7 thoughts on “Obama Apologizes for Bombing of Mayo Clinic

    1. Just Suzanne

      Try armed drones; it already happened in CT, and there is apparently some disagreement as to whether firing live ammo (at anything other than another human being) from a drone is/should be illegal, or whether such a law tramples on the Second Amendment rights of the drone owner. I don’t remember what town it was in, but the two men involved seem to be looking to establish a precedent that says they have a constitutional right to do so…

    1. Just Suzanne

      It surprised me for a nanosecond, before turning into “par for the course” in the America we live in now. I zigzag wildly between naïveté and world-weary cynicism (very strange dichotomy at 54); sort of glad that some part of me is still naïve enough to be shocked and outraged by these things, and still not too cynical to just shrug and say “Glad I can see the exit from here…”

      1. Geoff Marsh

        I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Just Suzanne. Like you, perhaps, I too am one of the resilientes – the resilient ones. If the dream of the 60s is to be crushed, then so be it. It will not die. It will arise like a phoenix for the next generation that strives for greater equality than even we have known. The knowledge will not be lost.

        My original comment was in response to frame 4 of the cartoon. It seemed sad to me that the President could not see that by drone-bombing targets in the Middle East, he was inviting that form of warfare into his own country, through the laws of karma.

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