portents to be read, tea leaves to swirl. Here in the U.S., Bernie made the cover of TIME — and about time, no pun intended. Across the pond, a rejection of austerity and Thatcheresque “tough love” is another sign of the needle moving. Comparison to the election of a dyed-in-the-wool British Socialist should tamp down the ‘oh-shit, oh-dear’ rhetoric about Bernie’s wildly leftist propositions, which are nothing more than mid-century American Democratic policies. You, know — the kind Eisenhower and Nixon would recognize as acceptable policy, if not entirely their preference. It SHOULD tamp down the hysteria, but probably won’t in Trumpworld USA.

Still, Jeremy Corbyn’s win has created as great a dust-up in the motherland as the thought of a real socialist has here (although ours has yet to win). It prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to tweet, “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.” Cameron joins the entirety of our Pub candidates in overblown emotion, exaggeration and hand-wringing, the kind illustrated by the gutting of Planned Parenthood funding in the House today.

I’m not conversant enough in British politics to offer intelligent analysis, but I can spot a lefty when I see one and Corbyn is hard to miss, suffering spasms of guilt that he owns TWO (oh dear!) bicycles. No car, of course. Our PW reader/poster, Geoff M., sent along a link, 24 Things That Jeremy Corbyn Believes. See how many of these positions light your fire. They must surely have made Bernie smile.

There are signs that the reality community is making progress, lots of them just below the radar. Aspen, Colorado announced that it’s the third city in the U.S. to run entirely on renewable energy. California has labeled Monsanto’s Roundup as a carcinogen. After years of advocacy against actions of the U.S. Navy, a federal judge has limited use of sonar and other underwater explosives that can inadvertently harm whales and dolphins. And — coming right up — the Pope is due to hand Congress, the U.N. and a good many of the presidential candidates a “come to Jesus” moment regarding capitalism, environment and immigration. I’m pretty sure these will be remarks it’s going to be REALLY hard to argue against.

While it seems that “The Great American Stupid” — as Matt Taibbi calls those who have embraced brutish and emotionally-stunted Donald Trump as a viable candidate for this nation’s highest office — are in charge of our politics, there are millions of us dedicated to making progress, harnessing the anger and disenchantment against our failed systems by supporting positive change. Those who know their metaphysics understand that when something has been the collective intent for more than a decade, as has the reclamation of government for and by the people, fruition is inevitable. Now, it can no longer be ignored.

The world isn’t ending, but this political era is. End times nonsense has been expected so often and failed to manifest, it’s a wonder we still fall for it, but like P.T. Barnum said (and Trump depends on), “There’s a sucker born every minute.” So let the preppers buy great expensive tubs of soup mix from old hucksters like the Rev. Jim Bakker (of the late Tammy Faye) to keep them alive when the worst happens, while embracing a loop of political malfeasance that keeps them victimized and frightened. As Lincoln told us, you can’t fool all the people all the time — and sometimes the cosmos conspires to give us someone like Donald to horrify the majority of rational souls and shake us out of lethargy.

If this week has shown us anything, it’s the truth that big business has no spokesman worth a tinker’s dam in this 21st century, and no face besides the exploitation of the public for its own gain. Left and right are on notice: the status quo is old news, outdated and toothless. Robert Borosage of Campaign for America’s Future, discussing the possibilities of Corbyn and Sanders, tells us: “… one thing is already clear: The center will not hold. The old consensus is collapsing in the wake of its failures. People are casting about for a new course.” And we know how this works, don’t we? If they open their hearts, they will find their way.

A last note, regarding my computer project. I’m pleased to report that there is enough now to make repairs and even upgrade, and I’m so very grateful to those who contributed, as well as Eric for giving me the platform. Thanks first to Geoff, who originated the plan with a donation, and next my sincere appreciation for the generosity of Terri, Carol, Stephen, Amy, Lois, Barbara, Robin and Medora. You saved me and I will not fail to pass it on. Bless you all.

15 thoughts on “Of Signs And Portents

  1. Len Wallick

    Thank you, Jude. You have, in fact accomplished to “pass it on.” With this piece, and many before, helping me to discern with greater wisdom and more reliable grounding than i would have been able to muster without your guidance. Thank you for showing us the more substantially true signs while also sorting out the more truly substantial portents.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Shades of Y2K; that’s when I stocked up on water and canned foods and crackers. By the time Peter Jennings’ viewers saw Australia ringing in the New Year 2000 on TV, I was emptying the bath tub (meant to supplement the bottled water) and fixing myself a drink. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice. . . .

    That was then, but now the 1st super moon (in a series of 3) on August 29th seems to be living up to it’s promise of over-the-top emotional drain, what with it being conjunct Neptune and in Pisces. Now, as you say Jude, there is some evidence that from the Virgo solar eclipse (last Sunday) evolution in man’s consciousness is taking hold in places. We can probably thank Uranus quincunx the eclipsed Sun for most of that progress.

    Now we begin to brace ourselves for the 2nd super moon at 4+ Aries which is also a totally eclipsed moon, and it should really test our mettle, especially in relationships. Vesta will conjunct the eclipsed Moon. These transiting goddesses make a semi-square aspect to the U.S Sibly chart’s Vesta at 19+ Taurus, meaning that with the upcoming super (eclipsed) moon there’s much ado about the hearth fire, which must never be allowed to go out; where the family gathers together – the center of one’s universe (however big that might be). Vesta symbolizes what we invest in, both financially and spiritually.

    The opposing Sun at 4+ Libra will be sesquiquadrate the U.S. natal Vesta at this super (eclipsed) moon. Both the semi-square and the sesquiquadrate are challenging aspects, and though minor in comparison to the square aspect, they are of the same family. It could mean that the U.S. will step up to the plate regarding the homeless migrants and refugees in Europe, but not without opposition obviously. Still, there’s plenty of room to gather round our hearth, you would think.

    These super moons don’t just tug at our tides, they also tug our psyches, and the 3rd one coming in late October will be in the same degree as Chiron the Healer was (3+ Taurus) when discovered. It’s also the degree where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered. That will be the big daddy of the 3 super moons. Can’t you just hear (feel) the crescendo building?

    I think the media has finally accepted the notion of Bernie Sanders winning hearts and minds, as he is being seen everywhere these days. His appearance on the Rachel Maddow show was the most fun; he seemed almost relaxed. Even more people saw him on Friday night though, and he got lots of applause. Stephen Colbert is doing his country a good service, beyond making us laugh. He is providing a platform for several presidential wannabe’s to be seen by folks that might not otherwise ever get interested in elections this far from voting time.

    But back to these super moons. There is a common thread between the U.S. solar return for this year and the Uranus discovery, and the very last super moon in October. Chiron is the key because he “translates” for Uranus to the planets within the orbit of Saturn who don’t understand Uranus-speak.
    1) the U.S solar return Mercury is at 24+ Gemini
    2) Uranus was discovered at 24+ Gemini
    3) Chiron in the Uranus discovery chart is at 3+ Taurus
    4) the last super moon in October is at 3+ Taurus

    With communication and the media playing such an important part in the upcoming elections (among other things), U.S. solar return Mercury needs Chiron’s help to clarify the Uranian energy he is picking up due to sitting on the Uranus discovery degree. Bernie Sanders isn’t totally comprehended by all Americans; he has a lot of progressive (Uranus) ideas that can be misinterpreted. I suspect that his natal north node conjunct the U.S Neptune (22+ Virgo) is partly the reason for that.

    Bernie also has natal Nessus conjunct the Chiron degree (3+ Taurus) in the Uranus discovery chart (and conjunct the October Super Moon), and Bernie knows about the abuse of power (a Nessus thing), especially regarding the financial (Taurus) injustices. This October’s Taurus super moon connects to Chiron (and Bernie’s Nessus). Chiron is connected to Uranus, who was discovered at 24+ Gemini which is where the U.S. solar return Mercury is, and Mercury is about the media. This October super moon could be a blessing in disguise for the U.S., and for Bernie.

    Adding to the October super moon blessing, the September 27-28 total lunar (also a super moon) eclipse at 4+ Aries, the one that’s conjunct Vesta, is in the same degree as the U.S solar return’s south node. On the other hand, the U.S. solar return NORTH node at 4+ Libra just so happens to be where Neptune is in the Uranus discovery chart, and where the Sun opposite the lunar eclipse is. It’s complicated. The U.S. solar return chart certainly bears watching though. It looks like we (the U.S.) have invested in (Vesta conjunct eclipsed moon, conjunct U.S. solar return SN in Aries) might need to be released in order to follow our bliss (Neptune in Uranus chart conjunct Sun opposite eclipsed moon, conjunct solar return NN in Libra) with a partner.

    Are you still there Jude? Thanks for stirring up my thoughts with your observations this week and so glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you.

  3. Barbara Koehler

    . . something the U.S has invested in might need to be released in order to follow our bliss with a partner. I erased too much (if you can believe that).

  4. Pisces Sun

    What fascinating write-ups by both by of you Jude and Barbara (be). Trump can’t help but incite polarity, I think, and I hear so does Bernie Sanders, and those who adhere to the Republican slate find Hillary to be a criminal, this is the party line: “she deserves to be in jail, she had classified material in her home.” So perhaps between Trump and Sanders we have a sense of polarity required to implode the center on the news cycles so that the evolution of the discussion of what really matters in our American lives and humanity can really begin to move forward? Such as global warming, corporate hegemony, xenophobia, and even in some political pockets, misanthropy, at least as it relates to the poor. Where is Mother Teresa when you need her most? Oh yeah, we have a pope among us that brings the plight of the poor to bear, so that leads me to ask: how does the pope’s visit match up? What does his chart say?

    The pope will depart the US, according to his official schedule at 8 pm and the eclipse is to begin at 8:11, am I correct on my time? Does anyone care to comment on the pope’s visit and chart and influence it may play on bringing the US to a higher conscience? When I use that term, I am specifically meaning to help break some of the polarity, perhaps to bring more of the message forward, the plight of the poor, environment, and immigrants, for example. I am most curious, and perhaps so are other PW readers. Many thanks in advance if you can explore this a bit further.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      I agree Pisces Sun, the Donald and Bernie articulate the two extreme ends of the polarity gauntlet in the US, and in time these 2 ends will bring us to the center where the real discussion will take place. During these blurry times – necessary to get where we need to be, it appears as a type of madness, the type depending on which end of the spectrum you feel most comfortable.

      My understanding of the Pope’s trip is that he will land in Washington DC on September 22nd at 4 PM, when transiting Venus will be sextile the Pope’s Mars and both will be quincunx the transiting Chiron. That will form a yod (Finger of God) with Chiron as the finger pointing. Trans. Chiron will be opposite the Pope’s natal Neptune in Virgo, which was only 2 degrees from the solar eclipse on Sept. 12-13. That schedule may have changed, but unless it’s a different day this info will hold true all day. The Pope’s natal Neptune will receive the brunt of the yod energy combined; trans. Venus, natal Mars, trans Chiron. With his Neptune in Virgo it would have a healing of the earth vibe so it sounds like a loving, healing, energetic message coming from a very spiritual source. Just what we would expect!

      Because his arrival – if it IS Sept. 22 – puts his visit still under the influence of the Summer Solstice since it is the day before the Fall Equinox. The Summer Solstice had Ceres (Mother Earth) at 8+ Aquarius conjunct the Pope’s Venus (his values) at 7+ Aquarius and his Moon (his instincts) at 12+ Aquarius. This would indeed provide ample energy for a global warming discussion.

      I believe without a doubt, truly, that the Pope’s visit is bound up with the Great Push to find balance which is vital for any widespread attainment of higher consciousness. The balance between yang (science, technology, etc.) and yin (intuition, spirituality, etc.) is the primary focus these days (super moons, Neptune stuff) and that means we are all kind of foggy (no it’s not just Mercury retrograde as usual).

      It’s because of this prevalent disorienting influence (Jupiter-Neptune opposition for example) meant to exercise our yin faculties, rather than depending solely on our yang, that the Pope’s arrival in the “new” country, with his touchy-feely-lovey approach will put us all at ease. It will guide us through a reorientation with those senses that don’t depend on the thinking but more on the feeling. There will be another month of this reorientation so we best go with the flow and not freak out because our brains aren’t working so good. God love (and help) us all!

  5. Pisces Sun

    Thanks Barbara (be), to me, it makes utter sense: We can’t think our way through mother earth or spiritual (a nod and smile to Amanda Moreno who wrote on this topic earlier today, in all of its broadest sense) crisis. A visit by the Dalai Lama would have piqued some of us as followers of the same message, but it would not have likely moved as many in America that must be moved to “feel” their way through the expansion and disorientation that comes with Jupiter-Neptune opposition. But it is a necessary expansion to break through the confining, prison-like barriers around our thinking. As a society we forgot to “feel.” Or we would not allow ourselves to feel . We prefer to remain “comfortably numb” by deluding ourselves through the grandeur–it’s so much easier, the escapism, isn’t it?

    It helps, I think, having Catholic candidates running for office (Bush, Rubio, for example) and holding office (half of the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Roberts, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas), especially in the Republican party since, although they can make their claims that they are not bound to any papal message (clear throat hear, pound fist on the table, they will adhere to their principles of separation of church and state!), they, nonetheless, must acknowledge that their is such a grey area when it comes to “Love your Neighbor as Thyself. There is no greater commandment than these” Or is there? C’mon Supremes, really? It’s pretty basic you know. I think it’d be great if the Pope just based his whole message on these two sentences. What neighbor? You mean the poor across the railroad tracks? You mean the one’s living next to the power plant? You mean the ones running across the deserts and borders to come into the US? You mean the ones trying to escape Syria to go into Europe or other safe havens? You mean the ones that are having their minerals extracted for our corporate greed? And so on and so forth? Surely not THOSE neighbors?!

    The Pope is known to attack the Western Word’s “unrestrained delusions of grandeur” at the expanse of the vast majority of humanity (current and future). I don’t think this will change but I hope he will go very basic in his message.

    The Pope’s visit is a message against corporate greed and how our governmental institutions empower corporations. It is also a message as to how the world’s number one economy and buying power supports greed and impacts poverty worldwide. And if candidates, like Marco Rubio, a Catholic, claims that by the US taking regulatory measures to address climate change would hurt US working families (as the candidate recently spoke of in last week’s debate) with a straight face, then he, and others like him, are not being open to the message of failing to act is already hurting humanity more than working American’s current or future state of affairs. I don’t expect that he will dissuade those candidates. What he will do, I believe, is help reveal the wolves in the sheepskins. He can show the hypocrites for what they are by revealing their values and inconsistencies. So although we must feel our way through this initially, eventually there will be that partnership with Logos, we won’t think our way through this, but we will definitely feel and become more “aware,” which has a form of logic to it.

    At least this is my perspective, and my hope. In the meantime, I want to be sure to practice what I preach, after all it starts with each of us, doesn’t it? Love thy neighbor as thyself? We don’t have to be Christians to see the beauty and wisdom revealed towards humanity in this statement.
    “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” Buddha
    “What is hateful to you, you do not to your fellowman. This is the entire law; all the rest is commentary.” Judaism
    “No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.”
    “Regard your neighbor’s gain as your gain, and your neighbor’s loss, as your loss.” Taoism

    I could go on, but as I am trying to express, every religion has the same precept: Human dignity.
    As it relates to governance, I have always been drawn to the Six Nations concept which looks as the generational affect that legislative and regulatory activities have on generations current and future, something we, as a nation, have walked away from.

    The indigenous population used all of their senses to walk and live on the earth. This modern population has forgotten how to use its senses, in every meaning of that word. We no longer feel the earth’s vibrations, we don’t sense much anymore.

    I apologize for ranting, I didn’t mean to. I am grateful that I work in many fields that I have touched upon because I renew my commitment to continue to do my part to heal this planet.

  6. Sara Victoria

    Always love your column, Judith, and glad you posted that truly moving conversion sermon by ‘Pastor Jim’ – who, perhaps for reasons of personal safety, has managed to remain anonymous since his epic post. Next year’s election finds the U.S. Sibley chart concluding a phase initiated at the end of the Reagan era: Progressed Moon and Transiting Saturn crossing into the First House. Signs and Portents and Choices, Oh, My! Great piece – thank you.

    1. Amy Elliott

      He’s not an IRA supporter. He simply tells it like it is, and focuses on the importance of bringing about peace and ending injustice. The right wing media are scared, and twisting his words, and slandering him every chance they get. Yet somehow despite all of it he still manages to appear as that rare thing – a politician with real integrity.

    2. Geoff Marsh

      Anyone who has worked for reconciliation between warring parties will know that you have to bring two opposing sides together and that this requires making contact with both. Working towards a compromise involves an understanding of each party’s viewpoint and their methods for attaining those aims. You may not agree with their methods, but those are the actual conditions on the ground and to ignore them is delusional. It is necessary to defuse the tension in order to mitigate the violence.

      Working with either side can easily alienate you from the other. The object, however, is to bring both sides together in order to stop the conflict. It does not make you a supporter of one side or the other. You are, simply, a peacemaker.

      Those who would prolong the conflict for political, personal or financial gain will always negate the efforts of the peacemakers. They will do so with every means at their disposal, including character assassination through the press. These are people who have no interest in peacemaking, their objective is total victory through subjugation of the losing side. War is legal theft.

      Thankfully, at last, the Troubles in Northern Ireland seem to have abated. The IRA is officially disbanded. Sectarian murders – and this was a religious conflict along political lines – although not entirely eradicated are mercifully much less common today. The fact that the press has to dig into the archives to find photos of a young Jeremy Corbyn, circa 1970, with a member of the Irish independence movement illustrates the paucity of their argument.

      Integrity, Honesty, Fairness. These are the attributes which come to my mind when I think of Jeremy Corbyn. He is a supporter of the working people of Great Britain who, through the Labour Party in 1948, introduced social welfare programmes including free education, health and pensions for all. Socialism? No, it’s called National Insurance and the premiums are taken along with Income Tax from the wage check of every worker each payday.

      Of course, by now, those insurance payments amount to a royal bounty and there is a lot of money to be made from the sale of these assets. Privatisation has been a mantra of the Conservative Party since at least the time of Margaret Thatcher and now the rail services, the gas and electricity supply industries, the schools, the hospitals, the medical services are largely in the hands of shareholders whose objective is profit and dividends. In essence, this means that every working man and women will pay again for something that was already theirs.

      I salute Jeremy Corbyn. He has re-ignited British politics. He stands against austerity and its supporters, those bankers whose raison d’être is the making of money regardless of social cost. He has given notice that the cosy cartel of British politics (Left, Centre, Right – all the same) is to be challenged. He may or may not make prime minister but he will have a galvanising effect on political debate in Britain.

      After the last election, David Cameron positioned the Conservative Party as a moderate force between the nascent UKIP on the right and the remnants of the left-leaning Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. Now he faces a new reality. He does not intend to contest the 2020 General Election as leader of the Conservatives which will come after the proposed referendum on continued membership of the European Union scheduled for 2017. Cameron will be hoping that the British public will turn against UKIP’s anti-European agenda. If Mr Corbyn can survive the onslaught of outrageous attacks by the generally right-wing press in Britain, there is the distinct possibility that, by then, as a seasoned front-bench spokesperson for the working men and women of Britain he will attain that highest office in the land. His promotional motto is: Jez We Can! Sound familiar?

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